Craigslist true story

This is a true story.
I'm attached but get bored and curious a lot. So one day I started surfing the casual encounters section on Craigslist. I sent out several emails and a lot came back as "please log into this website to confirm your identity" but one was actually a real person.
Let's call her Demi. I asked Demi what she was looking for and she said "a little fun". Now I wasn't naive. I know nothing is free. We agreed on a price. After a few pix I confirmed she wasn't a cop. I left work and met her at her place. She was a BBW with the sexiest little girl voice ever. That was already a turn on for me.
As I walked in she grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom. She sat me down and I pulled out a condom from my pocket. She started to undress me but I was nervous. So I asked her to get naked and join me as I undressed myself. As I laid on her bed. Legs open waiting for her to begin sucking my cock I was about to put the condom on but she opened her mouth and engulfed in. It was the most amazing feeling I'd had in a long time.
I put the condom down closed my eyes and just enjoyed her mouth doing the work. She would gag on it and use her saliva as lube. Just the way I love a good blow job. Very sloppery and wet. I reached down and began rubbing and pinches her tits and nipples.
I asked if she had any toys she could play with. She reached under her bed and pulled out a show box full of objects that she would either rub her clit with or insert into her pussy. Thinks like a hair brush to pill bottles. I was so hard and turned on at the point. I reached under her straight to her pussy and began finger fucking her with 2 fingers. She sucked more and she moaned and came within a minute. She sheets were so wet from her juices and cum.
Our initial agreement was a blowjob only but I asked if I could fuck her quickly and cum. She agreed and I put on the condom.
I started of in her wet pussy. Damn it felt so good. (Now I love hearing about real freaky fantasies and sex stories. Which is why I get on xhamster everyday.)
As I was fucking her deep and deep. I asked her to tell me her most taboo fantasy.
She tells me that she fantasizes about multiple guys rushing into her house. Tying her up and just r****g her. None stop in every hole.
At that point I get dominate and tell her to put my cock in her ass. She lifts up a little and reaches over to her toy box. She gets the lube and lubes her asshole. She sits back down slowly as I insert into her tight asshole.
I ask "you like that don't you slut" as I'm drilling my cock inside her ass. She responds "yes master". I continue my dominant role and begin to choke her as I fuck her asshole harder and harder. She's moaning so loud that I get closer to cumming. I slap her face and choke her more. She begs me to fuck her harder and deeper. "Please master. Fuck me. Fuck me harder". I couldn't last longer. I came so hard in her ass. I pulled out and she cleaned me up.
Now that was the 1st encounter. We've had more after that.
Let me know of you guys like this. I'll video out next encounter. Any taboo suggestions?
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10 months ago
Good god yes!
11 months ago
do you still pay for it?
1 year ago
nice good story
1 year ago
waiting for the video
1 year ago
Thank you all for the comments.
I'm planning to video a few minutes of our next session. It will be role play. Not sure what roles

Smurfdaddy, sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for the advice.
1 year ago
Becareful with the choking bud two of my best friends a he & a she were doing that because she loved it but it went to far she ended up loosing control during an orgasum and passed away my buddy will never be the same because of it its just a sad ending for two who loved each other so much that sht scares the hell out of me because it was purely an as accident
1 year ago
good story
1 year ago
This is AWESOME!
1 year ago
mmm love craigslist