Sucking My Boyfriends Hard Cock

Now when we first met i used to taste my boyfriends cock all the time, sucking until i gagged and licking his cum filled balls but then i just didn't do it for awhile. I dont know why and theres no excuse but then one night after he got out of the shower he fancied a little nap so i told him to sl**p for awhile, he didn't bother getting dressed or anything he just slipped right into bed. He eventually got off to sl**p while i watched the tv, as time went on though he was shifting and turning until the sheets gradually fell off him revealing his neatly trimmed semi hard cock and in an instant my whole mouth was wet and hot for his rod, as my horny side grew more and more my hand slowly started playing with the tip off his cock, grabbing him gently, trying not to wake him. I could see he was growing slowly so i got in position near the edge of the bed and made my mouth really wet. As soon as his tasty big cock went into my mouth i could feel a sudden wetness all over my tight little panties...i was soo damp it was unbelievable. He tasted so good and i couldn't believe i had stopped doing this. Gradually he started getting bigger and bigger and my mouth had to widen to fit him in. I tried not to gag because i didn't want to wake him but i started feeling him twitch a little so i knew he was waking up, then out of nowwhere i felt his hands on my head, i looked up and saw his eyes staring at me with a little smile on his face. I knew he was enjoying it and that just made me even wetter down below. His hand then grabbed my head then i really was fucking him with my wet mouth, he started thrusting my head deeper down onto his, by this time, extremely hard cock. By this time i couldn't help gagging and my spit was drooling all over his shaft. He then pulled my head up of ov his cock and guided my mouth onto his swollen bollocks, i started licking and sucking and he moaned in pleasure while i wanked his soaking wet dick, building all of that cum up inside ready to explode all in my eagerly awaiting mouthing, i just couldn't wait to taste and swallow all of his thick cum. if you want to know what happens next send us a message xxx
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2 years ago
Probably a little late, but I would love to know the rest of the story.
2 years ago
thats the perfect way to be woken up
2 years ago
then what happened?
2 years ago
keep sucking that cock babe.
2 years ago
great story!