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Daily sex for more sperm

Couples with a Fertility making a higher chance of conception as the man in the week before the planned conception every day sex. This is shown by scientific research published Tuesday.

By daily ejaculation improves sperm quality in most men. Until now, doctors divided on the question whether sexual abstinence for the "decisive" lovemaking had recommended to reduce the chance of having a baby to increase.

An Australian researcher did a study of 118 men with "bad" sperm. After he had told the men that they had seven consecut... Continue»
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I will never forget my first time with her.

Our school took a trip to Texel, at a press conference to attend. I masturbated every day (and still do), but on trips, especially because I share a dorm with another man, it is impossible to masturbate in private. There was a girl next to me, she was anotehr school. I spent most of my time with her on the trip because she had beautiful breasts. She was a tall brunette with beautiful eyes. On the third night we were both feeling Loosey goosey and we went to the beach. Out of nowhere she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips... Continue»
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My first hand job!

My first hand job!

Here I want to retell you about one girl who attracted me very much. Samira was the most attractive girl I had ever seen, I was not in love with her at all, but I fell for her. long dark hair, brown eyes, pretty nice and sexy ass, and beautiful breasts. I first saw Samira on our town’s grand festival, she was wearing pink top without bra and white jogging shorts. I have to admit that the main reason I was so attracted to her was that she was a sweet innocent shy virgin.

After I had stared at her for ... Continue»
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Two beautiful horny girlfriends

Sonja is my dearest friend, that I've seen a lot of them have shared joys and sorrows. We know each other from our school and then we were all best friends. Sonja has long dark hair and beautiful breasts. She's not big and has such beautiful dark eyes. Especially our first sexual experiences we had together, but we also told the guys we had. It is ten o'clock, I go to Sonja visited because we have not seen each other for a while.

With a kiss on the cheek, we greet each other and we walk straight to th... Continue»
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[Story] My first time with a Guy

It all started one day, when me and my friend decided to go to his house and play some video games. His parents weren’t home and this would be a good time to crank the music as loud as we wanted too. When we arrived at my friend’s house, I traveled straight to the game room downstairs in the basement. When I got down in the game room, I noticed a few of the playboy’s that he had out on the table and a video tape that was labeled, ”Rough Riders”. This wasn’t uncommon because we often had looked at playboy’s together and watched Cinemax. I picked one up ... Continue»
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[Story] The Spring,

The Spring,

When the weather is as happy every spring, I find it a pleasure to walk through the city. The first warm sunshine make sure that the people nice light, summer clothing collection. Of course I pay attention in particular to all the female beauty what so walking around. I like to dress to look thin, and especially the translucent kind. It seems in recent years that the clothing is always a bit thinner. The entry of the string is perfectly natural: the thin, light summer material often are you so opposed to the bare but... Continue»
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