Damn Ronnie...pt2 Daddy, Uncle Pete and my b*****r

The smell of bacon woke me up Saturday morning. The events that happened last night were still fresh in
my mind. I sat on the side of the bed trying to figure out what I would do first. I looked in Ronnie's bed
and he was up already. I went downstairs to the kitchen to find everyone there eating breakfast. Daddy
was cooking pancakes and bacon, Mom was just walking in the door by the time I got to the kitchen. There's
my sl**py head Daddy said to me, come on over here a get your plate. Daddy, Uncle Pete and Eric were all
sitting there like nothing had happen. I could tell Ronnie feels better because he's wolfing down those pancakes
fast. Mom says she sl**pier than she is hungry, she rolls up a piece of bacon into a pancake and say she's
showering and heading straight to bed. Daddy tell me and Ronnie to clean up after ourselves, him and Eric
Uncle Pete are headed to work out at the gym. Gym code name for Big Blu's basement for working out and
then fucking, but that's another story. After they left the kitchen I tell Ronnie I need to talk to him about
something I saw last night. I tell Ronnie everything I saw Daddy,Eric and Uncle Pete doing. All the time
I'm talking to him he never once looks at me, and after I finished he didn't say a word. I get up and ask him
why isn't he saying anything or shocked or something. At first he didn't answer me, then slowly without
looking from his plate he said I know. You know!! You know, what the fuck are you saying Ronnie. Ronnie just
got up and starting cleaning up. I was dealing with a shit load of emotions right now, I couldn't udder another ]
word. Finally Ronnie took my hand and led me back to my room. We sat on the bed and finally Ronnie
spoke. He said he knew what I was saying was true because they all had been fucking for awhile. I asked
why he didn't tell me, we have been having sex for years and he never once mention this to me. He said Daddy
told me never tell you what we did, ti was just between the guys. With disbelieve i asked Ronnie if he had
fucking our Daddy too. He just said Daddy sucks my dick almost everyday, and that he plays with them
every now and then. I have so many questions that I cant get one out, how when why how did it start everything.
Ronnie said he didn't want to talk about it right now, he said his dick was rock hard and he need some
attention. He started to kiss me and rubbing on my titties. I told him ok put while he's fucking me he has
to tell me everything. Ok lil s*s suck my dick and i will let you know how it started. Didn't have to ask
me twice I was on my knees with that big black dick in my mouth in seconds. Ronnie was about 6'4 and
he's dick was half way down his thighs. The head looked my like a helmet and slide in my mouth so smoothly
and it tasted so good. He loved his nutts sucked too, and I had both of them in my mouth at the same time.
Ronnie has layed back on bed holding my head so he can fuck my mouth. Ronnie nutted in my mouth in
just a few seconds and his dick got harder....he's moaning and grinding his dick into my face hard. He pulls
me up off my knees and pushes me down on the bed doggy style and sticks his dick in my pussy. My hot
pussy lips just wrap around his dick as he slowly is stroking my pussy. Oh s*s you don't know how much
I missed your pussy milking my dick he said. Tell me Ronnie, tell me how this happened. He started to tell
me how he was over to Uncle Pete's house and caught Peanut, Uncle Pete's step son sucking his dick. He
said Uncle Pete dick was huge and he couldn't stop looking. Peanut saw Ronnie watching and told him
cum help him. Uncle Pete said Ronnie get your ass in here let me see if you suck dick as good as your daddy.
My daddy sucks your dick Uncle Pete Ronnie says?? Yes we have been fucking since we were your age, now
come boy get your ass over here and put this dick in your mouth. Ronnie said he had never sucked a dick or
even really thought about it, but Uncle Pete had the biggest black dick he had ever seen, even bigger than
Daddy's. Peanut moved over and I got on my knees and the first time I put his dick in my mouth, I knew
I was hooked. Uncle Pete is a big tall southern bull of a man, 6'7 300 lbs with a voice that when he talked
shit on the walls shook. Uncle Pete is fucking my mouth like its a pussy. Yea boy you suck good dick Uncle
Pete tells me, have you done this before?? No Uncle Please I say, well i guarantee you this wont be your last
time sucking dick. Ronnie said I like it and by now Peanut was sucking on Ronnie dick. Peanut is under me
on the floor and I'm driving my dick down his throat. Uncle Pete has my head fucking my mouth like it's
a bobble bead doll. I could tell Uncle Pete is about to explore in my mouth cause he's letting of a deep moan
that sounds like a a****l growling. Suck it nephew, suck your Uncle's dick, suck this nutt out. Uncle Pete
came so hard and so much that it exploded out of my mouth all over Peanut's head. Uncle Pete is standing
now holding my head tight so i cant moved, his dick still jumping and squirting nutt down my throat. Boy
you suck dick better than your daddy he said to me. Peanut still sucking my dick, his young mouth is good,
I could tell he's been doing this for awhile. Uncle Pete goes behind me and starts licking my ass while Peanut
working my dick. Within second I'm busting my nutt in Peanuts mouth, it was so intense I almost passed out.
I couldn't moved from being on my knees, I look over and Uncle Pete has Peanut on his knees with he ass up in
the air getting ready to slide his dick into his ass. Peanut arches his back and Uncle Pete slide dick in his ass
like butter. I watched them in disbelieve, and yet I'm so turn on my dick has gotten hard again. Uncle Pete
is talking to Peanut like he's a woman, yeah bitch take this dick. Your pussy is better than any woman son,
tell me you love this dick in your ass. Peanut says yes Daddy I'm young lil bitch and my ass is your pussy.
Uncle Pete tell me to cum lick on his nipples because he's ready to bust. I obey without another word, I licked
those big ass nipples like they were a woman's. Uncle Pete is power driving his dick in Peanut's ass, and talking
shit at the same time. Oh baby I cummin, I'm cummin Uncle Pete says as he's holding Peanut for dear life.
They both fell up against the sofa, Uncle Pete pulls out and says boy come get your first taste of boy pussy. I
get up and slide straight in his ass, Uncle Pete's big ass dick got Peanut's ass gr****g open. I nutt after about
ten strokes. Uncle Pete looks down on me and says wait til I tell your Daddy what you did....
Reliving the story had Ronnie dick growing harder and harder, he's dicking me like crazy. Listening to
what happen had me so wet and turn on I had came twice. Ronnie was famous for nuttin and dick still
hard as a rock, so I don't know how many times he had nutted. After a hour we're both laying in my bed
completely satisfied and exhausted. I want to fuck Daddy I told Ronnie, always have been attracted
to my father. Like Uncle Pete, he's big and tall. He works out all the time and all the women in the
neighborhood be drooling over my daddy. The next time all of you get together I want to cum too I said.
Ronnie says well ask Uncle Pete first, because all these years you have been off limits. Why am I off limits
I asked? Because Mom said so, Ronnie said to me. Mommy know about what's going on I asked? Yes lil
s*s mommy knows everything. I sat there for a minute trying to comprehend all of this. Mommy knows
that Uncle Pete fucks Daddy and Eric I asked?? Uncle Pete fucks mommy too Ronnie says. And lil s*s I fucked
Mommy too Ronnie says........TO BE CONTINUED
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