Tainted Love

“Well then, it’s a date.” Gavin stated. “Yeah a date, see you tonight then at 8.” Kayl said with a slight twitch of excitement and nervousness. To seal the deal and pull Kayl’s nerves up higher, Gavin leaned over the bench and gave kayl a light kiss. Kayl blushed but tried to be manly and hide it.
At 8, Gavin meet Kayl at this little café bar called “Make it Mocha.” When kayl saw Gavin, he had to push back the hard on that was slowly causing his pants to tighten. In Kayls mind, Gavin was the perfect first love (Gavin being openly gay and proud, still pleasing the ladies with kisses, hellos and goodbyes, and was just perfect). Gavin has an open satin button up shirt with a wife beater under it showing the curves of his muscles and baggy kakis.
“So you’re an art major?” Kayl asked.” “Yeah, well more art tech, but still, its art.” “So what about you?” Kayl didn’t specify other then he was Pre-Law and wanted to at one point marry and adopt k**s. Their conversation rambled on like this until a waitress began hitting on Gavin. He shoved her away and then asked, “Want to go to my place and watch a movie or two?” Kayl agreed and walked the block to his car. When Gavin and Kayl arrived, they were walking hand in hand. Gavin closed the door gently behind kayl and asked, “So what the tour or just be surprised?” Kayl muffled the giggle because he knew Gavin was hinting at something.
Sitting on a black leather love seat with a movie that didn’t last very long before the heat of the moment was there. The two in full make out mode. Gavin on top sat up and pulled his shirt off. Kayl slightly alarmed but turned on even more. Gavin had both nipples pierced and a Japanese symbol tattoo above his left nipple. Gavin leans back down to kiss kayl again, but kayl shot up his nerves and sat up and pushed Gavin onto his back. Kayl strips off his t-shirt and kisses Gavin full f***e stealing his breath and letting gavin's tongue and lip ring. Kayl pulls back and kisses gavin’s neck and started to leave a sweet trail of kisses down his neck, shoulder, chest, until he reached gavin’s nipples which he took full opportunity and started to bite, suck and flick.
When he pulled back, he pulled gently on the ring and repeated the act on the other nipple. Kayl moved to take a breath when he saw gavin’s long dark bangs in his face. Gavin grabbed kayls belt buckle and pulled him up to stand. Back further into the apartment and into the bedroom, Gavin pushes kayl onto the bed and got on top of him. Gavin then rolled to the other side of kayl and muttered, “You know this game is getting old.”
“But you still like it dear and I do too.” Kayl answers. “We do it all the time and the same thing happens. You cum before me and then lose interest in pleasuring me.” Gavin whined. Kaly smiled and put his hands on Gavin’s cheeks, smiled, and kissed him lightly. “Shhh…… I’m sorry Gavin, but I’ll make it up to you, ok.” Kayl said soothingly. While kissing Gavin, kayl undo his kakis, which were soon removed leaving Gavin’s in briefs that showed every curve. Kissing up his stomach, he could hear Gavin moan slightly.
Kaly on all four, hovering over Gavin’s hard-on. With one flick of kayls hand, Gavin’s briefs were open and his hard cock exposed. Quickly swallowing Gavin’s whole cock was inside and sown Kayl’s throat. Sucking harder and harder, the letting it down inch by inch until the head was left.
The process continued till Gavin was nearly in tears. Kayl released his cock moments before he was about to cum. Kayl kissed each of Gavin’s nipples and then his lips. Gavin had this look of oh dear god just finish me off please. Now with kayl fully naked, he crawls on top of Gavin and says, “Hey slug, what’s next in your mind? Because I could go a turn or what?” kayl said suddenly. Gavin stammered a little bit not to cum all over Kayl and the room side. “Come here Kayl, I have an idea.”
Kayl did so and sat in front of him. Gavin slipped of his briefs and sat on Kayls lap. Kissing him, Gavin gets his cock into his tight ring of muscles of his ass. Kayl now in, he is thrusting his hips and hitting Gavin’s pleasure spot. Gavin letting out a mix of pleasure and pain. Kayl started to rock his hips back and forth. Gavin let his head fall back and kayl liked his throat. Gavin’s moans kept getting louder and louder till he wrapped his arms around Kayl’s stomach and said, “Baby cum with me. Please.” Kayl giggled a sec and then said, “No, you cum then I cum when and where and you can’t say a damn word about it either.” Gavin had this really shocked look on his face. Then Kayl thrusted into him once more but this one had some f***e and Gavin let out this painful moan as hi cam all over Kayls chest. Kayl rocked lightly until he cummed and fell backwards on the bed. Gavin got up and put his briefs back on, found a shirt on the floor and put that on and walked outside to light a cigarette. Kayl walked out behind him and gave him a kiss. “I’m going to bed, what about you dear?” Kayl said. “Yeah, I’ll be in shortly.” Gavin replied. Took a drag and watched him crawl into bed. He flicked the cigarette and walks in and closes the balcony doors behind him.

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