How I became a cum eater

It started with my first and only girlfriend I've ever had, she was a real manipulative bitch but she was smoking hot. She was amazing at giving blowjobs and would have me in heaven in about a minute and a half. The only problem is that she would never swallow. She'd insist on spitting it out.

So I had the brilliant idea of confronting her about it one night. That was a big mistake. She flipped out at me and asked if I would ever eat it. I knew she was asking rhetorically but for seasoned I started to answer her. HUGE mistake. "If you want me to swallow your cum then you should be willing to do it yourself. Or are you a hypocrite?" She said.

I was pretty much in disbelief at this point. The only times I've ever been willing to do it is when I'm REALLY horney. As soon as I come there's no way I'd ever to do it. And even on my best days I could barely manage to cum up to my neck, I don't know how she thought I was going to cum in my own mouth. Why do I ever doubt her?

In about 2 minutes she had me positioned lying upside-down, my legs thrown up and over my head and all my weight placed on my neck and shoulders. My cock hung about 2 inches from my face even though it was totally soft at that point. I'm not small either, and I was really horny with about a weeks worth of cum backed up in my balls. It looked like a loaded gun their staring me down.

"Well? Impress me, show me you aren't just another hypocritical asshole and swallow your own man-load." she said.

I couldn't believe it but I was actually SO turned on by my predicament! Being f***ed to consume my own spunk in such a humiliating matter. I was rock hard in no time and stroking myself right to the edge. My girlfriend meanwhile seemed even more turned on than me! She was lying on her back enjoying my predicament, rubbing herself furiously!

"Come on baby, shoot your load in your own mouth! And don't miss a single drop or it doesn't count! she shouted at me.

I groaned and was pushed over the edge with that remark. My balls tightened up and my whole dick spasmed. Steam after steam of thick, ropey, hot semen was pumped out of my balls and shot out my shaft straight into my waiting mouth. As soon as the fist jet of salty jizz had left my cock head I was beginning to regret my choice. I couldn't bring myself to swallow, allowing the sticky man-spunk to build up in my mouth until my cheeks were bulging and I was practically drowning in my own ejaculate.

"Swallow it! NOW!" she practically screamed at me.

But I couldn't bring myself to do it, shaking my head no. My third mistake. She quickly leaped to her feet and in an instant had straddled my head, facing my feet.

"Swallow it or you can suffocate under my ass!" She unceremoniously plopped her backside down on my face and maneuvered herself so that her puckered asshole was positioned directly over my flared nostrils. I squirmed pathetically under her weight but it was useless. Whenever I moved enough to allow myself to snort in a bit of air down though her asscrack she repositioned herself so that I was again totally smothered on her round suffocating butt.

"Swallow your cum, slut!" she said once again. My whole world was spinning and my vision failing. All I could see were two enormous ass cheeks consuming my entire universe. My sense of smell was overloaded with the unmistakable musk of her backside and my taste buds were totally saturated with the unbelievably salty flavor of my own seed.

At last I relented. It took two solid gulps to completely swallow my entire load but finally I did it. I gasped loudly for air and almost right away she had moved forward so her wet, juicy pussy lips was now smothering my mouth.

"From now on bitch boy, EVERY time you cum you are going to be eating your own load. No exceptions."

Nothing more needed to be said. I knew I was going to be doing it and so did she. Over the next 2 hours she expertly used my tongue and mouth to bring herself to at least 5 or 6 orgasms. Soon the taste of my own juices was mixed with hers.


That was almost 6 months ago. 162 days at the time of writing this to be exact. We broke up about 3 weeks after that incident. She's now has a rich boyfriend and is probably sucking his dick (and swallowing) at this very moment. I, however, have remained honest to her. Since that day, I've cummed two times a day, every single day. And I have eaten every last drop of cum - no exceptions. In all that's 324 loads of my own semen that I've recycled. Using an average ejaculation size of 15ml, I have drank 1.3 US gallons of my own cum since that fateful day. This number will only increase. It's my goal to swallow every single load of cum that is pumped from my balls for the rest of my life. I have no idea if this will be possible, but I'm more than willing to attempt it.

I love to show off on cam, not very many women have seen a guy taste himself, so if any ladies out there would like to see me do it, please just ask! I don't have to watch you or anything - just typing is good enough :)
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11 days ago
I also love to eat my own cum from my girlfriend's pussy, off her nipples, or directly from my own cock.
1 month ago
I'd cum on myself for you
3 months ago
I tried this on myself when I was 13
3 months ago
That's hot. And 1.3 gallons of cum is Awesome!
10 months ago
Awesome story.......I imagine many of us cum-eaters got our start in a similar fashion. Mine was with a blow-job, and when she finished she came up to kiss me. I assumed she had swallowed, but she spit my load into my mouth and the pressed her mouth against mine so I had no choice but to swallow. Addicted to it now...........
1 year ago
An inspirational story. What a girlfriend and you are doing an impressive job of eating your cum. I think it is a real sign that man is dedicated to his masturbation when he consumes his own load. I only wish I could be there with you and we could jerk off and eat our loads together.
1 year ago
I eat my own cum and also my piss
1 year ago
own cum is delicious
1 year ago
I love to see you cum on yourself :D
1 year ago
Once a guy has tasted and swallowed his creamy cum he craves more and more.
1 year ago
great story. I love eating my cum.
1 year ago
So that's how it began! For me, I hooked up at 18 with a much older Indian woman who practiced new age sexuality. She believed men lose part of their life force (called "chi") when they ejaculate. So to keep my youthful "vibrancy," she encouraged me to "consume" my own when I was with her and absolutely insisted I do so if I masturbated on my own. I don't do it as much as I used to, but her advice has stayed with me.
1 year ago
Sweet my own too!!
2 years ago
Yay for cim love mine and all girls with dicks too mmmmm
2 years ago
Mmmmm very hot and erotic story ^_^... I love men unafraid of eating their own cum.. I have a lover with whom I love to have cum in mouth and then I share the load with him. It adds a very erotic intimacy.
2 years ago
Im going to start doing that!
2 years ago
Good story!
2 years ago
nahh not my thing
3 years ago
I to have thought I wanted to try my cum but chicken out at blow time, i lick pre cum but dont dare to try the real deal? Smells real bad! Love pussy and squirters, i think this is more a fantasy i will not do but kudos to u
3 years ago
i like the story

that's how i also become a selfsucker
3 years ago
love the story i m gonna start cumming in my mouth everytime i jerk i want 2 catch up with u
3 years ago
Hot story. It's amazing that once a guy gets a taste of cum he wants more.
3 years ago
Nice story