A trip back to WalMart!! I hate forgetting things!

Later that night after Jeffrey left, I had to go back to Walmart because I forgot bleach, paper towels and dryer sheets. As I walked around the edge of the aisle, I literally ran into an old high school friend. He isn't much bigger than me but I found myself sitting on my ass!!!

Terrence was a year behind me and pretty much every girls dream, white and black alike! Muscular and dark, he was what we thought a 'bushman' would look like. Running around the school wearing shorts kept our attention looking out the classroom windows.

We talked for a few and exchanged numbers. He has always been a gentleman to me. No lewd remarks or snide leers. The next day was my day off and I was just hanging out around the house and called him. He was at work and put what he was doing to the side for a quick chat break. After he got off work around 6, he got a bite to eat and then went with me for a walk. We talked about his wife, who is on a business trip to Chicago this week, and his two little girls. I talked about mine and walked around the park.

It was dark as we turned to head back to his car, about a mile away. As we neared the picnic area and pavilions, I went over and sat down to take a rest. I sat on the bench, leaning my elbows on the table as he sat on the tabletop beside me, feet on the bench. We talked about old friends and days gone by. I told him how I had a big crush on him back in school and always thought what it was like to go out with him. He said I was a good friend and he was too nervous about messing that up if it didn't work out. I leaned my head on his leg and he stroked my hair.

I had heard stories about him in gym class from his girlfriend of the week! lol She said a few times that if he got really worked up and used it right, he could hurt someone! That thought was banging around in my head as I touched his leg with my fingertips. Where I was sitting, I had a good view under his thigh and wondered about what she was talking about back then. I reached up with my right hand and held his against my hair, rubbing the back of his hand. With my left, I was making little circles under his thigh until I was caressing his inner thigh. His shorts were black with 3 stripes down each side and each time I caressed, I moved my hand farther up into the shorts leg.

His skin was smooth and warm. I was getting a little excited thinking about what I was doing. My finger touched pubic hair! I leaned down a little and looked as well as I could up the leg, but couldn't see anything! Nothing hanging! I was disappointed. I told him that a really wished he had asked me out, because I like being around him and things could have gotten good for a while. He didn't say anything and I looked up and could see him smiling in the near dark. He said 'And here we are!' in his deep voice and lifted his leg over my head and put it on the bench on my left, putting my staring straight into his crotch.

It was no wonder that I felt nothing on his right thigh! His cock was down the leg on his left thigh! I made out a dim outline of it, since the nearest streetlight was about a block away. A reached up and felt the base and ran the length with my palm. His is about 11 inches long semi-hard and isn't like some others. It's width is the same from end to end. and the head is shaped like a bullet, just a little bigger than the rest.

He raised his rear a little as I bunched his shorts to the left and laid him out to stare at. It seemed to be as dark as him, but the head was a little lighter. Maybe tan. It was what I expected! I picked it up and started stroking it as it got hard. There was no give to the skin, as it was pulled tight. Just sleek and smooth with a few veins sticking out.

I was tugging him with my left as I spit in my right to lube it up. As it was lubed, it slid easily in my hand. It felt great! I pointed it towards me, as I was right even with it, and moved forward for a first taste of one of my oldest friends. My lips slid freely over tight, damp skin. My tongue reached for the head, circling it, trying to get that first drop of eager precum. There it was! I was in heaven, again.

My fingers would just barely touch around to girth, but it was the same width from base to end. I put as much as I could between my lips and started stroking as he said he never thought it would be like this, ever, with me. I looked up at him and just said reunions are fun and went back to sucking on him. His hand came up and rested on my head as he started guiding me back and forth, a blend of suck and stroke. 'Oh, baby!' he muttered as the feelings started to settle into him.

I was wearing my housecleaning sweats. One of my old pairs and a hoodie. My sweats material is thin and is almost thin enough to see through with a couple of small holes from wear and tear. Most of the time I wear things, but every so often I go without. The thought of going out in thin shorts or pants, not having any lines, makes me feel a little rebellious. As I worked him with my right hand, I made the hole at the center seem of my sweats a whole lot bigger.

I slid my sweats up a little tighter and felt the coolness of the wood bench press onto my lips, a feeling of extreme naughty washed over me. I slid a finger between my lips and I automatically turned wet. I looked up and saw he was looking around what I was doing as I worked him and myself. So I switched hands. The warm, wet left fingers closed around him and I tasted myself on this big, black cock and started 2 fingers of my right into me. I came right away and almost bit him!

He leaned back a little as I sucked him into my mouth as I pulled back off of him, giving his head a long, lingering sucking lick. I pulled him off the table top and sat him on front of me as I swung my right leg out over the bench. We sat facing each other straddle the bench, kissing him. My hands sought out his face as I pushed my tongue between his lips and his fingers slid easily between the now wet seat and my mound. I long middle finger curled it's way into me and I let out a soft moan into his mouth around a passionate kiss.

I pulled away and pushed him down to lay on the bench as his cock laid over on his left hip. I picked it up in both hands and slid my lips down the shaft. Up, down! Up, down, Up, down! It felt wonderful!!! I took my lips from around him and stood up. I moved my leg around his under the table and stepped the other even. I hovered over him for a second, realizing I was just about ready to have a black man's penis inside me. A taboo thing to happen as I was raised in a strict religion. I started to feel a little guilty standing there with my knees bent a little, hand around his cock, hovering about an inch away from what I have wanted for a long time. His cock head brushed my lips and the thought was gone. I sat a little, just letting the head slide between my labia , letting the juices lube him, and then sat slowly down on him. I FINALLY HAD A BLACK COCK INSIDE ME!!!!

There was no stopping now! I let that warm rod slide in a little and back out. Holding it, I slid back down and let go, balancing on my right thigh and table for support. That warm man felt awesome!!! I slid down and up. Each time taking a little more until it suddenly hit a stop! I wasn't deep enough to take it all in. I reached with my right hand and still had a good 4 inches till I was in a complete sit on him. I was shocked!

I moved up and down on him. The tight skin, because it wouldn't give, caused a lit of friction that gave me my first orgasm within a minute! I have never came that quick! Not even at Menards! This is awesome! I bit my lip and let it ease and started to ride again. I felt like I was a horse on a merry-go-round, riding up and down on a big pole. That thought barely passed when another wave hit me and I felt the flood of my pussy juice run down his shaft.

He sat up and kissed me deeply and held me away from him as his muscular arms lowered me down to lay on the bench. The whole move was swift as he never slid out or farther into me. That was talent! He was sitting on the bench, still inside me as I wrapped my legs around him and tugged. He leaned towards me and put his forearms on the bench above my head and slowly began working his hips in a circle. A few seconds later, I was over the edge again. #3! I came hard, burying my head in his neck and gasping.

He kissed me deeply again and sat up. I looked at the silhouette of this lean but muscular ebony man as he reached beside him and lifted my left leg and rested my ankle on his shoulder. His soft voice told me to relax and I felt pressure in me. He moved back a little and then forward as the pressure grew. It didn't hurt, but I knew he was pushing on my cervix, trying to get in as much as he could. There was no give to his penis as it was hard as a rock, driving in deeper. Out and back in! Out and back in!

I have had a c***d and do exercises to build muscle control. He stopped pulling out and was just keeping constant pressure on my cervical opening. I reached down and took his remaining length in my hand, which was a whole handwidth from me to him. I reached to his hip and drew him closer as his length went farther in, pressing hard deep inside me as I started concentrating and relaxing muscles.

All of a sudden, he was pushing into my cervix, forcing it open and going through! It was a mixture of pleasure and pain. More pleasure than pain. The size got to me. The tightness got to him as we both moaned in ecstasy together! No one in my life has ever been deeper! It still is sore from last night. I am laying in the park, having sex with my best friend from school, a black cock in me and now invading my cervix! OH MY GOD!!!

I felt like I was being torn in half right then. I stopped him with a hand on his stomach for a minute to get used to it. Then I pulled him to me again as I reached down to see how much more. He was now buried flush with me. Each movement made my cervix slide farther down on him.

Without warning, another orgasm hit me so hard I arched my back, squeezed and screamed! I clenched it seemed for hours! Gasping, I laid down flat again and
when I looked at him, he was smiling a killer smile! 'I have never been so deep in anyone before! You are the first!' he said. A compliment can go a long way!

Holding my left leg, he started pushing and pulling out again. His left thigh was stopped by my right, so I twined my arm around it and lifted my leg as far as I could. Which then, there was nothing to stop him from burying himself completely in me. At this point, he was in my inner chamber and I was clenched around him i would say about halfway down his shaft.

Having him buried in me and his abdomen pressed to mine sent me over the edge again and I came again! My back arched and using my left arm, grabbed his left butt cheek and pulled! I wanted everything inside me! I heard him say something and opened my eyes. He was looking at me and I gasped, 'What?'. 'Tell me you love my nigger cock.!' "I can't say that!' 'Say it!' He then pushed into me again and it flew out! Oh, shit! Fuck me with that nigger cock!' I yelled! 'Fuck me hard! Fuck me!'

He loved hearing that come from a white girl. He called me his little slut and was going at a good pace. He clenched up and drove in hard. At the same time, I clenched down and we both came! A double orgasm that made us both come hard! I couldn't utter a sound as he drove in a final time and I felt a flood of hot semen splash deep inside my womb! I hadn't finished with my orgasm when that made me cum again! The f***e of it made me gush fluid from around him, soaking my sweats, arching my back and grabbing his face as I screamed my orgasm kiss into his mouth.

He pulled up and away from me. Then started easing his cock out of me slowly. The pain had gone away, but pulling out left a big hollow feeling in me. When he cleared my cervix, i felt it slowly close, trapping his seed in my. It is still in there. I haven't noticed any. So I am bound to keep 'Terry' with me for a little bit. Probably even when we have dinner with his f****y on Tuesday. That will be awkward. But it'll get easier on me and the situation each time to cum!:))

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your 1 naughty woman
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hot story!
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very good
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Awesome...would love to read more adventures,