My Ex-Boyfriend Who Liked Porn

After losing my virginity it was hard to break free from the sex. Although he cared about me he made it clear in the beginning that he just wanted a sexual relationship. On and off for 5 years this went until I decided I deserved better. I received more letter from the personals and I had a few dates, at this point I was in my late twenties. I met a guy who was really hot and he was divorced. We talked on the phone and set up a date. He wanted to take me for a picnic on the beach which was my favorite place. He was very romantic and took care of everything. He bought food and a radio and he told me how pretty I looked. Now I was having problems at home with my dad who was angry that I was meeting guys and not bringing them home to meet him. I was an adult but you know how that is when you live with your parents.

So the first date I told him to meet me a few blocks away so I walked to meet him. Anyway we had
fun and kissed and held hands walking by the water. After the date was over he took me back but
dropped me a few blocks away made sure I got home safe I just waved to him then he turned the
corner. For our next date we went to the movies and we saw Nine Months with Julianne Moore and Robin Williams. There was a funny scene where while she is pregnant and he asks her, "How is your
pussy?" We cracked up! lol Of course he was talking about her cat. lol Now it was time to see
where he lived. He had a house and it was small but nice.

He was a good cook and planned a nice dinner for the both of us. I was helping him in the kitchen
and he grabbed me from behind and starting rubbing me and kissing my neck. We made out right in
the kitchen. So after dinner his phone rings and it was his friend, while he was talking to him,
I went down on my knees and started rubbing his cock softly he almost dropped the phone and I
smiled at him then he tells his friend bye in a hurry. lol So we made out again and this time he
wanted me to watch a movie with him. It was Trading Places with Eddie Murphy. We had a few laughs
and when it was over he changed the channel. He had the porn channel on while I was in the
bathroom. I kept hearing someone moaning loudly and screaming. I came out and asked what he was watching. He said it was porn and I had never seen or heard of that even with my other boyfriend.

He was saying that maybe we should have a threesome with a black girl and I refused of course
cause I didn't want to share him with another girl so he backed off. He wanted me to watch with
him and I did for a while. The next time I came over was the first time we had sex. We went in the
shower and we were making out hard and I was rubbing his cock and licking him all over. Then he
tells me to bend over and he just pounded me from behind hard and long. He moaned so loudly and
he wouldn't stop and then he came all over my back and it felt incredible. We got out and we got
dry and then sat on the bed and he put the porn on. He was bringing up the threesome again and
we watched a girl with 2 guys.

He asked if I was turned on by it and I said yes but once again I didn't want to share him. He
loved doggy style so he saw me one night he picked me up I was in jean shorts and a black top
When we got in his house he was behind me walked me over to the couch unbuttoned my shorts and
banged the sh.. out of me. He did it even harder than in the shower and there was cum everywhere.
He was telling me that I should be a porn model and I told him I wasn't interested in that.

That was my first introduction to porn ever. With my other ex he mentioned having a threesome
with his friend and I didn't even know what that was so I just said no and he didn't ask again.
And now I still watch threesomes but never actually did one.

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2 months ago
group sex should occur organically. i've been in two FMFF foursomes with NO idea how and why i was being blessed.
2 months ago
I don't blame him about the porn thoughts, you've got such a nice body...
3 months ago
That was sweet ,you are clever............
6 months ago
You are sexy!
6 months ago
Interesting story, liked it a lot...
6 months ago
I love it. It's like I'm watching a movie. keep writing you re doing great :)
6 months ago
like it!
6 months ago
Great Story Bev!!
6 months ago
You are a great girlfriend!
6 months ago
intense :D great writing :D
6 months ago
i would do it to make your fantasy come true...other than that,you are one of akind,i woulnt share you with anyone else! call me a greedy SOB!!!!
6 months ago
i would do it to make your fantasy come true...but you are one of akind,would prefer to have you all to my self love,yes for you i will be a greedy SOB!...
6 months ago
time to try your fantasy you will love it having two cocks at the same time will work wonders for your pussy:)XXXX