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I’ve been intrigued by the world of swinging for a few years after watching some documentaries on TV. I suppose it all started when I separated from my husband, then hit the singles scene. I met a guy who immediately clicked with each other sexually, since then our relationship over the next few months got stronger in all ways. We love having sex together and sharing fantasy’s, hopefully some of those fantasy’s will come true, we will certainly both work to fulfill them in every way.

We decided to hit the scene after having an initial first swinging foursome together with some friends, had some amazing nights which only involved foreplay between us all, which is all that we wanted and agreed to do at the time as it was something that was new to all of us and none of us were entirely sure if it would work and how we would feel about it. The couple decided to pull out of this relationship saying that it wasn’t for them, even though we all had a good time, we had to respect their decision and still remain friends with them, who knows they may just change their mind once they sort out there own feelings, by which time we may have had further experiences which could only add value to the relationship if it ever is to continue.

After signing up for a month on a swinging exchange website, we received some contact from interested couples.

The very first couple we met were Zuzi and Mark. After meeting them for a drink in Mijas which went really work, we discussed after what we thought of them both. I really like Zuzi and so did my partner, however I didn’t find any attraction at all to her partner so were not quiet sure if we will have any further contact with them, maybe it would be in a girl on girl only situation, we shall have to wait and see, but for the timebeing I am not rushing into anything and as always prefer quality over quantity, I´m prepared to wait as long as it takes to meet that special couple/s. She was very bubbly and attractive and seemed up for most things, he seemed a little more reserved and both agreed that they want to build up a relationship with another couple as we do, with the intention of possibly meeting other couples in this mad mad existing world and times that we live in!

The only downside to trying to arrange meeting other couples is the old time issue, something that we just don’t have enough of! We use our time off together wisely and make the most of every minute, but im certainly looking forward to a summer full of love, parties, sex, d**gs and new swinging experiences! The other downside for us currently is not having a house that we can entertain in, but moving into a new rental that is very private will resolve that issue next month.

Today we emailed a couple (Jane & Hans) that we chatted to the other night, that we both feel a connection with, to meet up with them next Tuesday. Watch this space!

I am finding this new scene very sexually exciting and have a real need to experiment further. The buzz of enjoying something that you’ve never done is something which I’ve always got my teeth into and this is certainly no exception. The joy of seeing your partner smile with delight when they realise they are fulfilling their fantasy’s and sharing that with them is something which is pretty hard to beat, it feels very right, amazingly horny and im sure there will be more of those moments as time goes on.
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