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Round Duex

    You pull me up from my position on my knees, as I've just had my fill of you. My eyes still glassy from the high of our experience. You grab both my arms & pull me in close for a wet passionate deep kiss where you pause for just a minute to bite my lower lip...making me melt in ur hands & instinctively my body pushes into urs. The pressure of me against u makes ur dick jump in anticipation so u spin me around putting one hand around my neck with ur fingers on my jaw holding my head to one side & ur other hand grabs my hip pulling my ass into ur erection.  As the breath leaves my body at ur sudden moves my eyes close & u lean into my neck kissing...sucking...biting. I can't help but move my hips against u, grinding trying to find some release. My movememts &  the smell & taste of my skin makes you grow even harder...almost to the point of pain. My moaning & movements become more needy...    You spin me around once more kissing me harshly on the mouth as ur pleasure & pain has turned to need. You take me by the hand & gently lay me down across the bed. U take in the entire view of my full naked porcelain white smooth skin with all my curves, my hard pink nipples standing for attention, my clean hair free pussy glistening with milky cream from our earlier activities.  Ur mouth watering as I hear u let out a moan once u have caught site of me wet & waiting. My breathing picks up as u climb onto the bed spreading my thighs & kissing each one gently...moving higher with each kiss. U hover over my spot & I push my hips up into u as I feel ur warm moist breath on me. Mmm I grab the sheets to steady me as I let out my moan because u have made contact with ur tongue licking my slit. My back arches as u flick my clit with ur tongue over & over! I'm getting dizzy...panting...writhing in synce with ur tongue. From no where I feel u insert a finger going deep & curling into my g-spot. I let out a loud moan as ur taking me to the edge!  Ur tongue moving circles on my clit while ur finger is rubbing inside going in & out. Suddenly I feel u put two fingers in knowing ur trying to stretch me so u will fit my tight little pussy. It takes me over the edge as I cum squeezing ur fingers inside me convulsing around them I'm saying ur name & scratching ur back trying to steady myself & pull u in deeper to me. As my convulsing subsides u come up with that look of need in ur eyes...raw a****listic. Once again it takes my breath away. I can see the little bead of precum at the head of u & my body reacts. I grab ur ass & pull u to me as u take position to enter me.....
Posted by SexyLadyD 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Just busted 1....
2 years ago
wow babe, I just got hard thinking about this. you definitely know how to get a go excited. ;)