My Ex Who Liked Porn Teaches me More

In my last story, I continued to have great dates with my ex and since I like the beach so much
he decided we should go at night. He loved to take long drives. So he took me to a private beach.
On the way there he had the radio on and "Something's Comin Over Me" by Madonna was playing so
we sang together until we got there. He was trying to figure out how to get in in. He parked on
some side street which was fun cause I liked being a rebel and taking chances. So we got in and
he bought some drinks (non-alcoholic) and he layed out the blanket on the sand and just as I was
about to sit down he comes close to me he unbuttons my shorts which looked like army shorts that
olive green color. He pulls them down and laughs at me and I laughed too cause I thought someone
was looking so we are on the blanket kissing and cuddling, drinking and he says to me that he
wants to watch more porn with me. I said "I don't know much about porn can you teach me?" He says,
"Do you remember I asked you if you wanted to do a threesome?" I said, "Yes I remember but I want
you all to myself." He smiled and I smiled back. He mentioned something about facesitting and I
had no idea what that was. Well he said that he would tell me about it later and show me what it
was. I enjoyed my night time beach date. lol So we talked some more and he asked if I ever went
dancing and I said that it had been a while. So that was our next date. We had a good time and
it was getting late so we headed back to his place. I went in the bathroom to wash up and he was
getting me something to drink. This time we had some alcohol. He wanted to show me his cock and
said that it was curved. I told him it was hot and I loved it. I went over to him and rubbed it.
He said, " I want you to sit on my face." I said, "No I'm going to crush it!" He laughed lol
He said, "I want to show you what facesitting is." So we watched porn with a girl sitting on this guys face and he is eating her pussy and she was riding on his face. He looks at me and asks if I
want to try it. I told him I did so I told him to cover his eyes, and I had a nice lace bikini
that I was hiding in a bag it was turquoise one of my favorite colors. So I told him he could
look and he was looking at me like I was dessert. lol He took everything off and he lifted me up
and gently put me on his bed. He was feeling my face telling me how soft my skin was and how
incredibly beautiful I was. I told him how much I liked him and wanted to feel his tongue in my
pussy. I climbed onto him and moved up to his face, I have never felt so much pleasure from his
tongue and he was not stopping at all as I was moaning. He moaned loudly which was turning me on
more. After he put me on my back and continued and I was soaking wet. He wanted to fuck me and
I said,"When you do fuck me I want to hear you moan loud and I will give you the best blowjob,
now I want you to take me." And he did and it was freaking amazing! He wanted me to spend the
night but I told him I want to go home so I could dream about him. To be continued...
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Very hot!
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Can't wait for the next chapter...
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That is 1 great story and hot.Love the details in it
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I have cum multiple times from eating a girl out! I love it!
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Your a good story teller, can't wait 4 you to tell our story
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great story..luved it...mmmm
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Hot stuff
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Sexy story!
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You were a very good girlfriend to him ...
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Let's have a porn date.
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MMMM excellent story. Very erotic