Daddy, Uncle Pete and my b*****rs pt. 1

Daddy, Uncle Pete and my b*****rs pt. 1

This is how I started fucking my daddy, his b*****r Pete, my two b*****r Ronnie and Eric.

Let me explain our f****y dynamics, my mother was f******n when she had my b*****r Ronnie, fifteen

when I was born and eleven month later my b*****r Eric. You know how fertile those Southern sista are.

My father was thirteen when my b*****r Ronnie was born.

My b*****r Ronnie and I had been fucking for a long time. We started off playing with each other,

then we started giving head and finally we fuck when I was ten. Ronnie and I had always been close

and I followed him around like a little puppy. We would fuck almost every morning before school.

That early morning hard on felt so good. He was so gentle and passionate with me, he would kiss me so lovingly.

Fast forward to the fall of 71, I'm nineteen, Ronnie is twenty and our little b*****r Eric was eighteen.

Ronnie had been sick with a cold for three days. He's such a big baby when he get's sick.

My Mother worked double shifts on Friday and my daddy didnt get off til late. My Uncle Pete and his wife Lisa and her daughter Brice lived with us.

Uncle Pete's house had caught fire so they were staying with us til their home was rebuilt.

Lisa was going to Kansas City for Brice's model audition. I was suppose to ride with them but since my mom wouldnt be home til the next morning,

and dad wouldnt be home til very late I decided to stay with Ronnie.

Uncle Pete and Eric were doing their usual Friday basketball game.

I gave Ronnie two Advil and some cold meds he laid back down and went straight to sl**p. A Friday night, pussy hot and no one to quinch my thirst.

Nothing on TV I fell asl**p around nine. I woke up around 2 am thirsty as hell. I went and checked on Ronnie still sound asl**p.

I decided to go get me something to drink, on my way to the kitchen I heard loud moaning.

It's my b*****r Eric and it's coming from Uncle Pete's room. I get on my knees and crawl over to his door to peek in.

My brain would not believe what my eyes was witnessing. My lil b*****r deep

dicking my daddy, and Uncle Pete's is fucking my daddy's face hard. I close my eyes I have to be dreaming.

Eric's moans make me look, Eric is telling daddy how good his ass feels. He almost in a trace grinding his dick into daddy's ass.

His head and eyes are rolling back and forward. Uncle Pete is calling my daddy a bitch, telling him suck this dick, lick my nutts.

Daddy is doing everything he was told. Eric sit back and tell daddy to ride

his dick and tells Uncle Pete to suck his nutts, he's ready to cum. Daddy is bouncing on Eric's dick hard and Uncle Pete is sucking his nutts.

Now I could see the true size of Eric's dick, it's huge, atleast 10 inches.

Thick as hell, even my mouth started watering. Eric is moaning loud he's cumming, daddy stands up and Uncle Pete starts to suck Eric's dick.

Daddy goes behind Uncle Pete stick his dick straight in his ass.

Uncle Pete didnt slow down sucking Eric's dick. Daddy is telling Uncle Pete his ass still is as good as it was when the were younger.

He fucking him like a jack hammer, Uncle Pete is moaning and throwing it back at my daddy.

I have so many different emotions I dont know how or what to feel. I know one thing my pussy is soaking wet. Daddy had Uncle Pete lay on his side and

was behind him grinding his dick deep in his ass.

Eric was on his knees sucking Uncle Pete's dick. I could tell it would only be seconds before daddy came. He was moaning so loud. Uncle Pete nutted in

Eric's mouth seconds after daddy blow his load in Uncle Pete's tight asshole. I ease backwards up the stairs so I wouldnt get seen.

I sit on my bed in a daze, did I just see my daddy,b*****r and uncle fucking each other??

I went in Ronnie's room he was sound asl**p. I'll tell him

in the morning. TO BE CONTINUED
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2 years ago
great story!
2 years ago
Hot fucking story!! Makes me all H & H!!--hotnhorny!!
2 years ago
well i like that one to guy
2 years ago
made me wish I had been involved with them, I would so love being in with 3 horny hung black men!
2 years ago
i loved it.
3 years ago
O M G that was incredable i just jacked off twice and wow i can't believe what a story thanks hope you write manymore
3 years ago
I loved the story it's very erotic! (Championship Incest, lol!)
3 years ago
That was one hell of a story. My dick is pre cuming like crazy
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Tht story was brilliant ! I love it :)
3 years ago
Are you the author? The ages don't add up. Your profile says 33 but in the story this woman was 19 in 1971...just curious. Nice
3 years ago
Damn, I love it!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Fucking AWESOME!
3 years ago
Nice start, Looking forward for more.. Quick :)
3 years ago
Great story. Loved it. More please
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great start please finish
3 years ago
Fuckin awesome. More baby.............pls
3 years ago
oh that sux just when it gets good