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My first hand job!

My first hand job!

Here I want to retell you about one girl who attracted me very much. Samira was the most attractive girl I had ever seen, I was not in love with her at all, but I fell for her. long dark hair, brown eyes, pretty nice and sexy ass, and beautiful breasts. I first saw Samira on our town’s grand festival, she was wearing pink top without bra and white jogging shorts. I have to admit that the main reason I was so attracted to her was that she was a sweet innocent shy virgin.

After I had stared at her for quite a long time she suddenly interrupted me and said “What’s up? If you wanna talk to me, so just come up and don’t be shy!” It was not until we got to the movie that she really opened up and started talking. It turned out she loved movies. And sure due to this fact she might be talking for hours. She appeared to be very communicative and talkative one, easy for contact. By the end of the movie I plucked up the courage to ask her for her phone number. She paused for a while (but this time seemed to be an eternity for me), took out a pen and paper and wrote it down. I went home that night and could not sl**p. I just couldn’t get her off my mind. I fancied about going for boating on weekends with her, making barbeques together, or going to sea shore by car. Well, I was flying in my dreams and soon I realized I fell in this young 18 old creature. Angelic creature!
I called her everyday after that. We would talk for hours about movies and school, she even talked about religion and Bush’s foreign policy. Once we even touched upon sex and she told me she wouldn’t have sex till marriage. After about 2 weeks of phone talking and decent walk outs she agreed to go out with me. I was so proud and so happy; I was in my first real relationship! Things with Samira didn’t develop very quickly. We’d been together 2 months before we kissed, first kissed! It was a great achievement! It was success!

Time passed by. At about 7th month of our datings we were once at her house late, watching a movie. Her parents were away and her s****r was staying at her friends’ house. We were cuddling on the couch when I finally ventured to make a move. I turned my head to put my lips close to her neck. I was very nervous because I didn’t know how she might react. I leaned close and softly kissed her neck; I felt her body tense when my lips caressed her skin. She didn’t stop me, so I continued to kiss and lick her neck. Her breathing became heavy when I started to nibble her ear. Then, immediately, she turned her head and stuck her tongue straight down my throat. We kissed French and went on pleasing that way for what seemed to be a whole life! Then I plucked up my heart to touch her huge tits. My hand could feel the warmth of her soft tit. My shaft was so hard I thought it would explode at any second. She let out a moan when she stretched out her hand and moved my palm her tit. She stopped kissing me for a moment and stared into my eyes as if she was trying to say something. The whole house was quiet except for her heavy breathing. She then leant forward and began kissing my neck. I looked down and saw a wet spot through her sweat pants. I couldn’t believe it - she was soaking wet! I reached out trying to touch her breast again. At this time, to my surprise, she grabbed my hand and put it onto her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra so I might enjoy caressing her perky nipples. I was in heaven. We kissed some more time while I played with her tits. Then I suddenly felt her hand slowly and hesitantly creeping up my lap. After about 5 minutes her hand found my hard dick. She then awkwardly undid my zipper freeing my throbbing cock. She stared at it in awe in her eyes; this was the only cock she had ever seen. I almost screamed when she wrapped her hand around it and started jerking me off. It felt so good I didn’t want to move! I wanted it last for eternity! But I had to go on advancing. It was such a chance! I started forcing my way to her treasure down there, but she stopped me, looked in my eyes pleadingly and said:

“Let’s not do everything in one night!”

Who was I to argue with this sweet honey? So I just closed my eyes and laid back while she experimented playing with my dick. After about an hour (I loved every minute of it) I could feel my orgasm getting close. I told her it was getting close and I didn’t want to make a mess, but she just sped up jerking me faster and faster. A second later I was shooting cum everywhere. Some of it even got in her hair. I never thought I could shoot that much cum. She kept playing with it draining my balls until it went soft and flabby. Still breathing heavily she smiled and said that was fun. She then got me washed and cleaned up. Finally we said good night. I went home dazed and not knowing that everything was just to come for me and my sweet virgin Samira.

Greeting Sexmaatje,

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