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Two beautiful horny girlfriends

Sonja is my dearest friend, that I've seen a lot of them have shared joys and sorrows. We know each other from our school and then we were all best friends. Sonja has long dark hair and beautiful breasts. She's not big and has such beautiful dark eyes. Especially our first sexual experiences we had together, but we also told the guys we had. It is ten o'clock, I go to Sonja visited because we have not seen each other for a while.

With a kiss on the cheek, we greet each other and we walk straight to the garden. Sonja has a bikini and she goes after she poured coffee, lying stretched out on the lounger. Gosh, girl pull your blouse, no one who sees something, we're nice and sheltered. Yes, why not and I think once I make the buttons open. My tits come out and Sonja also immediately dispose of her bodice. You know I pull my skirt even than my legs can also tan. I lay sprawled on the beach bed and I feel how my shoulders a few hands begin to rub with oil. Without any hesitation she begins my tits and belly rubbing, but especially my tits get a good fuck. Immediately my nipples are hard and I start to pant and gently close my eyes. Gradually, I feel her hand to my crotch and then she puts the bags full on my cunt. The lust that seizes me, Sonja is a sign through the material to mold. Quickly she wipes her hands and pulls aside the crotch. She lets out a yelp of surprise when she sees my pussy is completely shaved. I tell her that Lex and I have sexvriend there through an advertisement. He found it to my horny pussy completely bald shave.

"You're such a good slut," she gasps. "Have you not enough to Lex's cock". I tell her in great detail how nice fuck with him there, especially the sandwiches makes her crazy about horniness. My legs are spread and each fall along one side of the cubicle. Sitting next to me she bends over and pulls the lips apart. I feel the tip of her tongue starts licking my clit. Quick carries them up the pace, as she still pushes 2 fingers in my crack, I feel my orgasm welling up from my toes. What follows is an explosion of a****l lust. Heavy panting and trembling I lay on the bed ready to get fucked like I have no more weeks. Impatiently I push Sonja back on her back and almost tear the hole of her bikini panties. I say they should close their eyes so they can best enjoy it. She bounces her ass up and I pull the bikini panties. "I'm horny wet your experiences with Andre."

She immediately spread her legs and I look right into her crack and see the lips and clit between all the pubic hair. Slowly I slide with ease two fingers in her pussy and start fingering her painfully slow. I feel its more plum begins to flow from the kutvocht and my fingers move more smoothly into her back and forth. Without them knowing it beside me I reach and grab the glass of cola on the table. I turn around so I sit in 69 position above her. I push my cunt to her face and feel her tongue between my bare lips and pushes so wonderful starts to lick. With my left hand I push her pubic lips apart and slowly leave the cola on her clit and her dripping slit. Very late I still managed a few tantalizing cola cold drops fall on her clit. Oooh, what are you doing gasp Sonja, you drive me crazy, what's that, what that prick! Oooh, my cunt starts to tingle, I quickly let my tongue over her kittelaartje go.

If I have a whole stream of cola over her split violently she comes ready to flow. With my tongue lick her pussy for a bit and then we go together, so we can get up. Come Sonja says, just go and lie astride I'll spoil fine. I close my eyes and feel how this woman attacking me again with her tongue. I notice that what they are bumbling and something has caught. Not looking, I will surprise you, but pull your legs down and spread them as widely as possible. Sonja and I feel her hand how a thick push rod between my wet lips. Without any effort she pushes that thick pile my bald box and starts to fuck me right away with this huge event. Continuously pumped him in and I open my eyes to see what's sitting in my plum. OOOH incredible scream I wonder, what a whopper it is. Sonja has a rubber dildo with two acorns on the ends to 7 cm thick slid into my cunt. She begins to sew it to me faster and faster, the veins that sit on this huge phallus let me also unaffected. This lovely slide down my inner and in no time I get ready like a madman. Lie on your back than I fuck with your head the other of these superlul.

Without this dildo from my cunt I'm going to get between her legs down and punch the head between her lips and beginning to thrust deep into her. Even together, we lose all control and chafe at times as if we are not fucked. Harder we pant and we whip each other to the extreme, harder and faster we encounter in our bodies together. We knocks us all over these giant kunstlul around, so I Sonja her curly pubic hair against my bare lips feel itchy. At the same time we come to a huge explosion of lust and I put my mouth on hers and we tongue kiss to our wild orgasm slowly ebbs away. Soft we move from this huge adonis now and see how it glistens it kutgeil. Sonja can not resist and takes him down to the part which has been keen in my crack licking. I see her my tongue licking kutslijm of this veined strain. I push her back into her cunt again and start to fidget, but once I put a wet finger in her aarsgat. Oooh, what are you doing, she screams in terror and I stop there for a second and start gently, to drill deeper into her anus. I see on the bedside table are a brush and gently push me round the handle in her pussy. In this way, I gently punch with my 2 fingers in her ass and the handle in her cunt

OOh, what you treat me horribly, groaning softly. Quick change my position and go with my pussy over her face. Sonja I feel her tongue through my lips and let me enjoy dancing beft. With a quick motion I slide the handle of the brush over the cut at one time her sphincter around and start her considerably in her intestines raggen. Simultaneously I start to lick her clit. I push the handle as deep as possible into her anus and fuck with a brisk pace and I lick her to a next klimaks. Semi recovered from this intense orgasm of her I must bend over the bed so that my cunt and ass to the rear. She sucks with her mouth onto my horny dripping cunt all wet and I start to drool. She takes the huge dildo and gently press it again to him without any trouble at me inside. With 2 hands, she starts up the pace to enter my cave and fucks them relentlessly until I almost come. Quickly, she pulls him out and I can sue them down the giant acorn in a movement by my sphincter. All of these slides superlul pumping through my intestines deeper into my dark hole. OOOH jaa, sew me deep in my ass, I gasp deeper and harder.

Again she includes this huge kunstpik with both her hands and begins with a very fast rhythm in my ass ramming. Self I reach under me and start to finger my clit. In a rapidly I become such a huge klimaks rammed that I do not know what happens. With my face in the pillow I can smother my shrieks at least at the moment I like a volcano bursting out of this pure sexklimaks. Exhausted, we lie together panting of our extravagance. When we get what we have added a quick shower and then I go home again soon. How wonderful to have such a dear friend.
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