Birthday Surprise

So it’s my birthday and I still haven’t decided what to do today. Sitting here on my couch, I realize that this is the first time that I hadn’t made any plans. At that realization I laugh to myself, apparently I have been working too much. Reaching over to grab my phone, I hear a loud knock at the door. Not sure who it would be I slowly get up and head to the door. After hearing another loud knock, I open the door. Standing there is my neighbor, Anna, from across the hall.
“Happy Birthday”, she says. “Hope you don’t mind, but I made you a cake for your birthday.” I say a quick thanks and ask her inside.
I definitely don’t mind that she is here. As a matter of fact I have often though about her inside my apartment. Although my thoughts tend to lead to me being inside her while she’s here. But who could resist. She has one rockin’ hot body that I could check out for hours. She has Auburn hair in waves down to her ass, which is round and firm, just asking to be fucked and she’s gotta have at least D’s sitting on her chest.
“Well, I’ll let you get back to your evening.” She calls out as she heads for the door.
“You sure you don’t want to stay for a drink”, I asked. She smiled at me a said “Sure, let me just go change and I’ll be right back”
After about 20 minutes, I wasn’t sure that she was coming back until I hear a knock at my door. Opening the doors I saw her standing there looking hot as hell in a green babydoll shirt that showed off her tits and a jean cutoff skirt that barely covered her ass. As I ushered her inside, I took a moment to check out her ass. Hearing a noise to my right I realized that her roommate, Kate, was standing there in an almost identical outfit. Oh how I hope my luck ahs just changed for the evening.
With both of my neighbors now sitting on my couch with drink in hand, I wasn’t sure what to do, Kate asked me if I had any plans for my birthday, to which I replied in the highly negative. It made both of the girls laugh.
“Well that’s good, because we have a birthday surprise for you!” Anna said as she got up off the couch and came to kneel in front of my chair, while Kate came over to stand behind her.
Without saying another word, Kate took a hold of my hands to pull me up from the chair to tower above Anna. Once I was standing Anna slid her hands up my thighs, careful not to touch the bulge in the front of my pants, up to my belt. With my belt undone, she started working on the button and zipper of my jeans, while Kate grabbed a hold of the bottom of my t-shirt and started slowly pulling it up and over my head. Before I knew it I was standing there in my boxer briefs with my jeans around my ankles, with 2 sets of hand roaming over my chest and thighs.
The feeling was surreal. Four small soft hands gliding over me, was sending chills over my body and straight to my cock, which is now painfully hard. Feeling a tug on my leg in a silent request to lift it. When I did, I felt my jeans being pulled off, one leg at a time. Sliding her hands back up my calves then to my thighs, I feel a tug from the bottom of my briefs. Knowing full well that they are coming down, I feel Kate’s hands sliding the tips of her fingers in the waistband of them and start to push the tops down, while Anna is tugging from the bottom. Now I am standing here completely naked at the mercy of the two of them.
I look down at Anna, and see her staring at my cock, licking her lips in anticipation. Kate slowly walks behind me and I feel her hands on my hips, sliding forward, towards my hard cock. As her fingers brush against the base of me, I start to feel a drop of precum bead on the tip of my cock. Looking back down again I see her grasp my hard member firmly in her petite hands and begin to stroke it ever so slowly, gently teasing me and Anna, who is still on her knees in front of me. Slowly she leans forward and braches herself with her hands on my thighs, to lean in and lick the precum off the head of my swollen cock. The sensation of one set of hands on the shaft and her licking the head cause me to moan and lean my head back on Kate’s shoulder.
Without out another thought, Anna takes me into her hot wet mouth, until I feel her lips meet Kate’s hand and they begin a slow stroking glide of hand and mouth that have my balls pulling tight and a tingling in the base of my spine. I am at their mercy now and give in to the feelings. Unfortunately it doesn’t take me long to shoot my first load of salty sum into the back of Anna’s throat. Slightly disoriented, I hear Kate whisper in my ear “That was hot, but we’re just getting started. “
Anna stands up licking her lips and takes my hand to lead me to the couch. She pushes me down so that I am sitting in the middle with my ass on the edge. “Now kick back and watch the show.” she purrs out, as Kate come up behind her and cups her breasts over her shirt, plucking at the nipples with her thumb and index finger. Running her hands back up to Anna’s shoulders she starts to slide the small straps down her arms, letting the top slide over her supple breasts, exposing her hard nipples to my glare. With the top now resting around her middle, Kate runs her hands over Anna’s breasts, down her smooth belly, to release the button of her skirt. Letting it fall to the floor, she pushes Anna’s down the rest of the way down do I joins the skirt on the floor. Now that she is bared before me I realize that her pussy is shaved clean and is glistening wet. Seeing this, I can feel my cock begin to waken up again.
With Anna bared before me, she spins Kate around and begins to undress her in the same manner, until they are both standing before me naked and dripping wet. Kicking their cloths out of the way, they turn towards each other and begin to kiss, flicking their tongues together, they both reach up to cup each other’s breasts, gently tugging on each other’s nipples. Breaking away from the kiss, Anna walks around Kate, and runs one hand up to cup Kate’s breast while the other hand slides down to cup her pussy. Slowly Anna spreads the lips of Kate’s pussy with both hands to show me how wet she is, before she slides two fingers into the tight wet hole of Kate’s pussy. Fucking Kate with her fingers slowly at first, and then progressing faster and harder until I can hear the wet sounds of her hand sliding in and out of Kate’s wetness.
Now my cock is fully awake again and standing at attention. I stand up and walk over to the girls. Circling them like prey. The smell of sex in the air is making me harder than before. I can’t wait to shove my hard cock into both of their sopping wet pussies. The questions is which one first.
Well that question didn’t last unanswered long, as Anna looks at me and says, “We want you to fuck us both now at the same time!”
A little unsure as to how to accomplish this, I notice that the girls have moved towards the couch. Anna sits down with her ass almost handing off the end and leans back. Once she is comfortable, Kate straddles Anna’s legs and leans forward with her ass pointing in my direction. Shit the sight before me has my cock twitching.
With both of their legs spread wide I now have a clear view of both of their hot wet pussies, waiting for my hard cock to pound into them. Stepping up to the couch, my cock started to throb at the knowledge that I was going to be fucking these two. I got down on my knees in front of the couch and started rubbing my shaft as I inches closer to the waiting wet pussies.
With my cock in hand, I leaned in and started to slide the head around the lips of Anna’s pussy to get it wet. As soon as my cock touched her I heard her moan into Kate’s mouth. Got it sounded hot. I could leave Kate out so I did the same to her, yielding yet another moan, this time from Kate.
I couldn’t take it anymore so I buried my cock balls deep into her hot wet pussy. Man it felt awesome. Her pussy was so tight it felt as if it was sucking my cock in and didn’t want to let go. I started a slow rhythm of pulling out and sliding back in, slowly picking up pace, until I pulled out completely and rammed my cock into Anna’s waiting hole. Finding out that she was even tighter than Kate was but just as hot and wet. Finding the same slow rhythm with her as I had with Kate I began to fuck her.
Within a few moments I hear Kate whimpering and realized that she wanted me to fuck her again. So here I was torn between to hot wet pussies. Not wanting to pick one over the other I began fucking them both in earnest. Slamming into one and them pulling out and slamming into the other one on alternate thrusts. Now this was a feeling that I had never had before, but would definitely love to make a repeat of. Picking up pace again I was now fucking them with all that I had. Two hard bursts in Anna, pull out then two hard thrusts in Kate. Before long I had both of them screaming that they were Cumming. Once they started I pulled away from both of them and dropped my face down to lick at all the hot cream of theirs as they came. They both tasted sweet yet musky. I was a taste that could get used to. I straightened back up and grabbed my cock in my hand and began to shoot my cum onto their waiting pussies.
With the last jet of cum having left my cock, I leaned back and saw that Kate had wiggled around and was now straddling Anna’s face. Noticing that Anna was now eating Kate’s pussy trying to get is clean of all my cum. Kate leaned down in front of me and proceeded to lick my cum off of Anna’s pussy as well. Just watching this had be wondering if we could even make it to the bedroom for round 2.

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1 year ago
Mines just around the corner too :)
1 year ago
My birthday is soon :P
1 year ago that was a good story...
1 year ago
awesome!! ans i wonna such presant !!
1 year ago
great story, hope your next birthday is as good!!!
1 year ago
great birthday, hope you enjoy your next as much!!