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[Story] Hooked for one week in Vegas/ Day one-first guy!

Vegas: Night one.
Went to Vegas to visit a friend who was a high end escourt... long story short, I wanted to try it, just to say I did it. She itroduced me to a young sexy guy who was at a convetntion for business...

Young good looking guy, brought me to the very nice hotel room, was being nice and kissing me and shoving his tongue down my throat and I could taste his warm spit. (which I loved) Before I knew it he grabbed my hair bent me over and started eating out my ass, sliding his tongue from my pussy lips, to my clit and back down to my little ass hole. He told me to lay down on my s... Continue»
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[Story] My First BBC!!!

My first time taking a bbc.

I had always had black guy friends, and they would joke around and tell me that they could fuck me better than any white guy ever could. In my mind I wanted to fuck a few of them so bad. They were sexy and their dark chocolate skin turned me on and made my panties moist with my pussy juices any time I would think about taking one of there cocks.

So I took one of my friends up on their offer. One day after class we met at his apt. I came in thinking I was going to hang out and talk about what we wanted to do, I was not prepared for what I saw when that door op... Continue»
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[Story] First Time being fucked by two men!

I was at a Jewelery convention in Florida and my friend and I decided to go out and see what Orlando had to offer before our late company arrived ;). (Now we are two young women in our twenties and both athletic toned me hazel eyes and brown hair tan skin and her brown eyes with brown hair and fair skin!) We ended up going to the House of Blues. We started dancing with a few guys but none of them turned me on and I was ready to get fucked that night! Finally after going to the bar I spotted two sexy men dancing with these older ladies. I thought they can't be with them could they? Well one loo... Continue»
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