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I wanna meet u @ a hotel & when u walk in the door I'm gonna grab u & push u against the wall & kiss u...the more we kiss the deeper wetter it gets...more needy as I'm pressing my body to urs.I can feel ur hard & my hands r pulling u into my kisses but as I feel ur dick against my stomach I can't help but roam. My hands go down to ur ass & grab u pulling u into me more! Agh I need this..I need u!I squat down knees bent legs open wide & put my face right at ur dick as I squeeze ur ass in my hands then move them around & undue ur pants & pull them down letting ur erection bounce out freely....the sight of u takes my breath away & sends chills all the way down to my pussy! My mouth is watering...ugh I have to taste u!! I look up @ u with my needy half open blue eyes & see u leaned against the wall with that look in ur eyes...Mmm! I take u in my hands & stroke a few times as I lick up ur inner thigh to ur balls. I circle them & lick right up the center then take each one in my mouth savering the feel of ur heavy full balls in my mouth tongue swirling them.Then I go to my knees as u grab my hair & I put u deep in my mouth...all the way to the back of my throat nodding my head so u feel the movement on ur head...circling...rolling my tongue around the shaft in my warm soft wet mouth.Now I've tasted u I need to taste all of u...I want ur hot cum in my mouth..on my tongue! I come up sucking hard let u pop out of my mouth...spit on ur dick & stroke u up & down going in a circle 8 motion making sure to spread my wetness all over u. Then I put my lips over my teeth & go hard fast deep full of need for ur nut...hungry! Up & down taking u deep & choking every few strokes making my mouth wetter moaning from my pleasure...playing with ur balls as my mouth sucks u! Ur getting close now I can tell because I feel ur dick jump in my mouth & ur pushing my head on u harder as ur hips meet our makes me more excited so I go faster..harder...moaning fuck yes it's gonna make me cream too yes fuck my face give me that cum Mmmm...u explode deep in the back of my throat filling me with that amazing hot full cum load! Fuck yesssss!!! I swallow every drop as I slowly continue a few soft strokes up & down making sure I have milked every bit of ur seed out of u....Mmmm baby u taste amazing I say as I look up @ u with my blue eyes sparkling now that I've had my fill! :-*
Posted by SexyLadyD 2 years ago
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1 year ago
very hot, this got me hard and dripping