A Kind of Acceptance

Another year had gone by and it was Christmas again. Samantha pulled her red coat tightly around her as she ran lightly to her car. She turned the engine on and sat, waiting for the frost to clear from the windscreen. She couldn’t believe where the time went. It seemed so long ago since she had seen James, yet, as she checked her hair and carefully applied makeup in the rear view mirror, the memories of their last meeting came flooding back, causing her to pull her breath in sharply as her stomach lurched. It wasn’t enough, God knows, it wasn’t enough, but it was all they had right now. It might be all they ever had.

The email had landed three days previously, giving details of an establishment in the rolling hills of the nearby Dales. Samantha had done the homework and an hour’s drive was all it would take. Probably the same for James, too. That’s all the distance it was. It was almost laughable that all that separated them physically was an hour, yet in terms of their lives everything separated them, and that wasn’t likely to change, not at least for a long time, but Samantha pushed that thought rapidly from her mind. Once, when discussing their lives, James had said wistfully, and in reference to them, “One day, in another life, maybe”. He hadn’t meant it to be cruel, yet it was. It was cruelty of the highest order because it gave her hope and she didn’t want hope. She needed to believe that this was all they had, all they would ever have. She could accept that. Expect nothing, and you’ll never be disappointed. She lived by that mantra; she chanted it on her long runs, runs where she welcomed the pain in her muscles, embraced the cold, icy winds sweeping hard along the unforgiving moorland around her. It made her forget him. For a short while at least.

Car headlights glimmered as they made their way down the road where she was still parked, pulling her from her reverie. The screen was clear and the air warm. She shrugged her coat off and folded it carefully. It had been an indulgent purchase but she knew James loved her in red, correction she smiled, he loved her signature red lips, she had added the red accessories to heighten the appeal. God, he made her feel so sexy. She could be telling him a story, and she would find him just focussing on her lips, nodding slowly, missing the joke because he was so lost just watching her, slowly moving his eyes around her face, drinking in the memories that he would need to keep him going until the next time they met. Samantha pulled her car slowly away and headed east.

At last, Samantha drew into the car park. It was his choice this time and it was a good one. A village pub and bistro. His car was there, he would wait inside. She was old fashioned, she hated going in first and waiting for him. So, if she got there first she would wait in the car and they would go in together. There was a small passage way leading from the car park to the front of the pub but she chose to walk the longer route around the perimeter of the building pulling her phone out and calling his number, “I’m here. Yes. I’m just walking round the side now. Ok, see you in a minute!”

Reaching the front entrance, she stopped to put her phone in her handbag and distracted, didn’t notice the door open. A hand touched her arm, making her jump. “Hi Sam, its ok!” James laughed “it’s only me!” She stared at him, feeling the familiar hot rush through her body as their eyes met, icy grey melted by liquid chocolate. “Come here and kiss me, I’ve missed you so much, Sam”. She stepped forward into his firm embrace and their lips met. Gentle and tender at first then harder and more urgent as their bodies pressed close. “Come on lets go in, Sam, before I can’t. You’re making me twitch here!” Sam laughed out loud, his turn of phrase was basic and honest and she delighted in it.

James led her towards a table in the corner, quiet and secluded. It was so good to be together again. As always, Sam couldn’t stop smiling, or laughing. James, as well as being incredibly sexy, was just the most comical of raconteurs and she really understood how men like him could probably laugh any woman into bed. They caught up on sound bites of their home lives, but mostly that was pushed aside. This was about them. The meal eaten they returned from the dining room to their little corner. “Oh James. I love it here! It’s perfect. I’m having so much fun. It’s so good to be together again”. James reached forward and took Samantha’s hand in his, rubbing along the top of it in a firm circular motion while he looked at her, before leaning in and kissing her neck and ear then whispering “Sam, I can’t believe the effect you are having on me. I’m rock hard”. Just hearing this sensual confession made Sam’s body react too. “I’m just going to the powder room. Won’t be long”.

Sam returned and walking towards James she could see him watching her, his eyes running up and down her body, his lips slightly parted and his chest exhaling slowly. She was wearing black jeans and high heeled ‘rock chic’ ankle boots, with a wrap over v necked black silk blouse, which showed a hint of cleavage. Sitting beside him she stared at him grinning slowly and biting at her lip mischievously. “What?” asked James. “Oh, nothing” she said sipping water from her glass, to ease the nervous dryness in her mouth. “Come here, you. I know you’re up to something” he laughed pulling her towards him, drawing his hand along her waistband towards the small of her back. “Hold on! What the…?” Samantha looked at James and laughed before whispering urgently “What ever you do don’t get it out, leave it where it is or we’ll get thrown out!” James’s mind was desperately trying to work out what was going on. He was sure he’d felt a wire of some kind, now, tracing it back he realised it was attached to a small rectangular box about the size of a mobile phone which was clipped onto the back of Samantha’s waistband.

James stared at Samantha, slowly shaking his head and grinning widely “Oh Fuck! Sam, you naughty, naughty girl”. They had talked about this in just one of many fantasies they had exchanged. But fantasies don’t come true do they? Samantha had a different take on that, and that was just one of the many reasons James was infatuated by her. She was always willing to go that extra mile, no matter how many personal boundaries she had to overcome. She thrilled in thrilling him. “Keep one had on the table” Samantha instructed. “It will look less obvious that way. Hopefully” she laughed. James fingers found the dial, and he turned it slowly clockwise.

The butterfly vibrator Samantha had put on in the ladies room, hummed softly into life and Sam strained hard, not altogether successfully, in an attempt not to jump. If she had been wet when she came out of the rest room, she was even wetter now. Her breathing became deeper and shallower and she grasped James’ leg, her perfectly manicured nails digging into his leg. Just at that moment, a waitress came to the table and reaching for their empty glasses, enquired if they had enjoyed their meal. “Oh yes, I enjoyed mine, thank you very much. How about you Sam?” James asked, one eyebrow raised, a lascivious grin on his lips. “Yes, lovely. Thank you!” grimaced Samantha, while the waitress stared at her before smiling and walking away, her eyebrows furrowed and her lips curled together quizzically.

“James, you bastard” said Samantha in a small voice, before laughing softly, at which point James hit the dial again. “Ooooooh! Fuck me” replied Samantha in response to this. “Two can play at this game, big boy!” laughing, Samantha ran her fingers up from where they had been resting and onto the crotch of his trousers, where they quickly found his thick outline which she squeezed feeling it grow under her hand. They tightened back into their little corner, and Samantha’s massaging took on a more urgent nature. James leant in and holding the control firmly against the small of her back he pulled back her hair from her neck and slowly ran the very tip of his tongue from behind her ear towards her cleavage. His finger flicked the dial and it hit top speed, this coupled with the exquisite sensuality of the warm, wet tongue and whispered encouragements from James were enough for Samantha. She felt it build, that delicious point of no return, almost as pleasurable as the pulsing orgasm itself, the knowledge that its going to happen no matter what, before the contractions started. “Oh James, James. Fuuuuck” moaned Samantha as quietly as she could, feeling her teeth grind together. Her hand grabbed James hard cock through the fabric of his clothes, and glad that he had placed his overcoat on his lap, she quickly unzipped his pants and rummaging in his boxer shorts she found his cock, hot, damp and every bit as hard as he had indicted earlier. She wasn’t light or soft in her movements; she grasped hard and slowly and very firmly pushed and pulled his foreskin up and down his thick, meaty cock, in time to her spasms, feeling his cock head slide wet and hard against the underside of her wrist. James watched Samantha’s face and when he knew it was over he kissed her softly, reluctantly removing her hand. He stood up and covertly zipped up and said with a thick urgency in his voice, “Come on! Let’s go!”.

Samantha’s legs were still slightly wobbly as she grasped James’s outstretched hand. He helped her on with her coat and held the door open for her, standing back to allow her through first. The cold winter air hit, and they linked arms and placed their free hands on top of each other’s as they began to walk towards the car park. The small towns high street had been decked with sparkling white lights and the door to a nearby shop opened, letting late night workers out, all exclaiming how cold it was, laughing and saying their goodbyes before they headed home.

“James. We’re heading the wrong way” said Samantha, turning a little. “No, we’re fine this way. We can cut down here. It’s a bit dark but I’m sure we’ll be fine. Come on Sam!” laughed James pulling firmly at Samantha’s arm as he started walking down the covered alley way towards the car park. It was really quite dark, and Samantha held onto James hand tightly. Suddenly, about half way down James halted and grasped Samantha’s shoulders, walking her backwards until she rested against a doorway that recessed approximately three feet into the side of the pub wall. An old delivery door maybe, James didn’t care what its original use was for; he had his own use for it now.

James unbuttoned his overcoat and unzipped his pants requesting urgently “Carry on where you left off, you sexy bitch!” “Where’s your manners, James?” laughed Samantha. “We didn’t eat pudding, and I’ve been saving some for you”. James was leaning with one hand on the door behind Samantha; his other was on his cock which stuck out of his trouser fly. Samantha opened her coat, undid the buckle on her jeans belt and unfastened them. She reached down with her right hand into her silk knickers. James watched mesmerised as Samantha pulled the now redundant vibrator out and threw it to one side. She began to stroke her smooth wet pussy, and he saw her fingers vanish inside herself before reappearing, slick with juices. Samantha looked into his eyes and lifted her hand towards James, her middle finger outstretched. James leaned in hungrily and sucked the digit deep inside his warm mouth, nursing on it rhythmically. “Jeez, Sam, you taste so good”. “I know I do” replied Samantha before tasting herself on her forefinger. James groaned loudly and Samantha glanced down and saw James was building up a steady rhythm on his swollen cock, she watched spellbound as he wanked himself. God! She loved watching a man do that. His hand was grasped firmly as he linked thumb and forefinger and tightened his grip, causing his foreskin to reveal and conceal his dark, swollen end.

“ Let me” said Samantha as she grabbed his cock and continued for him. James found Samantha’s mouth and pushed his tongue in urgently, Samantha sucked it lightly before pulling back and diving for his neck. Samantha loved kissing James’s neck. It smelt so good and she knew it drove him wild. As she went in for the kill, he found the silk ties on the side of her blouse and undid them, revealing a black corset bra which matched the silk knickers James had caught a glimpse of earlier. He used both thumbs to pull the fabric down beneath her breasts, exposing her nipples. And my God, what nipples they were! James had often joked, in a way that made her laugh out loud, how he would never look at a raspberry in the same way again. And that’s how he treated them. Like they were the most delicious fruit he had ever tasted. He dipped down and licked and sucked firmly on each one in turn before standing back to admire them. The wind blew ferociously and the sudden cold after the warm wetness of James’s mouth only a few seconds before caused Samantha’s nipples to harden further. James reached out and pinched them hard. “Do you like that? Do you, do you like it?” he asked through gritted teeth. “You know I do” moaned Samantha as her legs started to tremble.

“Show me how much you like it, Sam”. Samantha dropped to her knees and took his hard cock in her hands. Both hands wrapped firm, fingers linked she wet her lips with her saliva making sure they were good and slippy before forming her lips into a O shape and leaning forwards she drew him in through the doorway of her generously proportioned red lips. James let out a deep groan and whispered encouragements as Samantha felt his thick cock reach the back of her throat. Slowly, she stuck her tongue out a little further, almost as if she was trying to lick his balls, and flexed and unflexed her tongue, causing ripples along his cock and then suddenly he felt it, his cock end disappeared momentarily down her throat. It felt like it was in a vice and the sudden shock of it caused him to pull back which allowed Samantha to catch her breath. “Oh fucking hell, Sam! When did you learn to do that?” James pushed back in and slowly and with total trust they experienced the delight again. It totally empowered Samantha. Knowing she could do something not every woman could. It was something she had been saving. Another surprise for him. It was almost too much for James and Samantha could feel his balls, which she was massaging, tighten and draw up slightly as his cock hardened. Sam stopped what she was doing. She really needed to feel him inside her.

James had been bracing hard against the old wooden door behind Samantha and suddenly he felt it give way slightly. Lust and sudden possibilities made him push harder and the door opened just enough to allow James to shove Samantha inside. “What!” exclaimed Samantha. “Come on Sam!” laughed James conspiratorially “Live a little! Let’s be teenagers again!” he laughed “Oh my God, James. You’re the absolute limit!” said Samantha almost in disbelief, then, with a desire for danger and glancing at James, she squeezed inside. It was dark, although there was a crack of light coming through a door at the far side of the room. This room was obviously an old store room. It contained furniture and old pub decorations some of which were hidden underneath dust sheets. James pushed the outside door shut, and slowly their eyes adjusted. They looked at each other and giggled almost nervously. “What if someone comes in, James?” “Hmmmm, well, it doesn’t look like anyone’s been in here for a while, why should tonight be any different, Sam? “whispered James, grabbing for Samantha at the same time. “But…” said Samantha in a small voice “I want you so bad, Sam”. James kissed Samantha hard, his tongue searching inside her mouth, while he removed the coat from her shoulders. James pulled urgently at her jeans, and lowering them rapidly below her knees, he turned her round and she bent forward and grasped a barrel with both arms straight out. He knelt down behind her and pulled her black silk g string to one side before pushing his face into her pussy.

James was an expert at cunnilingus. He loved the taste of smooth, wet pussy and enjoyed watching it swell as Samantha became more and more turned on. He flicked his tongue in small strokes over her clitoris, and then sucked it deep into his mouth using the flat of his tongue in hard swirling motions on it. Whilst he did this he used first one, then two fingers to fuck Samantha very slowly at first then gradually building up the speed whilst his tongue and mouth continued to pleasure her. He pulled his mouth away from her clitoris and shoved his tongue inside her pussy, feeling the warm juices smother his face as he did so. He lapped at them hungrily. Using both hands he pulled her ass cheeks apart and ran his tongue upwards, and pressed his forefinger around her butt hole, before licking at it with his tongue. He returned to her clitoris, sucking it more urgently and in response he could feel Samantha’s pelvis start to buck slightly, he sucked harder and returned his finger, slick with Samantha’s wetness, to her ass, and slowly slid it inside.

Samantha could feel her orgasm start to build, the sheer inevitability which allowed her the freedom to savour the sensations James was giving her as all her nerve ending became super sensitive to his touch. “I’m going to cum James, mmmmmm” she managed as her breathing became harder. At that point, James stood up, and positioned his cock straight out, he lined it up with her warm hole, stroking it from her clitoris to her butt hole and back again before allowing it to slide, balls deep, very slowly into her. “Oh my God, James! James! Oh sweet Lord!” groaned Samantha. It felt hot and hard as it parted her, it had to be one of the best feelings in the world, that first stroke. James pulled his cock back out then shoved it in hard whilst grabbing her hips firmly. Then he fucked her. Holding her tight, he could feel his balls slap against her soft, warm, wet pussy as he drove his cock home hard and fast.

He could feel Samantha tighten as her orgasm hit home. His cock felt like it was being squeezed so hard, this combined with the long, hard, fast strokes he was giving her sent his own cum shooting into her. He grunted hard as he felt the first shot leave him, then the waves as the rest followed, helped by Samantha’s pussy pulsing tight around him. He leaned in closer and moved his hands to her nipples, twirling and pulling at them, listening to Samantha moan in appreciation as their mutual need was eventually satiated. James cock slid from Samantha’s pussy and as it did his cum combined with her juices started to dribble from her. He couldn’t resist using his fingers to squeeze her pussy lips and in doing so he was able to watch the liquid drop soft and warm, to the floor below, the final bits running down the inside of Samantha’s thighs.

James pulled Samantha upright and turned her round. They looked at each other and smiled, kissing each other softly. Samantha found some tissues and they cleaned up, giggling almost in shock at their boldness. What if they had been caught? It made it all the more exciting. This was what they shared. Their mutual desire to take things to the edge. They freed themselves, albeit very temporarily, from the routine and expectations placed on them by situations neither of them could escape. It was a momentary indulgence that each of them would feast on when times became challenging in the everyday lives they inhabited. They rearranged their clothing, and made their way back out into the cold night of the alley way. James held Samantha’s hand tight and they walked back to the car park.

At Samantha’s car James leant in, “I’ll be in touch” he began. Samantha pressed a finger quickly to his mouth to silence him. She didn’t want to hear any more. The only way she could live through this was in the knowledge that there might never be another time. Expect nothing, and you’ll never be disappointed. She kissed him lightly, tracing a hand across his face and searched into his eyes. There it was. The look she needed to see. A kind of acceptance. In silence, James held the door open and Samantha climbed in. He closed it softly, Samantha started the engine and they each pressed their hands to the glass, before Samantha put the car in gear, and drove off the car park. She could see James still stood in the same position, hand in pockets, watching her leave. She turned on the radio and a familiar song filled the car, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Dire Straits, she listened to the lyrics, so poignant, and as the chorus opened, Samantha realised she had never hated a song more.

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4 years ago
What a fantastic story - beautifully written - loved it