I had a great night out!

Friday night was a blast! I met up with 3 friends and their boyfriends/husbands for a long needed night to unwind. A friend brought along her roommate, Lisa, because she broke up with her boyfriend on Wednesday and figured she needed a night out more than I did,,, which was badly! We met up at their apartment and split up in 2 different cars for the night.
We started at a nice restaurant, drinks and dinner was great. I joked that since we were the only ones there alone, Lisa and I were a couple for the night. Lisa was wearing this cute little blue spandex dress and heels. Her hair was long! It hung past her hips and was shiny black! Very bewitching, she was!!! I was in one of my little black minis and blue blouse with pumps. She looked pretty cute. When I said that, she even blushed.
After dinner, we piled back into the cars and went out clubbing. Lisa and I were crowded into the back of a minivan. It was cramped but cozy. I hadn't been very much interested in women, but this cute little girl and her perfume was having an affect on me. Especially after 4 champagne cocktails! The trips between the clubs was quite an ice breaker to me. Being in the small backseat with her practically on my lap was quite a turn-on for me.
At the first club, I sat in the corner of the booth and turned down dance after dance from these scuzzy looking creeps! I wasn't in the mood. I was just interested in a few drinks and socializing. Lisa was out dancing with anyone who gave her the time, which seemed to be every guy in the place.
The trip to the next place was a turning point for me. Lisa and I were in the back of the van. It was about 10:30 and we were both feeling the alcohol. I noticed before, as she danced, she kept looking over at me smiling from the floor. Now she was half-turned to me and told me that at this place, she expected me to dance at least one dance with her. I was declining time and time again, but this girl wouldn't take no for an answer. In the dark, I looked into her eyes and said "Ok! But you lead!", with a little laugh. Sitting how she was, leaning towards me, her face was a few inches from mine! She smelled divine! She said "Deal!", and punctuated that with a kiss on my lips! I got automatically turned on! There I was, 32 years old, and this 22 year old angel was putting the moves on me!
We got to the club, paid and walked in. I didn't order anymore drinks. The ones I had before was loosening me up quite well. Lisa decided to order but nursed that ONE slowly. When she grabbed my hand, I knew where she was taking me. THE DANCE FLOOR!! I am usually shy about such things! But I went and had a blast! It was packed, of course! The later it gets, the more the dancefloor packs together like sardines!
We made our way to the middle and started moving to the music. It didn't take too long before we had guys grouped around us. Lisa had some guy move up behind her and she started grinding on him, facing me and looking at me smiling. I felt someone come up behind me and press onto my back. An arm came around me. I felt the front of someone tall and strong press onto me, grinding against my butt! He was evidently enjoying himself, as was I! Lisa's admirer had his arm around her from behind with his hand flat on her stomach, just as mine did, and we were being pushed together!
Lisa smiled at me and, just like magic, worked her thong off and was hoolding them in her hand. I stared at them and she leaned towards me and said "Go on! Do it!". So I slid mine off! We were soon dancing cheek to cheek with these two studs as bookends! It was beginning to be a great time! Lisa looked at me, pulling her face from mine, and moved towards me with a devilish grin. Her tongue eagerly sought out mine and our kiss was absolutely AMAZING!!!
As we were dancing that close, pressed together and these two guys making us press that close, I noticed the guy behind my was getting rather excited. But I didn't want him! I looked at my watch and it was getting rather late and our friends wanted to leave. I decided I was going to see what happened between me and Lisa. So as we left, I looked around and saw that the guy behind me was this ebony giant! Chestnut eyes and magnificent build! Lisa's was a little shorter and white, but handsome. Lisa was talking to them and I made my way over! I was introduced to Bryan(my bookend) and Curt(Lisa's). Lisa and Bryan work together and Curt lives in Bryans building.
The other couples were going back to their different houses Lisa's roommate was going back to her guy's apartment. Bryan offered me and Lisa a ride back to her place where my car was parked. We got back and went in. I had to go pee BADLY!! So I went into the bathroom and Lisa went to the bedroom, leaving Bryan and Curt in the living room. When I came out, Lisa met me in the hall wearing a sexy little nightshirt. She embraced me and said she had a great time, better than she could remember, and kissed me again! I was stunned, but slowly kissed her back and put my arms around her.
We went back to the living room and the guys were sitting there waiting for us! Lisa and I sat on the other couch and struck up a conversation with the guys. Every so often, Lisa's hand would fall on my knee or thigh, making me jump a little. The alcohol was still making my courageous, So the next time, I took her hand and held it. The guys smiled and Curt moved over to lisa and kissed her deeply, moving his hand up her leg under her nightshirt. I have never been one to put on a show or sat in on one, so I moved back and let him take over.
I moved over on the couch Bryan was on and sat at the opposite end. Curt had Lisa's nightshirt pushed up and had her legs spread, kneeling on the floor with his face buried between her legs! I sat there in a daze. Bryan was watching without any doubt getting more than aroused. Lisa finally sat up and removed her shirt and was totally nude with this blonde guy making her night. I then realized I was sort of reclining on the couch, sitting a little unlady-like. Bryan was getting a full view of my shaved pubes and small lips!
Curt stopped his teasing and Lisa stood up and came over to me, Kneeling in front. I was about to stop her when she flashed me that sexy little smile and Slowly spread my legs. Pushing my skirt up, which I helped by raising my butt off the couch(hehe) I let her do what I wanted her to do starting at dinner! Her long black hair lay splayed over her tanned back as her tongue searched out and found my mound! I put my head back and enjoyed! I brought my left leg up on the couch and laid it flat on the cushion as she spread me open and her tongue started to dance around my clitoris! Looking down at her in full enjoyment, she moved down to my wanting hole and her tongue entered. I found then that she has a very artistic tongue,,, And LONG! Watching her, between her lips and me, was probably 4 inches of tongue! And when she pushed it in, her tongue carressed my g-spot completely! NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD THAT BEEN DONE! I was cumming within a minute! NEVER HAD THAT HAPPENED EITHER!!!
Bryan and curt in the meantime had stripped and Bryan was sitting next to me working on my blouse buttons and Curt was behind Lisa, lapping at her ass. Apparently, he was pretty good at it! I sat up and Bryan helped me get out of my blouse as Lisa started working my towards 'O' number 2! As Lisa was starting her magic tongue in me again, Bryan rose to his knees and feet on the couch and Had his long cock in front of my face! I took it in hand and ran my tongue around the head! The size was comparable to a paper towel tube! Not quite as long but almost! I swallowed that monster as best as I could! It felt great moving between my lips!! I came again, HARD!! I pulled back quick because I didn't want to bite Bryan! Lisa was looking at me smiling as she sat on the couch next to me! Bryan moved from the couch and Curt took his place as I knelt between Lisa's satin thighs! He pussy was shaved except for a small neatly trimmed patch shaped like a heart. That is so sexy, and cute as hell on this little gem!
I had never done this before! The one time I had done anything with a female was when one cowgirl had done this to me years ago in a barn at a friends birthday party. Now here I was looking at this tight little slit, a little moisture glistening from either Curt's attention or her eagerness! I moved close and inhaled her scent mixed with perfume. She smelled great! I moved closer and started dancing my tongue around her labia. Using my tongue, I parted her and licked eagerly at her clit. She started moaning from around Curt's cock as I worked to return her favor!From behind me, I felt Bryan kneel and spread my cheeks as his tongue sought out my little hole! His tongue pushed in and I was in a position I had never been in before! lol
As I was dining on Lisa, I felt Bryan raise up and felt his cockhead searching for my hole! I reached back and opened up for him! He slid in slowly, that warm stick hitting every sweet spot known to me! He started a slow push in and pull out, till every inch of him was buried inside me! Then his strokes went from base to head and back in long, purposeful thrusts!It felt so good, words cannot describe! Suddenly , in front of me, facing away from Lisa was Curt, his cock pointing straight at me. I alternately moved from licking Lisa's eagerness to sucking Curt into my mouth, using Bryans quickening thrusts as momentum!
The guys pulled away as Lisa led me to the middle of the floor and laid down, pulling me on top of her! Straddling her, I kissed her long and deep, searching that magnificent tongue! She told me to turn around. As I did, Bryan slid a cushion under her! As I 69'ed with Lisa, Bryan pushed into her! He looked like he was going to rip her in half as she stretched to take him! At the same time, Curt pushed into me! A nice fit! Licking Lisa's clit as she did mine, these 2 studs were fucking us but good!
After what seemed like hours of attention, the guys swapped ends and I soon felt Bryan"s manliness entering me again as I watched Curt push into Lisa's cute little spot! Bryan was making long slow trokes as Lisa teased my clit. I was doing the same to her as Curt kept pace with Bryan. All of a sudden, Bryan pulled out and was replaced by Lisa's tongue! God that was a shock! But not as much as when Bryan's phallus sought out my tight butt! I relaxed as he pushed and he was in! I was tight but he had planty of lube from me! His cock was pistoning in and out of me as Curt popped free and drove into Lisa's tight little bum!
I was in heaven! Lisa's long, expert tongue fucking me as Bryan pistoned in and out of my ass! Curt ramming into Lisa's nether while my eyes were only inches away, watching her sking and muscles pucker and hold as he plunged in and out!
As if on cue, both of the guys pulled out far and rammed in as they erupted inside of us! I don't know how Lisa's felt, but I felt like I hade a garden hose in my turned on full blast! When the guys pulled out, Lisa brabbed my hair and raised my into a kneeling position over her and Bryans sperm seemed to come from a tap as it poured into Lisa's waiting mouth, her fingers and tongue holdingt me open for each drop! When she was through, I laid down and did another first! She squatted over my face and Curt's ran, with a little help into my waiting mouth. Then, when it was done, Lisa and I shared the MOST passionate kiss of the night, tasting the results of our previous actions!
In all... The whole sexcapade lasted 3 hours! I declined a shower with Lisa. I hated to! I wanted more of her that night! But I will guess positively that there will be more nights with her!
Enjoy, guys!!! I sure as hell did! A night of firsts but not lasts!

Luv ya! *kisses*
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3 years ago
Damn HOT night. got me wet
3 years ago
when things 'click' they 'click'...great story....enjoy your hot dates with your new friend...thanx for sharing
3 years ago
i agree with dirty mom very good
3 years ago
very hot story. tnx for sharing!
3 years ago
What an amazing evening. Jealous! Lol
3 years ago
sounds like one hell of a girl
3 years ago
It sure is a shame that you are so shy. Otherwise, you might stir up all sorts of naughty trouble.

3 years ago
hot night!!!!!!