Secret Suppers

I include this story as a tribute to a special person and the fun we have had xx


Lydia was busy preparing the vegetables for another dinner party she was catering for. She dealt in secrets. In fact she’d made a business out of it. ‘Secret Suppers’ had been flourishing for many years now. Her client list was extensive, and impressive. Local civic leaders, company directors, the nouveau riche.

The idea was simple, the glamorous hostess passed of Lydia’s delicious food as her own, leaving her guests wondering how she looked so amazingly coiffured, fragrant and stress free whilst bringing dish after dish of the most wonderful creations out of her own kitchen. Lydia prepared and brought the food, giving simple finishing instructions, even showed some clients just how to operate their own sparkling ranges and aga’s. All of this, leaving the hostess free to spend the party afternoon in the beauty salon and hairdressers.
The subterfuge made Lydia laugh. She delighted in hearing from an unknowing guest - how they’d attended a dinner party at The Jones, how the food was the best they had ever eaten. She would nod and murmur in all the right places, and walk away with a smile on her face. A secret smile.

As always at this point in the preparation, her mind wandered. She could chop vegetables with her eyes closed, in fact she often did, it kept her skills honed, and that’s when they started. The fantasies. A tangle of limbs shiny with sweat, fat cocks sliding into moist pussies, the cries and groans of lust, the sweet heady smell of sex. She would have to f***e her eyes open, blinking rapidly only to find herself breathing hard and heavy. Sometimes she’d have to press her face to the cool granite to stop the flushes the fantasies left her with.

She’d been married to Phillip for twenty happy years. They were c***dhood sweethearts and still very much in love. There was nothing they didn’t know about each other, or so she thought until one night after some fairly routine love making, they started talking fantasies. Egged on by Lydia, Phillip admitted yes, he was the average male, he wanted a threesome. “But that’s SO unfair!” laughed Lydia. “What about me, how come you get all the fun?”
“Well” he said looking at her and gently stroking her face, “We could always do a foursome then. You know, with another couple, there must be other people out there…like us.”

Lydia’s eyes flew open. Could Phillip mean it? She sat up in bed turning to look at him, not saying anything but the question written all over her face. Was he serious? His blue eyes bore into hers, and he nodded slowly, a sly smile on his face.

“I’d love to see you being fucked by someone else, its something I’ve often fantasised about. You know how much I love you, Lydia. I wouldn’t let anything bad happen, baby.” Lydia felt her insides turn over. She couldn’t believe it. It was something she’d been thinking about lately too. There was never any question of her doing anything about it though. Her love for Phillip mattered more than anything in the world. She’d have walked off a cliff for him.
She bit her lip, raised an eyebrow, sucking in a deep breath and ran her eyes slowly down Phillips naked body. He’d pulled the sheets back and she could see that his cock, though still wet with cum and juices from less than half an hour ago, was now hard and twitching against his hairy belly. “Oh baby” she murmured, leaning into him and kissing him hard. They had the best session they’d had for years that night. Undulating from soft and gentle to hard, rough and noisy.

That’s when she’d first started having the fantasies, and they were building in the frequency and urgency. Phillip was busy most evenings sifting the internet for the perfect couple. Lydia was invited to look at pictures and read profiles as the short listing continued. At last the choice was made. Dinner, at a Country House Hotel, rooms booked, midway in distance for both parties. The agreement was simple. If they didn’t like each other by the end of dinner there would be no pressure to continue.

They arrived early at the hotel, which Lydia was relieved to discover, was just what she wanted. Comfortable and contemporary with a nod to the history of the place. Fluffy towels piled high in the ensuite marble bathroom, and a sunken Jacuzzi bath. Egyptian cotton sheets folded and tucked on the huge bed. Realising they were actually here, Lydia’s stomach turned. Could she do it? She was half strangled with anticipation mixed with a little frison of fear but most of all excitement. Phillip came behind her, putting his arms round her. “We can walk away now, baby, if you change your mind”. She turned to look at him. “I know. But I don’t think I want to do you?” he shook his head as they both looked at each other and laughed, their love for each other so blindingly obvious.

At 7.30 they dressed and went down for dinner, scanning the room for a couple who they hoped, vaguely resembled their picture from the internet. Then they saw them. Anthony stood up and walked towards them. He was mid height, with a wide chest, dark hair and brown eyes. “I’m Anthony, you must be Phillip” he said holding his hand out, continuing “…and you must be Lydia. Please, come and let me introduce you to Sumi”.

Anthony led the way to a comfortable corner, and there, sat on a huge leather sofa, was the most beautiful woman Lydia had ever seen. Her picture did’nt go anywhere near capturing the essence of her. Her dark, almost black hair falling in wild tumbling waves half way down her back, clipped half up to reveal high cheekbones and black almond shaped eyes, a perfect foil for her full lips. She wore a silk floor length halter neck dress which revealed a hint of full breast and showed her toned arms to perfection. The turquoise colour showed her Asian heritage to perfection. Lydia was astonished. She had expected to be charmed by Anthony, not by this beautiful creature in front of her. She saw Phillip take in the scene, and smiled at him in her appreciation, nodding her blessing.

Sumi smiled graciously and following more introductions, conversation soon settled down into that of friends that had known each other for years. As they ate dinner, Lydia noticed Anthony looking at her. He wasn’t classically good looking but he had a warmth and an openness about him, direct in gaze and a gentleman to the core – carefully holding doors and pulling chairs out, even opening Sumi’s napkin for her, anticipating her needs almost before she was aware of them herself. Lydia could see why he was able to catch a woman as beautiful as Sumi. As she watched him recounting a particularly humorous story she suddenly had a vision of him above her, looking at her as she felt his cock sliding into her for the first time. She had to stifle the gasp in her throat, attempting to cover it with a small cough. Sumi looked at Lydia, smiled and closing her hand over hers, said in a whisper “I was exactly the same as you Lydia, my first time. Don’t be afraid, Anthony’s a very skilled lover. You won’t be disappointed.”

They had decided the question at the end of the meal should be “Shall we?” Lydia could see Phillip watching her and as the conversation died, Anthony, following a quick nod from Phillip, queried “Well, ladies. Shall we?” Sumi and Lydia glanced at each other and they both confirmed yes at almost exactly the same time.

Anthony invited Lydia and Phillip to collect anything they might need from their room and make their way to the suite he and Sumi had booked on the top floor of the hotel. When they arrived there, Anthony opened the door and welcomed them in. “Phillip, Sumi is waiting for you in this bedroom here, and Lydia, we will be in this bedroom” he said, indicating a door separated from the first bedroom by the large comfortable seating area of the suite. Phillip leaned to kiss Lydia and they both smiled at each other “ Have fun Phillip” said Lydia. “You too, baby”. Phillip disappeared with an air of confidence into the bedroom first indicated, leaving Lydia with Anthony.

“Would you like a drink, Lydia?” enquired Anthony. “Ummm er, no thanks” struggled Lydia. Anthony walked solemnly and slowly towards Lydia. She noticed that, in putting her skysc****r ‘Fuck Me’ shoes on - she was standing taller than Anthony. He didn’t seem the slightest bit worried by this, and neither, she realised, was she. His quiet confidence and assured stance was mesmerising. He took her hand and kissed it, holding onto it as he led her towards the bedroom.

Once inside she saw that there was porn playing on a large flat screen TV, under which was a shelf carrying an array of sex toys. A small open wardrobe stood to the side of the screen holding outfits ranging from the finest, expertly crafted silks to the hardest leather dominatrix fashions. Lydia stood and stared in amazement, drawing in breath as her eyes took it all in. “Lydia. Choose your look. I love them all. Get changed and I’ll be back soon.”

Lydia pulled at the soft silks and cold hard leathers trying first one on, then another and another - admiring her body and how different each outfit made her feel. The soft sexy vulnerability of the silks versus the hard lustful strength gained from wearing leather. She was lost in the moment, like a c***d in a sweet shop.

She finally settled on a beautiful black burlesque style corset with suspenders and stockings which laced up the backs with fine black satin ribbon. She replaced her shoes. Fuck me shoes are for fucking in, she laughed to herself admiring her feet in the towering heels. She immediately felt her pussy swelling and her nipples harden as she admired herself in the full length mirror placed close by. Lydia walked towards her reflection, pulling her breasts free above the corset line then nipping and pinching her large, full nipples before sliding her hand down to her swollen pussy, feeling how wet, hot and slippy it was.

She watched her reflection as she slid a finger inside herself and lifted it to her mouth, tasting her musky, sweetness on her tongue. Suddenly, Lydia heard a small mechanical sliding noise and a gentle laugh. Standing very still, she tried to work out where the noise was coming from. She looked to the bedroom door and realised it had a spy hole in it, covered by a small shutter. Realisation dawned. Anthony had been watching her the whole time.

At that moment he opened the door, and walked in wearing just a dressing gown. “Forgive me Lydia; I just had to indulge myself. You looked wonderful in all the outfits and particularly so in this one. You’ve had quite an effect on me. See.” Taking Lydia’s hand he placed it on the front of his robe. Lydia’s voice was choked. Her lust was raging. She wanted this man so badly. She grabbed his hard, hot cock through the fabric and looking at him said “Kiss me, and then fuck me! Hard!” Anthony didn’t need telling twice.

He placed one hand on the back of Lydia’s neck, and grabbing her hair he pulled her face towards his, and his other hand went straight to one of her, by now, very erect nipples. Their lips touched gently at first, and then Anthony exclaimed “I can taste your pussy on your mouth, and it’s driving me wild!” He pressed harder into Lydia, pushing his tongue into her mouth, savouring her taste. He steered Lydia towards the bed, and she sat down on it. She felt steamy hot, wild and lustful. She grabbed the tie to his dressing gown and undid it, her hands shaking while Anthony shrugged it quickly off his shoulders.

Now bare, she was able to appraise him. His body was like his personality, she realised with a start. Firm, sure and solid. She liked what she saw. Lydia’s hand reached out and her fingers closed around Anthony’s hard cock which was at face height. She cupped his balls whilst stroking his foreskin up and down his hard goodness, watching it slide over the glistening head before leaning in with her mouth, and flicking her tongue rhythmically against the head on her downward stroke. Anthony groaned loudly. “Fuck, that’s good. Don’t stop”. However, Lydia stood up and pushing gently she manoeuvred Anthony into a sitting position on the bed. Skysc****r heels making her even taller, she leaned forward pushing her breasts into his face which he cupped greedily squeezing them hard together before sucking at the nipples like a hungry man. Lydia grasped his cock as he sucked at her and began wanking him up and down. Alternating between a hard and a soft stroke. Learning what he liked by his reaction at her breast. His cock began softly weeping clear, clean fluid.

“Stop! Lydia. I don’t want to come yet.” groaned Anthony. Lydia loved the effect she was having on him. She pushed him onto his back, and climbed on the bed, astride his shoulders, placing her hair free pussy directly above his face before lowering herself slowly down, then twisting and turning to find just the right spot finally crying out “Oh Yes! Suck me! Fuck me with your tongue” She bucked her hips back and forth, finding the rhythm, grinding her pussy onto his face which was becoming wet with her juices. Lydia could feel the pressure surge, she knew she was coming and she didn’t want to hold it back. “Oh yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck” she shouted as she felt the contractions start. She leaned back, and steadying herself on Anthony’s torso, she threw her face up to the ceiling, and to her amazement saw her own eyes looking back through the mirrors placed there.

She opened her mouth and groaned loud and deep, trying desperately to maintain her gaze on herself, failing momentarily as her eyes were f***ed shut through the sheer strength of the contractions which she could feel ripping through her. When her breathing steadied and the waves stopped she appraised herself in the mirror above. Clear eyes, flushed face, sex crazed and still lusting for more.

She swung one stocking clad leg back and lay down side by side with Anthony. “Are you ok, Lydia?” He asked “Oh yes, very, very ok” answered Lydia. “Then lets continue” he said. He kissed her and for only the second time in her life she tasted her juices, and she loved it. She could see, she realised, why some men were so orally obsessed. To Lydia with her heightened sense of taste and smell, it was divine.

Anthony walked towards the shelf and selected a couple of items. “Open your legs” he commanded, she did so, now trusting him. He leaned down and she felt a slick of metal slide around her clitoris. He indicated to the mirror above, and opening her legs, she could see a slim metal clip which was gently grasping her clit, pushing it forward and up. In his other hand Anthony held a bullet vibrator which he rubbed lightly across her nipples before placing it onto her exposed, vulnerable and now super sensitive clitoris. It was like an electric shock running through her. She literally jumped, all the muscles in her upper torso forcing her off the bed. “Arrgggghhhhhhh!” she grimaced. “Is that hurting you?” enquired Anthony, smiling gently. “God! No! It’s fucking amazing. Oh My God! I so need your cock in me! Now!”

Anthony grabbed the heels of Lydia’s shoes and lifted them up and wide, sliding her ankles over his shoulders, before steadying his cock against her soft, wet hole. He lifted his groin high and pushing slowly but firmly down, he watched her face intently, feeling her almost suck him into her, not stopping until he was buried balls deep. “ Oooooooohhhhhh, mmmmmmmm” Lydia was in absolute ecstasy. The feeling of his hot hard cock filling her was sublime. Then he began moving. Not just in and out, but pushing down so he softly grazed her every exposed clitoris, and angling her pelvis so his cock head hit her G Spot. They stared into each others faces. Eyes locked as the dance continued, hearing the moans, cries and grunts of the other couple fucking as the TV screen flickered with pornographic images.

It was sheer unadulterated erotic lust in all its glory and Lydia loved it. She fought for the release, she wanted to feel Anthony’s seed spill hot and warm inside her. Wanted to hear his guttural, primeval cries as he lost all control.

Looking to her side at the screen, she watched in delight as the firm, hard cock she observed slid wetly into the golden, soft brown pussy. Then as the camera panned away she recognised a spot, a birthmark, so familiar, on the thigh of the man, she watched that self same blemish move across the screen as the now very familiar cock hit hard against the woman’s pubic bone, listening to their cries as the screen couple neared their own release.

She realised in an instance she was watching Phillip and Sumi. She looked at Anthony but it was too late and her orgasm broke. She bucked and writhed lifting her hips and grinding them against Anthony’s pelvis. She heard him gasp and groan, then they were shouting expletives and grabbing each other, swearing and cursing, sucking air in, in the desperate need to breathe. Their arms wrapped around each other, her nails almost digging through the flesh of his broad back. Every muscle rock solid until the contractions left them.

Eventually, the spell was lifted. Lydia seemed to realise where she was and how the events of the night had come to be. At that point Phillip came in, just as Anthony was standing to go and check on Sumi. After some murmurs and pleasantries Phillip and Lydia said goodnight and left to return to their room. They slept soundly in each others arms, never feeling more free or liberated in their love, appreciation and security of each other.

The next morning Phillip woke early and got up, deciding to take advantage of the hotel facilities and go for a swim. He was almost surprised at seeing a familiar face in there.

Lydia lay in bed, pondering and revelling in thoughts of the night before. A tap at the door broke her concentration. “Lydia, it’s me! Let me in.” Confused, Lydia got up and threw on a silk dressing gown before turned the lock. There, stood before her was the most beautiful woman Lydia had ever seen in her life. She held her hand out and drew a smiling Sumi in.


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3 years ago
Very nice and told well. I hope there is a second part. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
The best stories I have read on here Lydia you are a dream I would dearly like to talk to the stunning temptress who wrote this.