My First Time after divorce

I would like to prefer myself as SexyMilf and the boy i cheated with as the perv throughout the story.

I live in a f****y friendly neighborhood in Riga (Lativa) if you must know. Me and my husband were married for 15 years until he decided to cheat with his office bimbo on our bed. I was going through a lot of stuff with this divorce thing so my best friend and my neighbor helped me a lot during this time since she was already working for a lawyer. She had 2 c***dren the girl was 22 and the perv was 17.

So 8 months after my divorce i was quite horny i did not have sex in about 1 years . So one day i was quite feeling low and i went to my best friend for comfort but the perv opened the door, told me she was not here and while the whole conversation knowingly or unknowingly the perv was looking at my breast since i did not have a bra on my nipples were showing due to the cold climate. I asked the perv if i could come in and wait for his mom. He told me sure she would be here any minute now. But i knew he was lying since i forgot she told me that she is out for the week to her parents house. Well it hit my mind that the perv had different thing going on in his mind yet i came inside and was watching tv with him. I sat very close to the perv and i thought i would play with his mind and asked if he can call her mother in a low voice, He replied "Yes, Sure we can do that in about 5 mins whats the hurry". Why but i was still sitting on his couch at that moment i did not have anything in my mind and was confused what next now its been 30 mins already and i think it was same for the perv just quite messed up since he lied to me that his mom would arrive any moment now knowingly. Well we started watching movie Crazy Stupid Love. It had a same situation like me just from the male point of view and suddenly the perv asked me "SexyMilf, So hows your new life after the divorce" i was quite vulnerable that day so i started with a small tear and told the perv "Its going fine i m really great"

The Perv :"Well you don't look like it"
SexyMilf :"Believe if you want to i don't have to say anything to you"
The Perv :"Ok!! Ok!! Just watch the movie and wait for my mom"
SexyMilf :"I know your lying you little fucker. She told me that she was going to her parents house. What were your intentions you loser"
The Perv :"Nothing i saw you crying in your bedroom so i though i would comfort you"
SexyMilf :"Ohh yeh?. So thats a good way of saying you saw me in my lingerie"
The Perv :"No, Your getting it all wrong. I have always thought you were sexy for your age"
SexyMilf :"What do you mean my age"
The Perv :"You know 25-26"(That line really made my mood since i was 39)
SexyMilf :"You lier i dont even look 25 anymore"
The Perv :"No Seriously i have seen your old pics on your Facebook profile"
SexyMilf :"Well, That is fine. I am leaving now just answer my one question? What were your intentions really"
The Perv :"As i said earlier"
SexyMilf :"Stop with the lies i saw u staring at them"
The Perv :"Whom?"
SexyMilf :"You know my not so perfect breasts"
The Perv :"Trust me they are perfect atleast from my window" while giving me a naughty smile

So i took the Perv's hand and put it on my breasts. He started to press like there was no tomorrow. Then the perv literally tore my t-shirt since i was bit hesitant and having second thoughts although once he ripped my t-shirt i became perv's bitch and he was still sucking and pressing like there was no tomorrow it was a sweet pleasure but painful while he was pressing hard or bitting my nipple's i may have cum at that point since it was already like it was raining down at my vagina. I saw him develop a stain at his pants he had also cum during this time. I asked the perv if he wants to fuck me. He readily agreed although i slapped him and started fingering in front of him to make him want me more and turn the tables to become the master.
While i was doing so he started to rub his penis and again i slapped him and asked him not to do until i say so.
Finally while i was near the big climax i asked him to rub his nose inside my pussy. And i cummed all over his face with a small squirt and was heavily satisfied with the job i have done. So he started licking the cum on his face and there goes my slap again and i got ready with half torn t-shirt i ran away from there

After 2 hrs He rang the bell at my house and was wearing no underwear coz i could clearly see the tent like structure developed in his shorts.

What happend next?
Reply if you want v2, Add me if u wanna chat.
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2 years ago
Would love to know what happens next!
2 years ago
loved it
your the young guys fantasy of fucking the older lady
2 years ago
10/10 :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
cool story, should be continued!
2 years ago
yea a hottie to teach me back then
2 years ago
Wish you had been around when I was 17