Summer vacation

When I was 15, My parents, b*****r and I went on vacation to a lake in Kentucky. A coworker of my father had a cottage on the lake and he let us use it from time to time. We arrived in the evening on Friday and unpacked and spent the rest of the night gearing up for my b*****r's surprise birthday paryt on Saturday.
Saturday morning, I woke to a bright, warm morning. I changed into my bathing suit and started for the boathouse and dock. When I started down the path, I noticed 2 boys walking towards me. Both were older and cute as hell!! They stopped and intoduced themselves. Adam was 23 and in college in Louisville. Scott was 19 and in college at Nashville. We talked for a few minutes and realized they were both checking me out from head to toe as I was wearing my pink bikini. They said they were staying in the cottage next to ours. I said that was cool, as we would be seeing each other quite a bit for the week.
I got to the dock and saw mom and dad getting the boat ready. My b*****r was playing in the water already. I dropped my towel and things and jumped in. Being my b*****r's 14 birthday, I swam up to him and said 'Happy Birthday, Creep!' and reached up and dunked him! He came back to the surface and said 'Thanks, Booger!' and pushed me under! As I went under the water, I grabbed his legs and stopped about at his knees. As I swam back up, I playfully tugged his shorts down a little and gave his penis head a kiss.
When I popped back up, Mom and Dad said they were going to take the boat out and run it a little. Then get gas and come back. We waved our goodbyes and my b*****r pushed me. "I can't believe you did that!" I giggled and dove back down under the water and tugged his shorts again and slid my lips around his head and sucked him into my mouth. His hand rested on my head and for about 20 seconds, I held him like that.
When I came up for air, he said he wanted to show me something. We swam to the dock side where a gear box was mounted. The floor was about 3 feet abouve the water and made an 'L' shape. On one side was the boathouse and the box was in the 'L' corner with the bottom about a foot above the water. We swam under the dock and there was a board nailed to the supports about water level, which was about 4 feet deep. I turned and was looking under the dock, reading the names and dates people had written under it. I put my arms over the board and rested my chin on it, reading 'Steve/1982', 'Kim/1986', and so on. I felt my b*****r come up behind me and wrap his arms around me from behind. I smiled and pressed my butt back, and since we were now the same heighth, I pressed straight back onto a hardon, which slid easily between my legs.
I said it was time for him to open my present for him. He didn't say anything, but I felt him tug at the tie on my left hip. When it was loose, I reached down and pulled the material to the side as he grabbed my waist and lifted my a little in the water. I reached down and slid my fingers under his shaft and guided him to me. His hard penis was about 6 inches and veined. It was and still is absolutely gorgeous! He pressed in and slid into me in one move. I put both hands back on the board and held my head above water as my b*****r held me up with my feet probably a foot from the bottom. I was being fucked in nature, in water, under a dock and feeling like I was in zero gravity. My b*****r pushed in and I guess we were both excited in the situation, as we came simultaneously.
He pulled out when he started to get limp, and I turned around and said, "Happy birthday, b*****r!" with a smile. He smiled and kissed me. We swam out from under the dock and climbed the ladder to sit on the dock and wait for the boat to get back.
Later that evening, I was sitting on the deck of the cottage and went in to use the bathroom. When I got back out and sat down, I picked up my tea glass for a drink and saw something written on the paper towel it sat on. 'OVER' I turned the towel over and written there was 'BOAT DOCK 11:00' I smiled. My b*****r is a real sweet guy. Dad came out and sat with me. Then my b*****r came out. I gave him a smile and a wink and we talked for a while. Adam and Scott came over and we all sat there talking.
My dad went in to bed and my b*****r and I sat there for a while longer with Adam and Scott, who were real cute and flirting all the time. It was about 10:45 and he got up and went inside and the others went back to their cottage. I was still in my suit and walked back down to the dock. I took off my beach shirt and sandals and stepped back into the water. I swam around for a while in the moonlight and finally slipped out of my bikini. The cool water felt so good around me. I looked up and saw a shadow coming down the path in the trees, so I swam over to the dock and grabbed the side rail by the step. "Over here". I said. My b*****r stopped in front of me and dropped his shorts to the floor and dove in. I swam out to the ladder by the gear box, reaching over my head and pulling up with my feet on the bottom rung so I was about chest deep in the water with my knees by my chest. I heard my b*****r pushing through the water and coming up behind me. His hands slidup my sides and cupped my breasts and he kissed my neck. I laid my head back on his shoulder as he kissed from me neck to my ear, pinching my erect nipples.
I spread my knees on either side of the ladder, pulling my chest up to it and arching my back, pushing my round little butt towards him. Being that way spread me open and his cockhead was pointing up, which put it between my lips. His hands squeezed my hips as he pushed in. I knew in a second this wasn't my b*****r. This cock was HUGE. I reached behind me and grabbed it. It was so big, my hand wouldn't fit around it, and it was stretching me to the limit. I turned my head as far as i could and there was Scott's handsome face. I was scared for a second, but he squeezed my waist again, and said "I am glad you showed up!". This was now a fantasy of mine at the time. Someone I didn't know being inside me. I smiled at him and he leaned forward and kissed my cheek. I arched my back more and moved my lips to his and kissed him.
He stood up straight again and positioned himself and starting pushing in again. GOD! It felt so good!In and out he stroked, each time hitting the back of my pussy with that tool. I was biting my bottom lip but it did no good. "Oh my God!" I gasped. I was moaning in rhythm with his moans and thrusts. I was just on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped and pulled out.
He told me to turn around and I did. As I faced him, he pulled me away from the ladder into open water. My legs were around him, his warm cock was nestled between my butt cheeks. His hands were around my sides under my arms and he was standing in water just above his waist. I relaxed my legs a little and pulled away enough to take that big boy in my hand and ease it back into me. Now looking straight into his moonlit eyes, I reached to him and put my hands on his muscular shoulders, my legs around him at waist level. He started fucking me again in slow short strokes. I figured out that if I moved my hips up as he pulled back, thendown as he came back forward, I could take more and more of him in.
My hands on his shoulders, I pulled up a little and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues were dancing in short, little circles! He felt so good! I left his lips and put my head back and moaned. He was doing a lot for me. His smooth wet skin was hard to hold on to. And I felt him pushing me back a little. I let my hands slide from his shoulders down his arms as he still pushed into me. I was soon holding onto his forearms and laying on the water. I felt weightless laying there with this guy in me.
I moved my legs from around him, letting them hang loose in the water. His cock was stretching me, my opening squeezing him tight. I lifted my legsand placed them over his upper arms as he held me. All of a sudden, his big monster was buried completely buried in my young pussy. He pulled out to where I felt the head just in me, and pushed back in, burying himself to the hilt. My first older guy was breaking me in good. I arched my back and started grinding against him. He stopped moving and his breath was coming in short gasps! I kept grinding, he was all the way in me. He pulled back and thrusted in. He moaned real loud as He came, which put me in orbit as I felt his blast fill me up with warm liquid. I came with a stifled scream. His arms parted and my legs went back to his waist as I came. I shot stright up, my arms around his neck as my muscles spasmed around his still shooting meat! "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" was all I could say as the feeling of him still inside me kept making me spasm for what seemed like hours.
I finally slid of him as he lifted me up onto the dock. I laid down on my towel, out of breath. He kneeled down over me and kissed me. His fingers slid lightly down my side and onto my stomach, sending my over the edge again! I had never came so much. I was craving more, even though I was worn out.
Scott dressed and said he would talk to me tomorrow and walked off. I stood and dressed and started back to the cottage on wobbly legs. I was in need of more sex right then. I stopped and sat back down at the table on the deck. I looked up and saw Scott in the window, smiling at me. I waved and smiled back.
I didn't feel like going in so I went for a walk down the road. As I rounded the corner up the road, I came up on the campground security jeep and guard sitting on the side. We had talked before. Jeff was his name. He was also the lifeguard at the beach down the lake from us. He stepped out and stood there as I walked up. He was about 30 years old and tanned, wearing tight green shorts and white 'lifeguard' tank. We had flirted before but that was it. I walked up and leaned on the jeep side and we talked a little. It was dark and quiet. The only noise was waves lapping, crickets and frogs, and us. I told him we were up for the week and I was hoping I would run into him. He laughed and asked why. I giggled and said "Just because!".
He asked about my bf, which I had just broken up with a few weeks before. He had gotten married just that spring and his wife was expecting that next winter. I said congratulations and hugged him. We had known each other for quite a few years, having come here twice every summer. I hugged his neck and let it last a while. I knew he had messed around on his gfs in the past, watching him on the beach and passing numbers. I pulled away and said that I wouldn't have minded to be his girlfriend back when, when he laughed. "I have lots of girlfriends!" he said.
I told him I would see him later at the beach and left. I walked back to the cottage and went around back. I was still horny and talking with Jeff didn't help matters any. I heard someone say "Hello!" and jumped! In the screened deck next door, I saw someone sitting in the lounge chair. I walked over and Adam was reclining there, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. I walked in the door and sat down. He offered me a beer and I took it. A cigarette was offered which I declined. I reclined back and we sat there talking about school, boyfriends, girlfriends, work and such. He waas wearing a pair of cut-off jeans. It was still pretty warm and humid for being after midnight. I raised up and took off my beach shirt and laid back down, feeling his gaze going over me.
As we talked I was running my fingers slowly over my stomach, tracing my bikini top and lifted my leg a little. He was telling me about his friends at home and school and all the things they do for fun. I told him about mine and things we do to get in trouble. lol. I got up and walked to his chair, sitting down and curled up next to him, laying my head and hand on his bare chest. His hand rested on my shoulder as we talked. I was making small circles on his stomach with my fingernail when I saw the front of his shorts flex. I turned my head up to face him and smiled. He smiled and I moved up to kiss him. His kiss was soft and passionate. As I rested my head again, he told me he had been thinking about me since that morning, but was worried of the age difference. I said "I don't mind it", and started running my nails up and down his stomach again. I was staring at his shorts, the bulge was decent and flexed every time my nails went around his belly button.
I stretched, arching my back, and ran my hand down his leg. When I relaxed, I ran my hand back up his leg and onto his bulge. It jumped at my touch and I traced the zipper with my finger. I grasped the zipper and tugged down, releasing him. His cock jumped out quick, like on a spring. He was about the same length as Scott, just a little thicker.
I took him in my hand and started stroking his shaft. He sighed and settled back as I lifted my head and moved down. The head was pretty big. Bigger around than the shaft and tall. The shaft was veiny and rigid. My lips fit over the head and I sucked about half of him in. My tongue found the hole in the end of that head and I played with it, holding the head just in and flittering my tongue in and around the hole. I sucked him down to the back of my throat as he carressed my back.
After a few minutes, I took him from my mouth slowly. As I was doing that, I had intied my bikini bottom and as I rose, it just slid off. I stepped over the chair, my feet on either side and hands on the chair arms. He held himself stright up as I lowered myself on him. Being with Scott earlier had me loosened up enough that I slid down on him easily. I was full of his cock but managed to wiggle enough to get him all the way in right then. His hands went to my thighs as I raised up and slid down again. His face was inches from mine as I rode him. I kissed him and pulled back. On the up stroke, I arched my butt waway from him. On the down stroke, I tucked it under me, taking him in all the way.
His head was laid back, a smile on his lips. I raised up and took my hands from the chair arms. I lowered myself on him straight down, sitting straight up. Burried in deep, taking all of him, I bucked my hips cowgirl. Not raising up, but making hime move all around in me hitting every spot. I came hard but didn't stop. I lost thythm, but got it again and kept going.
Adam's hands moved up to my hips and pulled me down roughly on him as he came fast and hard. His cum had little room as his meat was taking up a lot of room, and every spasm seemed to squirt cum out from around him. I came hard, arching my back and gasping loudly. I slowly raised up and down on him, milking every drop. I looked over at the door and saw Scott standing in the open door, stoking himself as he shot a load on the floor. Behind me, I heard the screen door close and as I turned, I felt cum hitting my leg. I found my b*****r then, jacking off, watching us.
That vacation is one I will never forget. We were to stay at the lake for 8 days. But my b*****r and I managed to convince them to stay for 6 more days. For the whole 2 weeks at the lake that summer, I had 3 guys at hand that all they wanted to do was have sex. Sometimes each once a day, sometimes more. One day, I had sex with each of them 3 times. That is my favorite f****y vacation. There were others that was near like that one. But none ever topped it.
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great story of awakening!
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Wowie Sweetheart I Own a Resort You should Cum Visit Sometime it's on Lake Mil lacs in Mid minnesota I will give you & Your Hubby a free room :) You have some Awesome Stories Dear :)
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excellent & sexy hot
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You should rent yourself out for bar mitsvahs and parties.
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Love your writing
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Great story!!
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OMG! Amazing story! I love them all!