Daddy, Uncle Pete and my b*****rs
Ronnie and Unk

The water feels so good on my body, just the thing i needed to wake up. I

hate to be home alone, no one to fuck. Well I might as well soap my dick up real

good and rub one out. I barely got my body soap up when I heard the door open. I listen

and right away know its Uncle Pete, he walks hard. Anyone home he yells. I'm up

here I yell back to him. A few seconds later he walks through the door. MMMMM

Ronnie you look good all soaped up, let your Uncle Pete join you. Come on Uncle

I say I was just about to bust a nutt. I got some nutts for you Uncle Pete said as

his snake jump out of his boxer's. He stepped in the shower with me, grab my head

and kiss me. Uncle Pete loves to kiss, and our tongues are locked hard together he's

stroking my dick. Seconds later Uncle Pete's is on his knees licking my nutts, his

tongue is hot ass hell. Uncle Pete mouth slides over the head of my dick, where

he just sucks the head. It feel so good that i grab his head and start to fuck

his hot mouth. I'm fucking his face so hard and it's feeling so good I have to

pull back I felt the nutt rising up, and I want to play alot longer before I bust

this one. I bring Uncle Pete's head up and kiss his lips, to be such a strong

big man his lips were soft like a woman. I pull his mouth to me so my tongue

met his. I move on down to his nipples, so big for a man, he let's out a moan

as i chew on them. I stroked his dick which is rock hard, I must put it in my

my mouth. His dick grows harder as I slid it in and out of my wet mouth.

Uncle Pete grab my head and started to fuck my face. Moaning and grinding

his dick down my throat he starts to tell me how good my mouth feels. That's

it nephew choke on this dick. Uncle Pete is slamming his dick down my throat

hard. I'm gagging and choking at the same time. The water has turned cold,

Uncle Pete grabs my hand and we head for my bed. Uncle Pete lays on bed and

I climb on top of him, we are kissing and grinding our dicks together. I straddle

Uncle Petes chest and slide my dick back in his mouth. I tell Uncle pete get my

dick hard so I can feel your hot asshole. Oh nephew Uncle Pete says you think

you're going to fuck me huh??? Yes Unk I'm going to dick that ass real good

I haven't had none of that booty in awhile. Uncle Pete says well you better fuck me good cause

i'm going to return the favor. Bet I said and with that Unk started licking on my nutts taking

each one in his mouth. My dick is rock hard from his mouth and him stroking my dick. I slide

down and put Uncle Pete's legs on my shoulders, then slide the head of my dick in his ass. His

asshole is so tight, I have to stop, compose myself before I continue. Unk is moaning so loud, it's turning

my ass on so much. I start a slow steady pace just half of my dick penetrating his asshole. Have to stop

several times to keep from nuttin....I finally get all my dick in Unk's ass, I lay on top of Unk grinding my dick

in his ass. He grabs my head and kisses me, I grab his ass going balls deep in his ass. Uncle Pete's ass feels

so good it's like silk. The grip Uncles' asshole had on my dick and him kissing me took me over the top.

I feel my balls tighten up and a hot load of cum was dripping out his ass. We layed there for a moment kissing

and letting my dick get the last of my seed out. Uncle says its my turn now nephew, with that he slid his dick

straight into my mouth. Precum was drippin constantly, a long stream of cum leaked from his dick. MMMMMM

this shit taste so good Unk I said. He's in a trace and is just pumping dick in my mouth. I got those good deep

throat skills, and Uncle is moaning like crazy. That's it nephew suck this dick baby, get it good hard so I can

slid it up in that boi pussy of yours. Uncle has staddled my face at the head of the bed and is driving his dick

deep down my throat. With in seconds i feel his dick jerk and a hot load of cum went straight down my throat. Uncle

Pete is growling like a lion and holding my head tight. Get that ass up in the air boy I'm ready for that sweet ass of

yours now. I raise me ass up in the air, Uncle Pete slid his tongue in my ass, licking it, getting it wet. I love having my

asshole eat, an uncle loves doing it. He has my cheeks pulled apart and his whole face in my ass. This shit feels so

good my dick is starting to get hard again. Uncle Pete starts to stroke my dick while he's eating my ass out. Finally

he grabs my ass and guide his dick into my waiting asshole. Uncle Pete doesnt stop until his whole dick was in my

ass. The feeling was so intense for both of us it took a moment to adjust. Uncle started taking long deep strokes in my

ass, giving me every inch of his big ass dick. I was stroking my dick while Unk was dicking me down. Uncle Pete is

a very big man and when he fucks me he damn near knocks me out the bed. He is power driving my asshole hard, I'm

ready to bust another nutt. Uncle Pete has his arm wrapped around my waist and he's fucking me hard, I know that

nutt is only seconds away. Uncle takes his dick out of my ass and tell me to suck his nutts while he jacks his dick. I

lick both of his balls while he busted a nut in my face. Uncle falls over on bed and within seconds he's snoring....damn
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11 days ago
Please tell me your going to post more. Your story is great!
1 month ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a nephew that sucks uncles cock and lets uncle fuck him
3 years ago
Wish I had some black neighbors like ya'll! Damn that would be heavenly!
3 years ago
damm this happened to me once i loved it
3 years ago
Lucky boy!
3 years ago
IK would have loved to have had an uncle or cousin that would have done the same to me thanks