Commitment of the submissive

The Chair

The chair is made of mostly of 1/2” square wrought Iron bars. It is heavy, brutal and black. The seat is a removable iron plate rebated into a frame. It looks like a work of art until you realise its purpose which is to restrain and cause gradually increasing levels of discomfort and eventually pain. It looks like a stretched out dining chair with a very high back. The legs curve outwards to add stability. The rear legs and back are shaped in such a way that when occupied by the subject the chair can be easily tipped onto its back and still keep the subject nearly horizontal. If the subject’s arms are tied behind the back of the chair (normally the case) then the curve and height of the back stop their arms from being trapped when the chair is tipped over. The back is a diamond lattice of twisted square rods. Perfect to tie to and uncomfortable (eventually painful) to lean against. It is designed to give the submissive as close a feeling to actual capture and torture as one can safely get in a play scenario. It works.

Commitment of the submissive

Sometimes a scene is based around the submissive enduring a task to show their will to be submissive to their master. Done right the scene reinf***es the bond; done wrong it can damage or destroy it. This happened in the spring of 1992.

Maggie arrived early evening. She knew broadly what would happen, she had requested it. She had (has) a confinement and torture fetish. We chatted for a bit but she wanted to get on with it. She went to a bedroom and changed.

I lead Maggie down to the cellar. She wore a towelling robe and slippers. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. The chair stood in the cellar which is lit for effect i.e. pretty dark. I lead her around the chair. She was shaking and breathing quite hard. She had a look of terrified fascination on her face. I stood her facing the chair so she could study it (classic interrogation technique of the inquisition who would show their victims the instruments of torture and explain in detail their effects. They would sometimes demonstrate the effects on a****l carcases. This was done so they could claim the victim “confessed” without resorting to torture!). She was transfixed looking at it.

We had a role play routine to get into the mood.

I asked. “Maggie. Do you willingly submit to this trial of fidelity and commitment to your Master?”

She replied. “Yes. I willingly accept the task and state ‘Red’ as my safe word today.”

We used to get the Sub to select their own safe word so they didn’t forget it in the heat of the moment. I asked her what forfeit she would take if she used the safe word. Some people don’t make a forfeit for the use of a safe word some do. If the Sub can call a halt to proceedings with no impact then they effectively get total control of the scene. The forfeit makes them think twice. She stated that she would take 6 strokes of the long cane on the soles of her feet. That was one hell of a forfeit. I was surprised at the time as 6 strokes of the cane are very painful and it was a forfeit harsher than I would have expected or required. She explained later that she had chosen that forfeit as she had doubted her ability to not use her safe word while on the chair. We agreed the forfeit. Thus with the rules of engagement confirmed the scene commenced.

Maggie took off her robe and passed it to me. First I applied some chest ropes, some above her breasts and some below. They restrict breathing making it impossible for the subject to take a really deep breath. This adds dramatically to the sensation of constraint and imprisonment. I turned her around and sat her on the iron plate seat. Unbidden she knew what was expected of her and she put her hands together behind the seats back. The rope goes around her wrists and then between them. The tails are tied to metal loops welded onto the seat base. Thus initially restrained Maggie gives herself over to me completely. Tying her to the chair took about 40 seconds and now she is unable to get away. If left alone now she could never get away and would frankly die there. She knows this. If I choose to ignore her safe word I can do anything and everything I want. She knows this and it is part of what excites her. She was and until I chose to release her, my prisoner. This is what she craved and came to me for. She knows me and trusts me but I always make sure the fear that she desires is close enough to the surface to appear sufficiently real that the game is worth playing. That is my part of the deal; to make her imprisonment as real to her as I possibly could.

The next rope goes around her elbows drawing them together and forcing her shoulders and upper arms against the chair's back. She fidgeted as the ropes were applied. Her breathing was already ragged and her eyes distant as the scene unfolded. She absorbed the initial pain without the benefit of the endorphins that would soon be flooding her system. I removed the seat plate. Her weight now falls on the sharp edges of the square iron bars that form the seat surround which then dug into her inner thighs. The removal of the seat plat causes her body to drop a little and this has the appearance of raising her chest and breasts. I felt her breasts and pinched her nipples, hard. Her eyes held mine as I do this, I saw her pain as I do this, I saw her need for the pain while I do this. It is a critical moment in her submission.

I fitted a heavy iron collar made of twisted iron bars around her neck. It was made just for her and fitted with a little space to spare so there is no choking hazard. But it was heavy and uncomfortable and makes any movement of her head very apparent to her. Keeping still minimises the discomfort and increases the feeling of incarceration. I secure the collar to the back of the chair with rope immobilising her head. Finally I tied her feet back to the chair legs thus stopping her taking any weight off of her thighs. This is the final bound position. I walked around her stroking her as I did so. She was in her idea of heaven. This may sound strange but then she was strange. Her motivations were unusual. In a continuum of sensual diversity she sat close to the pain end of the spectrum of pleasure and pain. In that position she will call safe in 30 to 50 minutes depending on her pain tolerance and desire to complete the task she asked for.

The whole process has taken around 5 minutes so far. All Maggie had to do then was not call safe before I had finished with her. That is all the Sub has to do in a commitment trial. If they achieve orgasm that is a bonus, the sexual stimulation is there to keep the Sub’s mind off the pain. It is not the point of the exercise. With her head held back I went to the toy cupboard behind the chair, she can’t see what I am fetching or what I am going to do. I lit a normal everyday candle. I always use matches as the characteristic sounds and sulphur smells are very evocative to the bound subject. Every little nuance of the experience needs to be played to its utmost so Maggie got the full benefit of the theatrical performance for a psychologically satisfying experience. She heard the match and knew what was coming next.

I held the candle uptight, it’s was not a new one it has a flat top. I held it where she could see it. It takes a while for the wax to melt in the little pool at the top of the candle. I watched her watching the candle. I then moved it across her and tilted it so the wax spilt into the valley between her breasts. The sudden shock causes her to struggle but she knew that was futile and just brings more discomfort to her; so she did her best to keep still. I moved the candle around in a figure of eight pattern across her breasts avoiding the nipples at the moment. I gradually coated her breasts with wax gradually working closer to her nipples until they too were coated. I watched her expression, it had become one of grim determination to endure what was happening. But at the same time I could see she was really far off, somewhere deep, deep in her own mind, somewhere normally hidden and unreachable. She is now entering the phase of “Pain High”; I am told this is analogues to the feeling some athletes experience during competition. The chest ropes did their work. She can’t get a deep enough breath and starts to pant to ease the discomfort.

I put the candle to one side and moved behind the chair and lowered it onto its back. This is where the collar comes into play. If she raises her neck to ease the pain in her shoulders then the collar presses on her throat. To stop this sensation of strangulation she must lay back so the weight of the collar is supported by the chair back which causes her pain on her shoulders. This is a perfect physical double bind where Maggie had to choose the balance of her own discomfort. I took a jug of iced water and dribble it over the wax and peeled it away from her breasts. It griped quite hard but all comes away relatively easily.

I moved out of sight for a while and switched off all the lights. Only one candle illuminates the cellar now. Where Maggie went in her mind during those few minutes I have absolutely no real idea. She told me later, but I could tell she was lying and she knew I knew she had lied but some things are just too private.

I switched the lights back on. I knelt down beside her and held her chin so she was f***ed to look at me.

“Maggie. Who is your Master?”
“You are Chris.”
“Why are you my slave?”
“Because I want to be.”

We actually spoke a lot during the scene with me playing the role of interrogator and her of prisoner.

I got up and raised the chair back to it seated position. I took a small stool and sat on it so I can get at Maggie’s front. I used an ice cube to raise her nipples and then showed her the clamps I would apply to them. She tried to breathe deeply to prepare for the pain but the chest ropes did their job and instead of relief she felt only frustration and immobilisation. The clips were spring loaded and adjustable; she wouldn’t have known how hard they would grip. That day I had set them relatively light as I knew the chair would be doing most of the work during the session. As I applied the first clamp she turned her head away. I pulled her chin around so I could see her face. There were the first signs of tears welling up in her eyes. But she wouldn’t let the pain get the better of her. I applied the second clamp. She grunted as it bit into her nipple but she did not call safe. She was close to calling safe. All her body language showed she was reaching the end of her endurance. She was a scene virgin when I found her and had not become a “Pain whore” as some do if they stay too long.

I turned my attention to her pussy, putting my hand between her legs to stimulate her. She’s not hot but there is some lubrication there, not enough for comfort but she soon started to respond to my hand. I scissored her clit and worked my fingers into her cunny and hooked them onto her G Spot. Maggie tried to respond to the new sensation. She got to the edge of climax very quickly indeed but I didn’t take her over the edge. The point of the interlude was to let the clamps settle into position. As I felt the first hints of climax I removed my fingers. I sat quietly and watched her utter frustration. Taken up by the stimulation and being held back by the pain and discomfort. As the effects of the stimulation wore off the pain starts to become the dominating factor again and a look of desperation crept into her eyes. I start to pinch her clit hard; it hurt. This ironically takes her away from the “Pain High”. I flicked her clit and with each hit she jumped. She was getting very close to calling safe. If she does I would have failed to get the balance right. I asked her if she had had enough, she shook her head.

The clamps had been on long enough to have settled in. I took hold of one.

“Fast or slow?” I asked her.

“Fast.” She replied.

With no warning I dragged the clamp from her nipple in one swift movement. Maggie yelped, grunted and tears welled up in her eyes again.

I took the other clamp in my hand and asked “Fast or slow?”

“Slow.” She replied.

I was impressed by this.

I started to drag on the clamp. First the nipple extended with the breast following in a cone shape. Maggie held her breathe as the pain flowed through her. But the clamp had not slipped yet. I pulled harder and it started to slip. As it did the remaining flesh is trapped tighter and bl**d and sensation flowed back into the released flesh. It is very painful. Now only a tiny part of her nipple is trapped in the clamp. Maggie’s head rolled down as she fort the urge to yell. Finally the clamp came free and Maggie screamed through gritted teeth. When she looked up tears were rolling down her cheeks.

There was an unspoken question in her eyes; had she done enough?

First I cut the chest ropes off her so she can breathe properly. She gulped down lungful’s of air. I quickly untied her and pushed the seat plate back in place. Lastly I took off the collar. I wrapped her in her robe. She sat and rubbed the circulation back into her wrists.

She was happy she hadn’t called safe and she had shown her commitment to me. I was happy that I had got her as close to calling safe as I could so she could demonstrate that commitment. We just sat there for a while, both of us silent. Sitting there in the aftermath we were closer than I can describe. We ended our contract shortly afterwards, she having lived her fantasy to the full; 40 minutes was all it took. She never went to the chair again. In fact everything we did after that was just an attempt to re-capture that scene and of course that was impossible. In retrospect I should have ended our contract then and there. It was not a mistake I made again. I always made my Sub’s last task the hardest I could. This allowed them to walk away from the relationship/contract no longer a Submissive (unless they wanted to be for a little bit of fun). Maggie is of course not the lady’s real name.

So there it is. I can’t really explain why there are people like me who you wouldn’t look at twice in the street, but who behind closed doors live in a different world. I hope that this has been interesting and maybe a bit insightful. I don’t think I can add much after this except to try to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for reading.

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1 year ago
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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Nice story.
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Thank you, for sharing.
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kajira I am glad you appreciated the story
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Sir thank you so much for sharing your story with kajira.
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That was a well written story. Thanks for sharing it here.
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Thank you both comments for your kind comments. There are a couple more to come :)
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You ended this story with the words 'Thank you for reading'; I can say it was a delight to read such a well-written and exciting piece of erotica and it should be your readers thanking you, SexyWriter.

You have a true talent for writing; it is my pleasure to thank you again for sharing it with us.

Full marks for an exceptional piece of work.

2 years ago
great writting