Neighbour reduced to being a Whore

One of my nearby neighbours told me that the
Over the next few weeks the workmen were in and I have to say, they made a wonderful job of transforming the place. With it being empty for so long the garden was completely overgrown and I know the previous owners had left the place in a rush, after defaulting on their mortgage, and I knew the interior was not up to much. So, with a fresh lick of paint and the garden sorted, the place was now ready for its new tenant. Anyone who has been to my street knows that the houses are all small two bedroom, built in the boom of the. 80's houses. There was no way that a f****y was going to be put in there, and I expected (for some unknown reason!) for the new tenant to be an elderly man.
I could not of been more wrong.
A few days later I heard a cab outside and saw two men carrying a few items of furniture into the house. I couldn't resist but to ask if they were the new tenants. Once they had got over the shock if seeing that a transvestite lived in the street they answered tmy query!
They were from the council and told me it was a young girl who was moving in , under quite strange circumstances.
I knew the council were very short on places and wondered how a young girl would fit the criteria for a vacant tenancy , unless she had some youngsters of course.
It wasn't long and Julie moved in with her two small c***dren.
Julie, I'd say was about 20. She had bleached blonde streaky hair, and for a single mum, obviously on state hand outs, she always looked well kept and clean. She always dressed nicely and her make up and hair was continually well kept.
She took quite a shine to me, and we would often chat at the door or when passing.
One day she suggested we got a few bottles of wine in and have a girly night.
I love socialising and mixing with females, and so I jumped at the chance. A date was set for Friday.
When the Friday came, I dressed in leggins and flat patent knee boots, with a red satin shiny blouse. I looked quite tarty, as I normally do, in fact it was quite hard not to over dress or take the get together as like a meeting with a client.
She knocked at the door dead on time.
I opened the door to see this stunning girl I had never seen before! She looked tremendous. She had her hair pinned up with cury side drops and her make up was very very classy. She wore a very low cut little black dress, with a bright red chunky necklace. She also had lovely black sheer shiny tights on, and bright red patent stilettos. The red shoes necklace and lips were complemented with a bright red PVC little clutch bag.
Like I say, she looked absolutely stunning. She smiled as I greeted her with a girly peck on the cheek. "You look incredible Julie! " I exclaimed.
"You look wonderful yourself Tina!" She smiled "amazing legs and boobs!" She eyed me up and down as we entered my front room.
We sat and chatted like two girls would, talking about everything.
It transpired that Julie had come from a bad marriage where she had been beaten by her brutal husband, who was now thankfully behind bars.
She definitely wanted to move on in life, and talked of getting work of one sort of another in between bringing up her two c***dren.
I didn't mention the fact I was an e****t straight away and wanted to wait until the time if at all, was right.
She was so excited about the prospect of moving her life on and she kept confirming that she had no issues with me being a trans girl next door. "I like people who are different and I too like to be different" she stated.
Well, the wine and chat flowed and it was only when she asked to see some more pictures of me did she come and sit next to me.
I lit her cigarette and straight away my cock was bursting out of my panties. Seeing the way she held her cigarette was enough to make my mind wander!
Anyone who knows me knows that I think smoking is so sexy when done correctly and Julie knew exactly what she was doing.
I started flicking through some pictures on my lap top. Only tame ones, but none the less sexy slutty dressed ones - as 90% of my photos are.
She said I looked incredibly sexy and that the way I smoked was very erotic. As often is the case she mentioned my extensive wardrobe and said she would love to be able to afford such sexy clothes to go out in.
This was my chance, and I took it.
"Julie, from what you have seen of me do you think I'm a bad person?" I asked innocently.
"Not at all - I think you are amazing!" She exclaimed.
I flicked through to some pictures of me kissing a young lad about 20 years old. "Wow! Is that your boyfriend?" She asked. I kept silent and flicked through to a different lad of a similar age.. This time the picture showed me French kissing him with his hands in my panties.
"Oh my God! She laughed. You are a popular woman! I have to say though that those guys are not really my type. I prefer older guys".
We then went on to discuss our likes in men. I was very coy at first - not wanting to declare myself as a complete whore straight away, but Julie's choice in men had me really excited.
She said she had always gone for older men. She said when she was at school her first boyfriend was 18 when she was only thirteen, and she said with her make up she looked old enough to go in pubs etc, and although her mum didn't really approve, she let her get on with it.
"Since then, I have always been attracted to older men" she confirmed.
I told her I liked the attention of MUCH older men. Not ten or 15 years older, but I liked old ages pensioners.
Her reply had me so turned on.
"That works!" She smiled.
I asked her had she ever had sex with an OAP and she said no, but she had fantasised about it many times.
"What is the attraction?" I asked.
"I suppose it's taboo - like I said earlier - I like being different"
I agreed with her totally and said that the attraction on my behalf was that it was totally taboo. I like to push my boundaries and see how low I will go. "I also like having sex with fat, ugly men" I said.
It went quiet for a few moments as I flicked through several extremely explicit photos of me in various positions with different men. Old men, young men, fat men, tramp like men, black men, Asian men, I have been filmed getting fucked by them all. I got to one picture with an old grey haired man in my arse whilst his old bald friend was pissing in my mouth at the same time.
"Tina, that is the most amazing picture I have ever seen" she pointed, bewildered.
"Julie, I get paid for doing this" I'm an e****t - a prostitute".
" That doesn't surprise me Tina. You look so good, and all your pictures are not really natural, you look like a whore in them. I am not shocked at all, and I think it's great what you do if you are happy then that is even better".
She then went on to say its a career she had thought about taking up, but she couldn't get over the stigma and how it might affect her c***dren. I understood totally and briefly highlighted the logistics of it and that where I was located there was no indication to the neighbours as to what I was doing. It was fine.
She said it was definitely not a line of work she wanted to go down, but also said it was really exciting to speak to me about it, and that she was really intrigued by my whole lifestyle.
We carried on chatting and she asked if she could watch a film of me with an old guy.
I found one of me with three oaps. I said I was quite embarrassed but would show her.
This film is one if my favourites and shows me do everything. At one point in the film I am rimming them out, one at a time and Juile said "I would love to see you doing that in real life".
I stopped the film and said that she would be welcome at any of my meets and that I am sure the guys would not object.
She catagorrily stated that she wanted no physical participation but would really like to watch at some point.
I fibbed her and said that I would have to advertise with pictures of her so the guys would know who would be there. This is obviously not necessary, but I had method in my madness knowing that an innocent picture one day can soon lead to full on pornography on another.
The night carried on and the wine continued to flow, and the cigarettes continued to burn.
Having finished with the trivialities - the conversation was now completely focused on sex.
Julie had already told me she had explicit thoughts about one or more much older men, but she continued on the theme from a lesbian slant , saying that she had often fingered herself looking at pictures of women in their 40s and 50s who were heavily made up. 'Mutton dressed as Lamb' as she put it.
"I hate to have to say this Julie, but that is how I see myself"
"Yes" she replied, "you are honestly what I would call a picture of femininity and sex".
For a girl of such tender years, she really knew how to say the right things! My cock was now rock hard. Here I was being told by a girl of only 20 that I was a picture of sexuality' there is only one way this meeting was going to go!
I turned to her and moved my head opposite hers, and looked her in the eyes as I whispered 'I want you Julie"
"And I want you- dirty Aunty Tina".
These words were enough for anyone to sexual about. But for me, this was amazing.
I was facing her withy cigarette in my left hand and she had hers in her left hand also. With my fingers rigid holding my ciggy, I started to explore her small ish boobs. At the same time, whilst smiling at me - she returned the favour.
"Your tits are so full and round" she whispered as she pulled my tits out from my bra cups, "they are gorgeous". Her tongue extended and she began to flick my erect nipple of my left boob, her hand still holding the cigarette cupping the fleshy mound as she did so. A short drag on her sexy cig was followed by a very long exhale of sexy smoke all over my tits. The smell wafted up to my nostrils, my eyes were now closed as I was just loving the feel of her enjoying my heavy slut tits.
Our cigarettes were sadly soon finished, and after extinguishing them Julie got on her hands and knees between my legs and started rubbing my hardness in my leggins.
I lifted up my bum as to allow her to pull them down. This exposed my rock hard girl cock in my black thong and she immediately smiled as she freed my b**st from the satin cage.
"I've never sucked a girls cock before" she smiled as her head went down.
I remember seeing her bright red lips encase the tip of my exposed bell end before once again closing my eyes. Feeling her hot wet mouth over my cock was tremendous. I felt her head bob up and down on me. Slowly she got into a rhythm and the feeling and sound of her slurping on me was so sexy.
"This is only a start" she said. "I'm going to be seeing a lot of Tina in the future" she whispered, "but for now, I'm going to bring you off with my mouth".
She looked at me intently as she lit another cigarette and at the same time lot mine.
I smoked slowly as I watched her perform the most amazing smokey blow job on me. She went from blowing smoke onto me to head bobbing hard and fast to wanking me slowly, one after the other, whilst continually smoking.
Finally she wanked me and opened her mouth around the end of my pre cum covered bell, "feed me your girl cum" she demanded.
The first shot went straight down the back of her throat, making her gag a little, the second and third shots went across her face. As the spunk now started to ooze from the tip she rubbed my cock over her face, making her fully glazed.
To conclude she opened her mouth and made one deliberate swallow of my cum, before giving my cock end a kiss and putting it back in my panties.
"Clean yourself up miss!" She laughed!
The next few minutes saw us reorganising ourselves and getting back to 'normal'. She washed her face and re did her make up.
I said it was amazing how experienced she was and it's as if she knew what to do to turn me on.
She told me that seeing the pictures of me had made that bit simple. "All I had to do was smoke" she said. "It is your fetish, I could see that. Anything else is just a bonus" .
She was so right.
As we finished off our wine, she said that she would put some thought into perhaps seeing me with a guy or maybe even men.
Before she left we quickly did some tame shots of her, and a couple if nice face shots. These I would use for my 'personal use' when the time came. I may even use them to advertise her as a voyeur at one of my forthcoming sex bookings.
Over the next few days I doctored the five pictures I had taken of her. Mainly I just blurred her face as I know how quickly photos get passed around on the net and I did not want to alienate her at this very early stage.
I looked at the pictures quite often over the coming weeks thinking about 'what if' , but I saw very little of my new neighbour.
One day, some 7 or 8 weeks after our little get together there was a knock at the door and as I was dressed en femme but not too slutty, I answered the door. (Normally if on web cam or dressed for sex I would not do so).
It was Julie.
After a few nice comments at the door I welcomed her in and put the kettle on.
Although the conversation was slow she was soon telling me why she had been off my radar and not been round to see me.
"I was lonely and thought of coming to see you Tina, but I joined a dating web site instead. I have met a few guys off there and, well it's not really what I want. I don't mean I don't want men, I do. I just think oh! ... Erm.. I'm not very good at this am I?"
"It's ok Julie! We can talk it through?" My cock was so hard in my panties I couldn't sit comfortable.
We lit up our cigarettes and she came across the room to sit next to me. I balanced the ash tray on my thigh, and this we shared.
" it's not the sex Tina - that has been pretty good. I'm struggling money wise.- I need help. The last guy I met off the site was a really ugly guy. My friends would die if they knew I had had sex with him. I don't understand why I did it. But when it was done, I cried a little and then thought about what you said. It's true. I actually got turned on by allowing myself to do it."
"How many guys have you seen Julie?"
About 15. But he was just rank! The rest were ok. They pester me on the phone all the time though, it gets on my nerves a little."
"They will do honey. You need another completely separate phone"
"What I am thinking of Tina is going on the game but I have no idea at all about how to go about it - can you help?"
Of course I could help her! I instantly knew where the conversation was going as soon as she mentioned 1. The dating site and 2. The money problems.
"What type of girl do you want to be Julie? How far do you want to go?"
"I don't know. I just know I am behind in my rent to the tune of £550 and I have another payment due in a week."
I told her not to worry. I would help her out with the £550 arrears and she could owe me. I knew she would be busy. Looking at her sat next to me in her shiny black Lycra leggings and floaty blouse, her hair pinned up. She looked so naturally sexy. I knew what she looked like in full make up as I'd seen her in our previous meet. She was actually very stunning.
We decided to open a bottle of wine to toast our new direction in our friendship and I wanted to ease her into the next stage of the negotiations!
She spoke about not wanting to be f***ed into anything and I was in total agreement with this. It's ok to pretend to be f***ed but to actually do things against your will is not good for any working girl.
She said that she just wanted to work alongside me to begin with and to help me entertain guys. I told her that although that was ok and we would get bookings that in today's financial climate the payment for two of us would be a lot to bear fir some people. I also said that most men do not want a transvestite they want women.
We ended up agreeing that perhaps she could work from my back bedroom but I would always be in the house. This way she would feel safe also, and this is extremely important.
We talked about different outfits to wear, what guys in General wanted in the way of a meet and then all the taboo extras that some guys may want.
Juile was quick to say she wouldn't do anything without rubber and I said that guys expected oral sex without. She was still adamant that she wanted protection. We agreed to disagree on this subject but I knew I would have to work on her. She said she was more than happy with anal as she really liked that and this was a massive plus factor. We then chatted as we did earlier about the type if men she wouldn't see, and I was so glad to hear that she had no limits to this. "I'm here to provide a service" she said. I knew she was going to be good. "I am happy to kiss them also!... I like kissing". This was a big plus as lots of working girls will not, and to have someone so young and pretty prepared to kiss an overweight, ugly OAP was a real boost. The more the conversation went on the more successful I knew she was going to be.
We then talked through the 'pleasantry' stage. The awkward (and in lots if girls eyes the most difficult bit) when the guy arrives and you put him at ease for the first few minutes before the physical stuff starts.
I knew Julie would struggle with this. She wasn't very outward going and as a working girl it really is important to take the lead. Some of the guys will be really really nervous and these need coaxing along! This subject was going to need work.
She then subtly moved on to the kind of money she was likely to make. She was just amazed at how much she could command if all went well and she stuck to our proposed business plan. I told her I would take 1/3 of her takings as I was supplying accom and security. She was more than happy with this.
She sat back and lit another sexy cigarette. "I'm really looking forward to this Tina" she laughed.
"Just take it easy, one step at a time"
The meeting drew to a close and we said that I was to contact her with enough notice for a double booking for us both.
If I am honest I thought that she had gone off the boil. Maybe the wine had had the reverse effect I was hoping, I don't know. But she certainly didn't look that interested after earlier saying she was really looking forward to it.
Anyway I put some adverts around the web. The enquiries came in. She was a popular prospect. However when ever it gave her dates and times she was always busy doing other things and could not meet any deadlines. This is not good for business. If you say you are available then you must be so. Sex hungry men will not put up with being messed around.
I suppose three or four weeks passed and I had been quite busy with a string of sexy bookings. I love being a busy girl!
Anyway one day I was getting ready for a visit by one of my regulars. He had already phoned me to say he was on his way, and so I just had to finish off my lip gloss and I was ready. I always like to make sure my lips are plastic wet look for my clients. It's very 80s but that's how I market myself, and it proves popular.
Julie was at my front door.
"I need to see you Tina, I'm in a bit of trouble"
I quickly allowed her in and tried to pacify her with a cup of tea. It transpired that she was in arrears with her rent and they had issued an eviction notice, which she had just received.
I told her she should of contacted me earlier and I would of been in a stronger position to help her. However all was not lost.
"Do you want to work with me then Julie?"
"Yes! I will do anything to save my house".
I told her I had a client on his way, and she should go back home and get ready. I told her to wear something sexy and to do her make up a little 'over the top'.
She scampered off almost skipping at the thought of at least getting some income in to the house.
I telephoned my client, Russ, and told him of an exciting opportunity.
He was really excited and agreed to pay the double fee for double the fun. I told him that it was Julie's first time and he should go easy on her.
Russ was aged 66. I had been seeing him since he was about 50. He was about 6' tall, quite well built but not too fat. He was quite hairy, his body hair and his head hair now silvery grey. Even his pubes were now grey. Since reaching his 60s he had started to age somewhat, but I just saw him as Russ. I thought to myself that Julie may have issues with having sex with such an older man, but it was going to be a good test for her first 'punt'.
Russ arrived pretty much on time and I welcomed him with a kiss and a coffee.
He always commented on how I looked, and seeing me in my sparkly satin blouse with skin tight pencil skirt had him telling me how sexy I looked.
We sat down next to each other and I crossed my stockinged legs and 'toed' the stiletto that was on my crossed leg. The way the shoe hung on my toe had Russ all over me ! I took out a cigarette and Russ lit it for me. He loved all this pre amble (as I did), and it made him feel so relaxed and at ease.
"So, tell me about Julie" he said. At the same time he took out his wallet and paid the going fee we had agreed.
I started to tell him a little about Julie without giving away too much. I just said she was a young girl I had got to meet who wanted to work. I told him not to expect so much on her first time.
Russ was in actual fact a real pervert. I am sure (although he had never spoke in length about it) that he had had sex with at least a few u******e girls. Some of our role play was a bit too real for my liking but I just took everything in my stride, not wanting to upset him. I just went with it. I think that is why he had returned so many times to me, he knew I would not be offended by any of his stories or bizarre demands. I sincerely believe that I am here to provide a service, and in my advertisements I say I will do anything and so anything is what I must do.
My phone started to ring and it was Julie I thought she was going to be backing out.
"I've done my make up Tina, but don't know what to wear!" She laughed.
"I was thinking about a school uniform, what do you think?"
"That would be perfect Julie. With stockings and heels "
Russ was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
"She is wearing stockings? "
"Yes, and a school girls uniform". I replied.
"Fucking Hell!" He laughed.
I told Julie to come round the back as we had an interconnecting garden and it would save on any gossip from our other neighbours if she was to be seen. My back door was open and she could just walk in when she was ready. She told me she wouldn't be long.
Russ and I started to get very close on the large three person sofa.
He lit another cigarette for me and we began to French kiss. His hands were everywhere... Moving from my stocking tops onto my boobs, then into my panties. He didn't stop m*****ing me as we kissed heavily and passionately.
It must of only been a few moments when I heard the back door open and then the clip clip of Julie's heels across the tiled floor. Then the walking noise stopped.
"Oh! Hi Uncle Russ'" she exclaimed. It was fantastic that she had got herself straight into character and knew what would float Russ's boat.
We both unlocked our embrace to sit back and enjoy the view.
Julie looked simply amazing.
She had a white shiny blouse on with a very short mini skirt that showed off her sexy stocking tops. She wore black patent stillettos that looked so amazingly sexy. What did it for me (and Russ as he would explain later) was her hair and make up.
She had big red rosy cheeks, blue eye shadow and thick red glossy lips. Her hair was in blonde bunches. The bunches held in place by big pink toggles. Also she stood with her legs crossed and was smoking. It was an unbelievable sight and she should be commended for her efforts on her first working shift.
"How do I look?"
"How do you feel Julie" asked Russ in return. The manner in which he asked her worried me a little. Russ was a specialist. He sometimes had strange demands. I had visions of this first shift for Julie being a nightmare.
"I feel sexy, but also a bit silly". She replied shyly. "I've not done anything like this before, have I Tina?" She again replied quietly.
"Fuck Off have you, you fucking cunt! You may as well have Slag written on your head, you look so cheap"
The room went silent I didn't know what to say. Juile looked at me for support, but I just gazed empty. She had offered her services and this is sometimes what it is like. I didn't say anything.
"Lift up your skirt, Slag" Russ demanded of her.
She opened her legs very slightly and lifted up her skirt exposing her sexy suspenders and showing Russ that she had no panties on.
"Look at her! So innocent. ... And yet she has no fucking knickers on! What a cunt....
Put that fag out and get over here."
Juile obeyed his order and stood in front if him.
"You stand next to her" he ordered at me.
Stood side by side we did actially look like two whores. We were two whores.
"Both of you pull your skirts up".
I pulled my skirt up and my rock hard cock pointed out, it free from my panties.
I started to giggle quietly.
"Shut it you old slag.. You!... Cunt! That will be your name from now on" he was talking to Juile. " Get on your knees "
Juile did as she was told and her head was opposite my hard cock that was twitching infront of her mouth.
"Suck her".
Julie's hand came up and circled my cock as she guided it into her mouth.
"Take your fucking hand off you Cunt!" He ordered. "If I want you to use your hands I will tell you... Now get sucking that cock"
I closed my eyes as I felt Juilies soft wet and yet hot lips envelop the end of my cock. Her technique was so good for someone so young. She knew exactly what she was doing. Slowly, very slowly her head buried itself onto me. My shaft was down her throat in it's entirety. Her eyes closed as she took me balls deep into her mouth. Then she slowly withdrew and took a gasp of air before once again taking me deep down I to her mouth.
"Faster Cunt" Russ demanded. And without a word she obeyed. She was already under his spell.
She was gagging and choking as she bobbed up and down on my now soaking wet cock.
Russ stood up and pulled out his hard cock too. He just unzipped his fly and flopped it out. It wasn't very big, about 5 inches but it did get very hard.
"Suck - cunt!" He said as he pointed to his dick.
Juile withdrew off my cock and instantly took him into her mouth.
At the same time Russ turned his head and extended his tongue. I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth and began to suck his tongue as if it was a small cock, my lips gripping his tongue hard. I was in rhythm with Juile... As her head went down his shaft t went down his tongue. It was very erotic.
"You are both good sluts" he said quietly.
"Thank you" said Julie in return.
"Did I ask you to speak?" He asked her sternly.
"Did I?"
"Get over my fucking knee you disgusting cunt whore"
With this he pulled her hair, dragging her to her feet and then as he plonked himself down on the sofa he dragged her across his knee in one movement.
She was laid across the top of his legs with her skirt up exposing her gorgeous round lily white buttocks.
The first spank was very firm, at least for a first time.
What was worrying was that I knew what Russ was capable of when he was in this type of mood and I feared the worst for Julie.
The spanks rained down one after the other. Russ knew exactly what to do. He did not get in a rhythm nor did he keep the soanks consistent in intensity. No, he altered both thd timing, sometimes feigning a spank so Juile flinched for no reason, then he would wait a few seconds before unleashing his next tirade of pain.
Juile was actually sobbing out loud.
He stopped.
"Juile, sweetheart get to your knees in front if me" he ordered. I knew exactly what was coming next.
"Are you ok?"
"Yes" she sobbed. "My bum hurts but I'm ok"
"It hurts for a reason. You disobeyed me"
"Yes, and for that I am sorry"
"I would much prefer you to be correct the first time, and not have to apologise"
"I will try my best"
"Try your best to do what?"
"To please you". She was sobbing out loud now, knowing what she had let herself in for in this seedy game.
"You really want to please me, Julie?" He coaxed her.
"Yes!!"She cried out.
"You have so much to learn about what pleases me, doesn't she?" This question was aimed at me.
"Yes Russ. We are always learning about what you want. We are here to provide happiness for you". I knew he would like this.
Smiling he quietly replied "good slags, good slags"
He beckoned Julie to her feet, which she did in a quick fashion. Like a soldier obeying an order.
"Both of you get down to your undies".
We both stood infront of him and stripped down to our suspenders and stockings. Juile kept her bra on and I, my topless basque and bra.
Looking up at me he said "old cunt lay on me" I just lay across him as Julie had done, and waited for my beating.
It didn't happen. Instead he started to massage my bum. His hands were strong and he worked in a circular motion, a hand on each buttock. As his hands met at my bum hole he pulled outwards, opening me up. "Look in her arse" he told Juile.
She leaned over and watched as he gaped my arse open.
"I've fucked this hole hundreds of times" he said proudly.
He looked sternly at Juile "Touch it"
I felt her little hand on my buttock but she didn't appear to be putting much effort into the evolution. I knew she would have to take more notice of the job in hand or she was going to get another beating.
"Touch her hole"
I felt her finger playing with the outside of my brown love bud. It was a nice feeling but when I have myself played with like this it always makes me want more. Much more.
"Use both your hands and gape that arse hole open. Do you need telling everything you useless cunt?" Russ scorned at her.
Although I couldn't see what she was actually doing I knew this was a very reluctant task she was carrying out and I also knew that there was going to be much more unpleasant duties for her to tackle over the course of this meeting.
"Open it up - nice and wide"
I felt her stretching me open.
"Now lick it cunt"
Her breath was warm in my hole. I felt her rigid tongue flicking at the outer walls of my sex orifice.
"Inside it"
Without hesitation I felt her enter me. Slowly, and deliberate her tongue f***ed into my sex hole. I looked backwards over my shoulder and first saw Juile with both her hands holding me open and her head literally buried in my love crack. I glanced at Russ and he looked back briefly, but without acknowledging me. He was stroking her hair away from her face so he could see her tongue entering me.
I worried because I had been to the toilet earlier and the walls of my sex tube could of been musky to say the least.
"Does that feel nice Tina?" He asked.
"Yes, it feels sublime"
"And do tell me cunt - what does it taste like? Does it taste nice?" He asked Julie.
"Not really" was her shy reply.
"Then why do you do it?" He smiled as he asked her.
"Because you want me too"
"And because you are a slut cunt"
"Yes. I am"
"Say ... I am a slut cunt!" He was now really smiling but silently.
Juile began to sob.
"Don't stop fucking licking her. But tell me" he berated. "Say I am a slut cunt"
"I am a...." She was now sobbing heavily in between deep licks.
"I am a slut cunt".

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awesome loving this,more please,dont keep us waiting to long xx
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amazing cant wait 2 here the end X