Opened by a fist

Inspired by and written for bunnybec

Opened by a fist

There was a knock at the hotel suite door.

She was on time. Good girl!

I went to the door and opened it.

Standing there in a simple summer dress she was a picture of a wanton little minx, cute face with a sexy smile, almost not daring to make eye contact. I stood aside and beckoned her into the room

‘Come in Rebecca.’

She walked past me into the sitting room looking around at the luxury.

I closed the door and turned the lock. I came up behind her and put my arms around her, one across her breasts and the other down into her crotch.

‘Time to play my little slut, good to feel your cunt’s so hot already.’
‘Time to undress, arms up please.’

With that I reached down and took hold of the hem of her dress and lifted it up over her head. She danced away uttering a little squeal of delight and turned to face me, stark naked, covering herself with a totally false modesty.

‘Well you did want a slut didn’t you?’ she asked.

‘No. Not any slut, just one with a filthy mind and the sex drive of a nymphomaniac!’

She laughs and grins. Her fingers are u*********sly working her nipples and clit as she dares me to make the next move. She should have realised she was going to come off worst in a game of dare!

I cross the room and before she can do anything I sling her over my shoulder, she stifles a screaming giggle and kicks her shoes off as I carry her into the bedroom throwing her down onto the bed on her back. I follow her down and roll her over. Quick as a flash I bind her wrists firmly and securely then hold her down with my weight crushing her young body down on the bed.

‘So finally I get to see if you can walk-the-walk as well as talk-the -talk. Now’s the time to say stop, I won’t listen again; so yes or no young lady?’

‘Yes, do it, do whatever you fucking want, just get on with it, no more teasing, just do it!’

Keeping her pinned down I push my feet between hers and open her legs wide with mine. I push one hand between her legs and find her sopping pussy leaking juice all over the place. I know what she wants, her fantasy made real. I put my fingers into a point and start to work them up and down her soaking slit. She moans incoherently into the bed totally taken by the moment waiting for my fingers, hand and wrist to open her up at last. No longer her hand, or dildo, or toys, but a flesh-and-bl**d fist to stretch her cunt wide open. Not her in control anymore but at the mercy of somebody else, somebody who knows the deepest secrets of her third heart.

Wet enough from her own cunt juices I move my fingers to the entrance of her sloppy hole. No going back now, I start to push and twist. She whimpers as I gain access and twist about, in and out, each time a little further in and little more pressure a little more stretch. She opens for my wider, wider as my hand delves deeper and deeper. Knuckle deep she starts to tighten, she can take it but I have to push, I can feel her pussy stretching around my hand. She is silent, breathing hard, as she wills me into her gapping cunny. Out a little, twist and push in, twist and push in, twist and push in. The resistance is dwindling her juice is flowing as she accepts the inevitable.

My knuckles are past the entrance. I hold my fist in place so she can feel the tension. I work my hand in and out opening her again and again, short strokes so her flesh flows around my hand; held open by the unnatural invader. She’s transported, giggling and panting, cursing and damning my hand as it owns her sex so completely. I pull my hand out sharply; she grunts at the shock. My wrist is burning in agony from the angle I have to use it at.

I lift off her and grab two lengths of rope I have left on the bedside table. Quickly as I can I bind her ankles to her thighs and then unceremoniously turn her on to her back. With her legs tied like this they fall open and I start to work my hand into her again. But now I can see her face and the lust in her eyes pleading for penetration. Again my knuckles breach her cunt and her flesh stretches around me. I push deeper, harder, her head rolls back and she gasps for air as I go deep in her. I can feel her womb now; the slick harder piece of flesh at the entrance. I play my fingers around the neck opening my hand inside her cunny. Out again and in slowly so she can feel everything that I do to her, every fingertip, joint and knuckle splitting her open. She’s close to climax, drifting away from reality until all she feels is me in her. With careful rhythm I start to drive her inexorably to climax. More pleasure than pain, her cunt relaxes a little as the juices flow. Just a little faster now, no rush, I’ve watched her do this on cam and matched her pace so I know what gets her to that special place of wind and rain where u*********s lust possess her.

She bites her lip as it takes her and her cunt contracts around my hand gripping it tight as the spasms ride through her. I twist as best I can to hold her in her climax she bucks and squirms as best she can; bound as she is. She falls back spent but I have not finished yet. Inside her I start to curl my fingers back into my palm. Her eyes are open in a flash as she feels my fist forming inside her.

‘Not yet. I’m not ready yet.’ she pleads.

‘But I am.’ I smile down at her.

Gradually I close my fist inside her tightened cunt. There’s a lot of resistance but she inevitably stretches wider and wider. I start to move in and out a little her cunt moves with my fist. Rebecca gasps at the mixture of feelings running through her.

‘Gently, gently please, it’s uncomfortable.’

I keep a steady gently rhythm as her cunt slackens; again her flesh is hot and wet. I slowly draw my fist outwards and it reaches the entrance to her cunt distending it beyond anything a cock could do. I keep pulling and suddenly my fist is out. She lets out a sigh of relief. But she can only relax for a moment and I push my closed fist back, pushing it at the entrance to her again.

‘Oh fuck, no please no, not like that!’

I start to twist and push into her. She tries to squirm away but she’s watching me watching her and I know this is what she wants. I twist and turn and push, harder and more firmly I apply a continuous pressure and her flesh stretches and her cunt expands as my fist moves in millimetre by millimetre. With a gasp from her I’m inside again; then out, then in again. Time after time I push in and pull out. She’s drifting again as the endorphins soak away her mind. In. Out. Push. Pull. I build the rhythm and stroke. I can feel her juices flowing again. In. Out. Push. Pull. Panting gasping she takes it all, lapping up the sensations as if her life depended on it. Finally she goes over the edge again. This time she spasms and jumps for a long while shaking her head as though possessed my fist locked inside her.

She recovers slowly as I unclench my fist and gently take it out.

She lies on the bed while I go into the bathroom and wash my hands.

Rebecca smiles as I come back in.

‘Did you like that?’ I ask.

‘Oh yes.’

I pick up a sports bag, put it on the bed and take out a huge bundle of chopsticks.

‘Now to really find out how big you are!’ I say as I grin at her.

‘Oh Fuck!’ she replies as she smiles back her eyes alight with lust.

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2 years ago
wonderfull and sexy as
2 years ago
Daddy likes fisting his sexy bois and girls!!!
2 years ago
Another fantastic read!
I`d love to meet up with a fist loving slut like that. It must be the ultimate act of trust to allow someone the privlige to stretch out a cunt like that.
2 years ago
Very well done. I smile at this entire exchange erotic and wonderful. I really liked this. Once again, great job.
2 years ago
Another gem.
Not sure I'd much like being stretched like that, however, the story was great. Thanks for sharing :)
2 years ago
I love women like this. Good story
2 years ago
great,transports you to the moment.
felt every move.
2 years ago
Fabulous, I felt like I was there. Bunnnybec, it would be nice to hear your point of view of the story :) Also, I would like to know what those chop sticks were used for please? The mind boggles!
2 years ago
because it feels fucking awesome.
2 years ago
This is a story written for a lady with that fantasy. To have her cunt destroyed. I write stories 'to order' for friends :)
2 years ago
wow, but why strech out a tight sweet pussy with a fist??
2 years ago
Wonderfull story xx