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I will never forget my first time with her.

Our school took a trip to Texel, at a press conference to attend. I masturbated every day (and still do), but on trips, especially because I share a dorm with another man, it is impossible to masturbate in private. There was a girl next to me, she was anotehr school. I spent most of my time with her on the trip because she had beautiful breasts. She was a tall brunette with beautiful eyes. On the third night we were both feeling Loosey goosey and we went to the beach. Out of nowhere she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips ... before I knew it we were kissing and she was on top of me. Her nipples were getting harder and pressed by the shirt. I could not help but stare. Then she saw my application on her breasts and she made her shirt. This she reached around and made her bra and it fell loosely on my. Her nipples had an inch long and stuck very ununiformly with the rest of her tits. She pressed her left nipple in my mouth and I instinctively started licking. She told me she was a virgin and planning to stay that way, but it is clear that she was OK with oral sex. She unzipped her jeans and slid them down. I happened to see a dark wet spot on the crotch of her pink panties. I said I would love to give her oral sex, and she pulled her panties down in agreement. My "dick was stiff pressed my left leg through my jeans. She said that if I gave her oral sex that she would get me a blowjob, but not intercourse. Course I agreed. Was I her on the edge of the old bench and got on my knees on the floor in front of her. I buried my face in her hot cunt. (In the porn on the net, you do not usually get vivid, clear pictures of the clit, so the clit was of particular interest to me). Much to my surprise looked like a small cock. I sucked it and played with it with my tongue. I reached down and unzipped my pants around my hard cock suddenly pushed free in an awkward spot due to my knees on the ground. It almost caught from the left side of my underwear and there were three or four small wet spots on my underwear where moisture had leaked through. She heard the zipper and put her head on his back position to my dick to see. She said earlier firmly, "Well, to pull it out. Lemme see. "I stood up here and pulled my underwear and plunged my stiff, pulsing with my heart beating fast. She bent down to suck, but realized she was not going to eat in this position.

I knew it was not going to take much to make me cum, so when it came time to cum I jumped up and turned around and went down on her belly to her quickly. I jacked from the rest of the way and she opened her mouth and I managed to save her lip. Most of the cum I shot (and it was one of my biggest expenses) landed on her tits and neck. I kept eating her after my dick had stopped spraying, and to my surprise she reached orgasm too quickly. Suddenly my face was covered with juice and it tasted OK. We stayed for about 45 minutes and at the end of it all, she came 4 time and I came 3 times. After it was all over, we both laid back on the bed and held her hand on my balls and the underside of my dick while she rubbed the slippery cum on her still hard nipples. Naturally, my cock was hard again, but lay there with her hand, but luckily I looked at my watch and we hurried to dress, because the cafeteria is further our group for dinner. Both our faces were a little red from such work, and I think the people at the table noticed, because she wispered lot in the very conservative chaperone and sponsor of hearing to hold. When we arrived back at Assen, I called her up and we went out for about 8 months . In those eight months we had oral sex (no fellowship as we agreed) about 10 times. I will never forget my first time with her.

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