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[Story] My fantasy starts with us being at a party

Posted on July 2, 2008 written by my previous gf Julie

…….. – fully dressed for the occasion in something very sexy and revealing, look good feel good I always say.

There are many gorgeous party a****l up for it people at this magnificent house (you know the sort where they have a parking attendant to park your car when you arrive) big drive, and Jacuzzi’s in every corner) and for once im not the shy little women that never grew up hanging around waiting for attention – im a flirtatious, lusty, beautiful fully sexy extremely confident girl on your arm, who everyone wants to give attentio... Continue»
Posted by Sexiting 2 years ago

Is Personality more important than Appearance?

I do notice that for men, we are lucky, lucky in a way that in general the ladies more or less are beautiful, while the most men in the pictures are not that handsome, or we just haven´t seen them all, I don´t know.

I do know that Hans, Julliet´s husband is a handsome guy, maybe the same goes for Mark, Zuzi´s husband, but then again, he was boring, but I do know that Hans & Julliet have been with loads of couples (weird after being in this scene for over 18 years, lol) and out of all the couples they have been with, most of the women looked great (I was able to check this on a website, wher... Continue»
Posted by Sexiting 2 years ago

[Story] Our 1st FULL swap

GF story: He he, we did it, we had our 1st experience with another couple, all the way. As written in previous post, we said we would be visiting Mark & Lisa in Calahonda and so we did.

At first we talked for a few hours, just to see how we got along, get a feeling about each other and once that was done and we all had a really good feeling towards all, it happened…..

Julie and Lisa went upstairs to change and a few minutes later they both got back downstairs with sexy outfits, Julie laid down on the in front of the sofa and Lisa started kissing her and playing with her pussy, fuc... Continue»
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[Story] My girlfriend initial story

I’ve been intrigued by the world of swinging for a few years after watching some documentaries on TV. I suppose it all started when I separated from my husband, then hit the singles scene. I met a guy who immediately clicked with each other sexually, since then our relationship over the next few months got stronger in all ways. We love having sex together and sharing fantasy’s, hopefully some of those fantasy’s will come true, we will certainly both work to fulfill them in every way.

We decided to hit the scene after having an initial first swinging foursome together with some friends, ha... Continue»
Posted by Sexiting 2 years ago

Swingers in Spain

Well, we are going for it, the Swinging thing here in Spain. Why? Well, even though we only met each other shortly and besides other things we have in common there is 1 item that sticks out above all and that is sex, we are both crazy about it and having an amazing time together doing it and so we have decided, since its my girls 1st time with a girl ( a few weeks ago) that she really loves it and the fact that the thought of her having sex with another man and me, also turns her on (not to forget about how I feel about that which is also kinky) we have decided to go into the Swingers scene he... Continue»
Posted by Sexiting 2 years ago