Sex no limits dogging

"Hi honey, are we all set?"
"Yes babe, I'll be round in about half an hour"
"Is it as we planned?"
"Pretty much, yes. Are you dressed as I said?"
"To the letter, hon"
"Good. I'll see you in about 30 minutes. Thanks for this."
"No : thank you".

Dave was such a good, regular client. He always phoned when he said he was going to phone and never let me down for a meet when he had booked. Once he had booked an hour of my time but had hAd his shifts changed at work, and he had worked nights the night before. He still turned up for his meeting, and we just sat drinking coffee and chatting. I just gave him a courtesy blow job before he left as I had to at least empty him of his seed no natter how tired he was!
Tonight was no exception: he had phoned exactly on time. Now it was for me to fulfill my side of the deal and dress to please him. For this meeting he had requested a very precise outfit, with exacting details.

Dave hung up the phone, a dry cold smile adorned his hard, rugged face.
He has been seeing Tina regularly for about 5 years. She was everything he needed in an e****t, and sometimes a lot more! In his mid fifties, and divorced from his ex wife for many years he longed for a physical relationship and sought his fun in the form of prostitutes. Like so many others, once he reached around 40 he had admitted he was actually bi sexual and had interactions with many cross dressers at various dogging locations and public toilets, before he actively searched for a 'real' transvestite e****t on the internet.
After trying a few out, he found Tina and had never been with any other since, as she met his very exacting and often changing demands with so much enthusiasm, he didn't need to get his kicks from anywhere else.
He had been sat in the car park for some. 20 minutes or so, and had seen a steady stream of guys of varying ages sizes and statures, enter the cottage one by one. A few had left but he estimated that there must be at least five in there.

Crossing my legs to zip up my black PVC knee high boots, I held the cigarette in my lips whilst I struggled with the awkward zips. Finally achieving my aim, I pulled the boots up to their full extent and stood in front of the mirror and admired the view.
I felt at ease dressed like this. I loved dressing to order.
My seamed black stockings were positioned perfectly: the seams running down the centre of both legs, dissapearing into the sexy black boots.
The clips on my burlesque cup less basque were metal, like in the 70s. Very sexy. My boobs were pushed up and together. This basque made them look absolutely fantastic, Dave was going to be impressed. My thick pearl necklace and dangly pearl earrings also enhanced my appearance - but what completely rounded off my look was my make up. Just as he had asked I had my make up 'heavy'. Lots of foundation followed by masses of face powder. My blusher was dark brown, sweeping up over my cheek bones. My eyes were coated in bright blue eye shadow and I wore thick black eye liner. Finally, my lips were over painted in bright red sticky glossy lipstick, and were lined with a dark red lip lining pencil. Yes! I had certainly achieved the. 70s porn star look that he had requested in his telephone booking some three days before.

Dave picked up the portfolio folder off the passenger seat of his car and opened his door to make the short walk to the cottage.
As he did this the interior light of his car came on, and he quickly rolled up the folder before closing the door on his exit.
As he got into the cottage it was a normal scene from a sex cottage. Lots of dark dimly lit figures milling about whilst two men were stood side by side at the 'troughs' obviously playing with each other's cocks.
Dave was an expert at this. So confident and assured.
"Anybody like trannies?" He asked loudly. All movement stopped in the place and although he didn't get any verbal answers he had their attention.
"I'm talking about a good tranny. She looks like a whore... Here's here pictures." He passed the folder to the nearest guy.
"She lives about three minutes drive away and is ready for anyone right now.
"Fucking hell!" Said the guy flicking through the pages of the folder.
"Is this for real?"
"Yes, but I'm not messing about. If you would like to come then follow me now. I will explain what will happen when we get outside. "
The folder was quickly passed around the five of them, each of them looking at each other- silently asking - should we or shouldn't we?
Dave stood by his car knowing that at least some of them would come.
Eventually, one by one they emerged and started to walk over to Daves car.

I moved the sofa into the centre of the room. It was now facing directly away from the entrance door to my front room. Just as Dave had requested. Everything was in position, I just needed to get myself totally ready.
I moved round to the front of the sofa and lay down upon it. It felt strange as the seats were now facing the wall, but I had to lie down.
I dragged my black PVC handbag over and pulled out 4 items. My cigarettes and lighter, a quite large dildo, and a tube of anal lubricant.
I lit a cigarette which instantly makes me feel such a slut! And took a dollop of lube and started to finger my bud hole slowly and deliberately. It felt so good to stretch myself. I inserted the end of the 8" dildo in me. Just the tip. I was now doing this 'hands free' with it digging into the sofa and me on my back. This allowed me to lay back and just ride the plastic cock as I smoked. I just loved this feeling of apprehension as to what was going to happen when Dave eventually turned up.

Dave was impressed. He had got himself four takers for the party. He struggled with ages but estimated that one was about 30 another two were in their 50s and the last one was probably close to 70. He didn't care, and he knew Tina wouldn't care either. The convoy of cars pulled up and stopped on the main road which Tina's road joins onto.
They all alighted their cars and then all the 'volunteers' made their way to Dave who was now slowly ambling towards Tina's road. He beckoned them to follow whilst pulling out his mobile phone.
"We are here, honey" he said as she answered.

I quickly went to the front door and after opening it, I closed it too but put it on the latch.
Making my way back to the sofa I got myself in position as we had discussed many times. Quickly I applied some more lube to my now very accommodating hole and prepared myself.

The door just pushed open. Dave quietly entered, but didn't say a word. He didn't need to. He could see all he had wanted to see on entering : Tina was bent right over the sofa. Her upper torso was out of view. All he could see was her extremely long, slender legs covered in sexy black nylon. He saw the seams running down the backs of her legs and he couldn't miss her fantastic boots. Her white arse was sticking up as she was completely hanging over the back of the settee.
He looked round at the guys who were now entering the property and made a notion with his hand that said 'come in - but wait'. As he did this he entered the front room and closed the door behind him - the other guys now huddled in the hallway.

I heard the door close and knew Dave was in the room with me. He didn't speak. He didn't have too.
He waived my fee of £100 under my nose and threw it on the floor directly in front of my face.
"You are going to earn that you worthless cunt!" He laughed.
I didn't respond. There was no point. I would do as he said no matter what. It is on this contract that our relationship had been forged. I had done some very evil, nasty things over the years for him, and today was just another day. As he quite rightly had said I had been paid and it was now my duty to earn it.

Dave walked back to the door and opened it. "Come on in boys... This is Tina". He pointed at her arse as he spoke.
"She is a bare back anal slut. As we discussed at the toilets - no rubber is allowed. If you are infected with anything then so be it. She must take the consequences. As you can see she is ready". His hands now rolled over her buttocks as he continued the introduction.
"Does anyone not wish to fuck her?"
"Does anyone not wish to cum in her arse?"

I had no idea how many he had brought back from his recruiting campaign. Sometimes it was only one sometimes two or three. I just knew by the noise of them shuffling around that it must be three or four.
I heard someone unbuckling his belt and shuffling behind me. He was obviously getting into position.
I felt a strong pair of hands on my buttocks opening me up before I felt a hardness inside me. His cock was quite thick and extremely hard although it wasn't very long. He held my hips as he pumped into me. My eyes were closed tight as he pushed himself into me. He was gasping and groaning as he pumped me full of his meat. He only fucked me for a minute or so when I felt him withdraw.

"Go on mate you - you next" said Dave as the next stranger took position behind her.
His cock also was very hard and this one was bigger than the younger guys who had gone first. There was no need for Dave to open her up for this man. Once in position behind her, he held her hips and without hands aimed his hard cock at her messy lubed hole. His aim was perfect and his first full thrust had Tina immediately moaning as she felt him go ball deep on his first bare back thrust.

"Enjoying her mate?" Dave asked the man as he pounded into her arse.
"oh fucking hell yes!" He replied. Beads of sweat were now forming on his forehead and running down his nose as he was fucking her so hard.
Tina was just laying forward. Her eyes permanently closed as they took it in turns to ravage her arse hole.

I love being used like at times like this. I adore giving pleasure to men. Strangers especially. I knew Dave loved seeing me with these strange guys who he picked up from sleazy sex haunts.
I felt thd second guy really work himself into me almost frenzied like. He was so strong and his cock was like iron as he busted my arse tube. I was really loving the visit and wondered how many more were going to enjoy me.

He was in a rhythm now and there was going to be no stopping him. He lunged and gasped as he shot his creamy load of cum into Tina's arse. A final few jolts and he was spent. His sex juice now completely deposited in her dark love hole. He removed himself from her and the other guy in his 50s took up his position. Within seconds you could hear the noise of his cock squelching in and out of her cum filled hole.

I felt his lovely thick cum blast inside me. It's such a gorgeous feeling only a girl can explain. I opened my eyes briefly wondering what was going to happen next and I soon found out.

The guy who had just cum sort of gestured to Dave that he was leaving. This was typical behaviour.
"Tina, you cunt!" Dave shouted.
Tina's head raised up to answer.
"Get your fucking head back down. Do not look up!" Shouted Dave.
The guy now fucking her was taken off his rhythm a little and actually stopped pounding whilst this exchange was taking place. He remained inside her, deep up to his balls holding her hips as his cock pulsates in her tight arse.
"Say thank you to the gentlemen for his cum"
"Thank you, sir. Thank you for your cum"
"That's Ok" the guy replied quietly as he left.

After this quick 'thank you' I heard the door close and felt this guy who was fucking me start again on my arse. I could quite clearly hear the mess as my arse was once again getting fucked, again by someone I knew absolutely nothing about. I didn't know his age, what he looked like, not even his colour. All I knew is that I was allowing him to fuck my arse ( and anything else Dave wanted me to do with him or allow him to do to me).

Dave stood infront of Tina with his rock hard cock sticking out of his jeans. She didn't move or look up. Even though she didn't recognise the old warn out training shoes and dirty jeans, she knew it would be Dave stood there and if she did look up he would slap her, hard across the face.
Tina knew Dave had gone past his 'turning point'. That is the point where he turned nasty and he was capable of hurrendous demands. If his demands weren't carried out to the letter she knew she would get a beating. She had got to understand that over the years.
Dave leaned forward and placed his hands on her arse cheeks and pulled them apart. As the guy withdrew his cock they both laughed at the dark and messy gaping abyss that was in full view
"What a beautiful hole!" Commented Dave.
Her arse was open about an inch in diameter. It was dark inside but it was still smeared in cum and lube. The outstretched outer circumference was bright red where she had been fucked so much, and where Daves fingers were digging in - holding her open was white.
"Fuck away mate, use the cunt" he said as he let go.

The guy immediately placed his cock back in my arse and once again started to pound. I knew this was going to be his finale. I wasn't wrong. He only took a few more thrusts and once again I felt my fuck hole filling with hot sticky cum.
He didn't keep pumping afterwards, and I envisaged was quite eager to get away. No sooner had he spunked up and his flies were up and he was in his way.
"Thank you for your cum sir!" I shouted without lifting my head.

The very old guy was yet to have a go.
He had been watching everything and masturbating almost continually since arriving at the house. His cock had gone from various stages of hardness, but at this present moment it was quite floppy.
Dave recognised this and beckoned the first guy to have another go.

I knew there was something a miss as there was a longer gap between cocks. This wasn't a normal queue of men eager to fuck me.
However, I was soon being anally invaded again, and was happy.
The guy fucjing me know was really hard. As he withdrew on his stokes I felt the spunk dribble down from my arse, down onto my stocking tops, where it would congeal and then dribble down the backs of my legs.

He and Dave were both watching the white salty mess ooze from her arse on every withdrawal stroke. Both looking at each other and marvelling in her acceptance of so much bareback cock and cum.
As he came close to his climax he withdrew his cock completely and started to wank it hard.
Aiming his Vick end at her hole he pulled back his foreskin one last time, knowing that he was about to explode.
Dave grabbed the flange of her shit hole once more. Sticking three fingers in from each hand he pulled her arse apart as the young guy wanked away.

I felt what I presumed to be Dave opening my arse out. I envisaged what it must look like and to see the other guy who I knew was now wankiing hard at my sex orifice.
I felt the first shot actually go across my buttocks.

The second shot slowly oozed out of the wide pink slit in his bell end. He aimed it perfectly at the outstretched hole. Blob after blob oozed out.. The hole was now full of thick white cream. Absolutely full to the brim.
As Dave let go, the hot sex opening closed slowly trapping all the gorgeous fluid inside. Dave wiped his messy hand over Tina's buttocks and smiled saying "well done".
"Thank you , sir" mistakenly replied Tina, thinking he was talking to her.
"Not you, you cunt" shouted Dave. "Why would I say well done to a cunt like you? You haven't done anything, yet".

I felt so low. I could feel my arse full of hot bubbling cum, the deposits from three complete strangers who's faces I had not even seen, and here I was being spoken to like a piece of shit. Perhaps I was exactly that?
In my heart of hearts I knew things were going to get worse for me too.
I heard the door close again and couldn't work out if it was just Dave and myself left in the room. I just had this feeling that we weren't yet alone, and yet I wasn't being fucked which lead me to believe that it was just me and him.
"Open your fat slag arse for me, cunt" he demanded.
I reached round with both hands and opened myself up.
I felt an object being inserted in my arse. A cold, small object.
"Push you cunt" he rasped.
I pushed and heard the cum bubble out of my brown snatch and felt it trickling down my buttocks towards my stocking tops.
I felt Dave move to the front of me once more.
"Lift your head up and drink you filthy cunt"
He said, quietly.
Slowly I lifted my head and there presented infront of my mouth was a tablespoon. A tablespoon full of cum.
I opened my mouth and he f***ed the spoon into the back of my throat. I gasped for air, but managed to drink the spoonful of man bliss in one go.
"Again" he said, whilst making his way to the back of me again.

She pushed again and the spoon was once again inserted, but this time he turned it around and dragged the spoon up the walls of her sex cavity on the way out. Once it was removed he took great delight in showing the old man the fruits of his dig.
Again the spoon was presented to her face. This time it was coated in brown residue from the walls of her arse hole.
Tina grimaced as her outstretched tongue lapped at the brown and white juices.
"Look at the old cunt!" Dave said to the old man. "A desperate shit whore who will do anything for £150 - aren't you CUNT?"
"I am your property, sir" replied Tina, knowing her place.

To be honest most of this had been done before. The strangers fucking me. The arse gaping. Normally they were all taking films and pictures, but this time I sensed they weren't.
I had never eaten the cum and shit cocktail from a spoon before though, and I have to say I didn't really mind.
Next Dave told me once more to push hard. This I did and farted a huge splash of cum out in one go. I sensed Dave was leaning over me so wasn't sure where it had landed, then I felt him stand up again.
He pulled my head up with my hair using one hand and with the other he wiped the cum mess all over my face.
My face was like porcelain in shiny sticky cum. I extended my tongue and he wiped some off my cheeks into my mouth.
It was only then I realised we weren't alone.
"Look at this guy you cunt" he said. Pointing at the old man as he made his way infront of us.
"Sir down on the settee you fat cunt" he told me.
I manoeuvres myself about and sat down, and was now fully attentive.
This old gentleman has come to be entertained by you and you can't even make him hard you fucking useless old fat cunt"
I looked at the old man. He must of been 75 or so. His limp cock was hanging out of his trousers being supported by the fingers of his right hand.
I looked at his face and I can only describe him as an old frail man.
He didn't say anything as Dave gestured for him to remove his trousers.
"You are a rubbish whore - you can't even make men's cocks hard! You useless cunt"
With this I saw Dave take a big hock and then spat a huge phlegm across my face and lips.

The old man now stood directly in front of Tina. His thin white legs just about supporting his podgy torso. His grey underpants were on the floor with his shoes kicked off next to them. His trousers were on the seat opposite. He looked quite rediculous!
Dave picked up the old mans underpants and offered them up to Tina's face. Her mouth remained closed as he held them infront of her nose.
"Sniff!" He said. "Sniff Grandpas undies"

I did my best at sniffing. I had difficulty as there was so much cum and phlegm on my face I was having difficulty in breathing with my mouth closed.
"Open your cunting mouth" demanded Dave.
As I slowly opened my mouth and closed my eyes as he f***ed the undies in my mouth, making me gag and choke.
He withdrew the pants and as I coughed and spluttered I couldn't help see the old man was now bent over in front of me with his arse near my face.
"Off you go hungry girl" laughed Dave.
I pulled at the old mans baggy buttocks and was hit by a familiar strong pungent smell. It was the smell of old shit.
This guy did not know how to wash himself properly, and when I opened him up the sight was atrocious.
I could see his little arse bud ok, but the area around it was matted in old shit. It was all stuck to the hairs of his arse and quite fresh stuff encircled his bud.
"Clean, cunt, clean". This was Dave getting his money's worth fro me. As I stretched out my tongue towards the dirty hole Dave was wanking like someone possessed.

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23 days ago
hot babe and inspirational xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4 months ago
Well I would love to be Tina! What a girl :)
5 months ago
Dear God...what a story!!!! One to savour again and again!