Dick in 3D

It is Friday night I'm laying down in my bed drifting off to sl**p everything I did the previous day before I went to school on my first day was playing in my dream like a movie trailer. Then Fade into black and I see a title that says Jon Jon he's sitting in class his desk is in front of mine my teacher walks half way out the classroom everyone in the room is shirtless topless and the girls were wearing see through clothes. It felt like a nightmare at first then everybody disappeared Jon Jon was sitting there it was just me and him he was sweaty and shirtless he was huffing and puffing really hard I was getting wet from the sweat wish it was somewhere else though. Anyway I couldn't see his face only his lower body his pants grew bigger and bigger as he stood in front of me. My thoughts were an audience watching a movie they had 3D classes on his zipper flew out behind me he gently took my hand and told me to stroke his dick. So I did so but I blushed I licked and lick I got tired and asked him how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie pop. He fucked me and licked my pink whole but my ass had chocolate in it be cause he poured chocolate syrup on his dick. The next morning on my way to school I saw him drive pass me he licked the window while he was looking at me of course my so called friend texted it a few people that night and told them everything I'm telling you. The everyone at school said Hey,I saw you in that movie Attack of the big dick I was so humiliated I have to get my friend back
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3 years ago
@Grulich awww thanks i wish it could have happend
3 years ago
Nice story!