my mother's friend

This friend of my mother had a way of talking that could be very painful to the ears. She was married with two daughters,thin and had those Droopy eyes (you know the dog from the cartoon). Basically a woman who men don't pay that much attention to. Somehow she got in her head she was all that and that she could make any one do what she wanted them to do. Of course this wasn't true at all. Men tolerated her. When she got intoxicated she was always very hands on. Not with any men. But with me.She always came to me and started hugging me and even kissing me on the cheeks. She was 43 and I was 19 at that time. People thought it was so cute. But I was not amused. So when she came over I always tried to avoid her.

Four years have passed.
And since I was in college I moved to the same city she lived in. This was a big city pretty unknown to me. And for me to encounter someone I know was very small. Until I found out that it was luck because my mother's friend was doing her shopping in the same supermarket as I did just around the corner of my house.So one day I met her and casually greeted her to continue my shopping. And she did the same. Dodge a bullet there! So I thought. Unaware she approached me and asked me how I was doing. She knew I lived near and was wondering if she could get a tour of the apartment. Since she was my mother's friend I could not refuse or I would never hear the end of it. After opening the door for her I told her to go all the way up the stairs. I noticed she was wearing very tight pants and while she went upwards I got a good look of her ass. And it surprised me. It was bootilicious as they say. So having this little moment in my head I showed her the apartment. Of course I offered a drink. And she accepted. We talked and talked and I realized that I wasn't quite annoyed with her any more. She simply talked to me like we were two adults and not the condescending tone she had when I was younger. As a matter of fact I was beginning to enjoy her visit. Time flew by and hours had past. It was time for her to go. Then she said that she still needed to go to other shops near my place and if it was ok if she could visit me again. Well,since I enjoyed it so much I was actually very glad she asked me. So I said no problem.

When she arrived a day later. She was all dressed up and smelling extremely nice. It was Chanel Allure. A perfume that I love very much on a woman. It it is the type of fragrance that can give a man an instant boner from a far. At least with me. And if that wasn't enough her pants were even more tighter than before. Giving me a much better look of her ass. If for some reason the perfume didn't do the trick this certainly did. I was hard. She removed her coat and there was another surprise. She had this blouse on which revealed her breasts. I was thinking that I must have been blind back then because her cleavage was amazing. How on earth would my dick ever get peace this way. I tried to compose myself and let her sit down. In the living room I needed to reach high up in the cupboard to get nice glasses and she got a good look of my hard on. I tried to turn as fast as I could but it was too late and saw her smile. Clearly she liked it. There was something brewing here but to avoid disappointment I did not take action. If I did and I somehow misread her then I would make a fool of myself which I clearly did not want to do. I poured her some orange juice and drank water myself. After only 5 minutes of small talk she came sitting next to me and we continued talking. Apparently I said something funny and she laughed real hard and touched my leg. You are so funny,she said. I laughed and said I hear that often. But trust me it is not intentional. Then she laughed even harder. And again touched my leg. Remember the perfume and what effect it had on me. Now combine that with her touching me. You guessed it,instant hard on.
I was a bit uncomfortable now and she noticed me shifting. What is the matter? Nothing,I said. Just glided away somewhat. Then she glimpsed and saw my boner for the second time. Oh,darling is that for me? I stuttered yyyes. That is so sweet. And without warning she touched my dick and began rubbing it. I thought,it really is happening. While she rubbed me she started kissing me wildly. And I kissed her back. It felt incredibly nice kissing her. Her tongue rolled around my tongue,I could hardly breathe. The time for being subtle was gone and we removed each others clothes almost tearing them. When we were both naked I finally saw how fine she actually was.
Her boobs were bouncing and they were not big but very nice to look at. Her ass we covered already and it was looking very sweet. And her hairy but trimmed pussy was black which was gorgeous to look at. Her lips and clit were red,swollen and so wet. I definitely was planning to get a taste of that. Since the apartment wasn't that big it only took us seconds to jump in the bed. Thank god I had a double sized bed so we had plenty room to manoeuvre in. My cock was still hard and she immediately started jerking it. And while she was jerking me she looked at me and said,you like it don't you darling. You want me to suck it don't you. Yes,yes,I want you to suck my cock. And she did. Her lips were so soft. Gently she sucked. But really sucked.No licking,no biting,just sucking,like it was the most tasteful sausage ever. It felt amazing. Now having experience I did not waste time either. I told her to give me a moment and turn around so that I could reach her pussy. The famous sixty nine position. It was an incredible sight. She was so wet. That fluid was dripping from her pussy and I started licking and licking. It really tasted sweet. I could not get enough with it. I softly bit in her clit to tease her and I heard her moaning. How I loved the way she moaned. Meanwhile she was sucking me and she never let go. But she did it gently because she really wanted me to enjoy it. But that would not matter because I could not take it any more and ejaculated right in her mouth and she swallowed every bit of my sperm. After the enormous pleasure I received I was motivated to return the favour and licked and licked like there was no tomorrow. Her moans became louder and louder. Yes,darling,yes. She was trembling and shifting and moving her pussy upwards and finally she came. We were both wet of sweat and hugged and kissed each other to catch our breath. She looked at me and said darling now I want you to fuck me. I want you in me. In my pussy,missionary position,sideways,from behind and in my ass.The last would be new for me but I was so horny I would do anything with her. Come on darling let me suck you. And she did. It was as amazing the first time she did it. Again she took her time. Not that it was needed cause I was so horny and my cock was hard again. But did I love her for it. She really wanted me to enjoy it. After a while she said come on darling I can't wait any more. Fuck me. I lifted her legs and inserted my dick. Oh,yes,darling. She closed her eyes and she moaned even louder. Fuck me from behind,now! Turned her around and I fucked her from behind. Her ass cheeks bouncing and I wanted to go harder and harder. No darling,not yet.not yet put your dick in my ass. Not wasting time I did. She was no anal virgin cause the hole opened up very easily. Still it was tight. While it felt a bit strange at first. I really started to enjoy fucking her in the ass. First gently,but soon harder and harder. By accident my dick went out and made that popping sound and we both laughed. Put it in,put it in. And I did. Now I really pushed harder and harder,making sure she felt my cock. And there it was she climaxed again. Still I was relentless and kept fucking her which did not last because now it was my turn to climax. To say that this was the best sex I had is an understatement. It was glorious. This event became a weekly ritual. Sometimes she dropped by unannounced where she usually would jerk me or give me a blow job and I would lick her. Our affair never came out and it lasted pretty long but eventually we did stop.
Since I moved to another city I did not see her as often as I would until we never saw each other again.
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2 years ago
Great story - loved it!
2 years ago
Everybody knows a woman like this; and this is what we'd want to happen to us.
2 years ago
awww.. You should pay her a visit more often.. Nice story! Cheers!