My Second Time With Younger Guy

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So He reached my door with a big boner developed inside his pant and once i opened the door he tried to jump and kiss me but i slapped the bastard told him it was enough for one day but Men will be Men he fell down and the door was still open so i told him the least you can do is come inside we will do it inside on the bed

So we started kissing each other on the floor of my living room My God it was hot i unbutton my shirt and he unhooked my bra i was topless in front of him and like a hungry dog he started eating my boobs i dont know how can he get such energy we just did it 1 hr back

we went to the bedroom he started thrusting me i think he already cum once in shorts yet he had an boner,

He cum inside my vagina i dint really care because it was the best day of my life,
In about 4 mins he got his boner back and started fucking me hard very hard i told him to lube me up and put it inside my ass

He started doing it to me doggy style and cum once again inside my Ass it felt great since my husband never went doggy style on me

Once he was done twice we just layed there besides each other and i was sooo happy that i decided to give him a blowjob

So i took my tongue rolled it on tip of his penis and swalloed the whole penis till it reached my throat i was doing it i could see his face turning like he was gonna cum and i dint want to swallow it since i felt it was taboo very taboo i took his penis and sprayed it over my body.

While i was doing that i got a call from his mother on my cell phone and i did not bother to pick it up

And we went to the shower he was doing me in the shower too i felt it was like my own personal heaven that day i was so happy that guy had stamina of a horny lion after the fourth time his penis finally went down and he was too exhausted so i told him you better go to your house its been about 2 hrs and his mom called 8 times on my cell phone

While he was dressing up i was naked btw and saw the text by his mom

It stated

"What the hell are you doing to my son he is only 17 you fucking p**o"

I called her that same instant and explained how it happened she told him to stay there and she was coming over to have a word since they cant talk about it at her house

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Latvians can even meet me to join our 3some group and make it 4 some

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2 years ago
I want to know more!
2 years ago
can't wait to read about your next kinky encounter