My First Time

Growing up in a strict household religion was always there to keep me in line. But when my mom passed away I was left to make my own choices at the age of 11. I didn't know what was happening
to my body. I wanted to be a tomboy for as long as I could and when I started to develop I tried
to cover it up with baggy clothes. I had a small group of friends and my chest was getting bigger and the guys in High School were noticing me even more. I didn't expect my s****rs to teach me
about sex, and they probably thought I wasn't going to do it anyway. Of course I became curious
and had one friend who was experimenting not actually having sex but dating a boy who lived down
the block from me. I knew absolutely nothing not even how to kiss. One of the guys from High
School talked me into letting him come to my house into my bedroom, my dad had been out while he
snuck in through my neighbors yard. He was kissing me and trying to shove his tongue down my throat.
So I got nervous and made him leave. My dad came back a few minutes later(close call) I had to learn about sex and I was having these feelings like I wanted to be hugged and kissed so badly.
I also went to another guys house he was a foster k** who was seeing my best friend and he was
trying to to get me to do it but we just kissed and I left cause I was nervous. She had broken
up with him and he was going after me I guess cause I was innocent looking and attracted to him.

When I was 23, I had started placing personal ads to meet guys. I had met a few but no chemistry.
I answered one and he was 26, Italian and single. He wanted our meeting to be discreet but we
did go on a date to the movies one time. The second he mentioned going to a place( a motel) to
relax and watch TV or a movie. It was a snowy night and while he was driving he got a flat tire.
So we walked across in the wind and the snow to the mall. His cousin bought him the van and we
went to the motel, I had fun but was nervous and I changed into a sexy outfit and he wanted to
massage me but when I felt his hands near the back of my thigh I jumped and he reassured me and
stopped. When we left he looked into my eyes and gave me the biggest hug and wouldn't let go.
I finally felt like a woman instead of that tomboy.

The next meeting he arranged for us to find a place he was so desperate to have sex with me and
I agreed to start doing a little more. But he was agitated about the motels. We went to this
dive and I saw him naked for the first time and I had this nervous laugh and when he saw me he
couldn't believe it. He told me I was sexy and beautiful. We kissed and got on the bed I wasn't
fully naked I had a bikini on he got on top and started putting his cock between my breasts, I
didn't know what he was doing and he came all over my chest, my face, and some got on my hair
and we were laughing, and he says,"Sorry." I told him it was okay. Some of the other times we
did things in his car. At night in the park he wanted a hand job, that was the first time I had
ever seen a guy cum.

Now he arranged for us to get a really nice room and it was beautiful with a jacuzzi and nice TV
and nice bed. I had a cold and was looking forward to it and I didn't want to cancel. He asked
if I wanted to and I said no. When we got there he was romantic. I took a shower while he went
out to get some food. When he came back I had a black bikini on with heels and he almost dropped
the food lol. He was also getting condoms so he was ready and I just wanted to make out cause I didn't know about birth control either I left it in his hands. We started kissing and a lot of foreplay didn't know what that was either. We went into the jacuzzi and touched each other a lot.
Then we got out and dried each other off and he gave me an amazing massage. I gave him one too.
Then we walked to the bed he was sitting and I was standing between his legs, he pulled me in
and touched my breasts and kissed them.

I was so congested from my cold but I didn't care I knew he wanted me that night. He pulls out
the condom and I asked him what it was, he said, "This is to protect you and me." I watched him
put it on his hard cock. I was turned on and was so wet. He was on my side and he was fingering
me and I liked it but it was tight. Then he put it inside me and I moaned loudly and he was
looking at me, there was a mirror on the ceiling and I see his beautiful ass. He went slow and
then he went faster and then he pounded me hard and it seemed to last and I kept moaning and
I scratched his back a few times. Then I started talking dirty and he liked it a lot and talked
dirty to me. We rested and did it one more time but this time I was on top and I rode the hell
out of him, he was moaning so loudly and it turned me on soo much. He said "You're so fucking
beautiful!! Shit!" I kept going till I couldn't do it anymore and we both came at the same time
and he was licking me and went down on me and gave me the best oral sex. I came multiple times.

We were still on the bed and he fucked the shit out of me and the headboard was banging against
the wall and he just kept screaming,"Oh baby I'm cumming, I'm cumming!! I think I'm gonna cum!!
We were drenched and it looked like we just took a shower. So we lay there quiet and he was
touching my stomach and staring at me.

I smiled at him and he was looking to do it one more time so we did it on the floor and now he
wanted me to do oral on him now I had only gave him a hand job so I didn't know how I was going
to please him that way, I wanted him to think I was experienced, so I started licking his cock
slowly and then licking his balls and playing with them, I licked the tip and he was going crazy.
Then I took it all down my throat and sucked the hell out of it! I did it like a pro and he was
almost screaming. I deep throated it more and went faster and he moaned again and I lifted my
head up and he came all over himself and I took him cum in my hands and tasted it and rubbed it
all over my breasts. We smiled at each other and he touched my breasts and ate me out one more
time to return the favor.

That night we held each other it was late and we liked watching Howard Stern and I saw a girl
with big breasts and I asked him you think her breasts are nice?" He said mine were so much
better. I definitely went home with a smile on my face the cum was dripping down my legs so I
asked him to clean me up.

When we spoke later that week he told me he got my letter and was in shocked to know that I was
a virgin. He said, "Why didn't you tell me?" I told him I wanted him to think I was experienced.
He said,"Well, I am glad I was your first." I fell hard for him and I think he will always
remember me in the black bikini and heels cause the look on his face was priceless!
98% (71/1)
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9 days ago
hell baby that one was epic, i would made it like that but minus the motel!;) and upping the epicness for you, eating your lovely vagina first and slowly dive into you!:)
29 days ago
1 month ago
so great story !
1 month ago
Great story. I'm glad you have a positive first time to look back on :)
1 month ago
You have made me so happy for you xxx - great - nice & hot
1 month ago
Great story hot pics very excited!
2 months ago
so beautiful storry :)
2 months ago
good or bad we ALWAYS seem to remember our firsts. thank you for sharing this.
4 months ago
nice story
5 months ago
amazing story!!
5 months ago
Very nice story. I am pretty sure is 100% real because I remember some experiences with virgins and it was similar. You have a great writing ability. We enjoyed to read it even tough our first language is Spanish. I would like to be friends. I am pretty sure Olga and you have some things in common.
6 months ago
That was hot!
6 months ago
Your story is very well written and you brought back several fond memories of my teen and especially my younger years...
I loved having the opporunity to get a woman's perspective of her "very first time."
6 months ago
Nice did you read mine
6 months ago
great story .
6 months ago
Nice reminiscence. Thanks for sharing
6 months ago
wow! Just wow!
6 months ago
Sweet read thanks
6 months ago
So sexy got me horny
6 months ago
That is a really cool story... well written! Your sweetness really comes through.
6 months ago
wow!if a man doesnt get turned on by a girl in high heels,he got issues.i love it when a girl keeps her heels and/or pantyhose on! very hot sexygirl!!
7 months ago
great story
7 months ago
Wow sexy! you know what get your black bikini and your heels on and post me a picture!
7 months ago
you are so sexy
7 months ago
aha, that's your own story?
7 months ago
Very hot, im sure he reflects back on that time spent with u often, you are a treasure
7 months ago
Very high t indeed,,,thanks
7 months ago
I can actually picture you in this story.
7 months ago
Mmm blak bikini and heels...sound sexy !!
7 months ago
What a sweet story!