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We are a married couple, I'm 40, she's 45, just experiencing a newfound lust for each other and a strengthening of our love. Married almost 18yrs and we are just so thrilled with what we are expericing with each other. We are both developing a newly discovered kinky side. I like women and men in pantyhose, bondage and stories. My wife likes men in pantyhose while maturbating, likes to see men cum, and to see their precum as well as stories. We are taking things slowly, still trying to figure out what we have become sexually and just enjoy each other as much as we can. I will be buying a strap on for me to use on her. She has a finger vibrator that she loves.I love to wear pantyhose, she loves me in them as well. She just wore for me for the first time and she looked spectacular in them. To see her in them was a realization of a dream. A dream that i never thought would happen. We love masturbating together, kissing, and she absolutely loves to have her nipples gently played with. All of this has just made us happier people. We both are enjoying exploring xhamster to fuel our desires. Our names are Matt and Michelle. We will, not be posting any personal pics.. Our deep love for each other has made us realize that we need to be as open and honest with each other, xhamster and other similar sites can help us in discovering new things to experience.
If any would like to chat feel free to send us a PM, though honestly, she more than likely won't be doing any chatting. But feel free to send me a PM, I'm willing to chat about anything at all.
We are not looking to meet anyone..

Oct. 2012 UPDATE

Well, here we are well over a year later. Ever since we reconnected both emotionally and sexually things have really been good between us. But within the last week, things have gotten really hot. We can't keep our hands off each other. She now has nipple clamps with a nice heavy chain. First time she used it was by herself and she put the chain in her mouth. Pulled, so it was tight and masturbated to a nice orgasm. Now we are going to use it quite often and will buy weights for it so they pull even more. Also bought a nice, fleshy 6 1/2 in dildo. She never wanted to try one. Well. After lubing it up and sliding it in her, she moaned and enjoyed immensly. I slid it all the way in and pushed so the balls on the dildo pushed against her clit. She quickly had an orgasm. She came so hard. Was beautiful to watch. So, our next purchase will be a different style of nipple clamp but with a clit clamp. All connected with chains. It was her idea too. How cool is that.?!

May 2014 update

Well, not much happened with our sex lives since the last update. Life got in the way. But the last month things have been stupendous! My wife has never had so many orgasms. It's so beautiful and sexy to watch and help her cum. I got a silicone cock sheath. Not great for intwrcourae but wonderful to jerk off with. Also just got her an 8inch dildo that the loves. I'm average sized. So to see her slide that thing in her is great. It fills her up like never before. It gives her deep, intense orgasms. She rediscovered the nipple clamps and adores them just as much. We both are really enjoying watching vids of men jerking off in pantyhose. She is also enjoying lesbian porn too. We both want to get collars and leashes and gags next. Also some nice hi-gloss pantyhose for me to wear. She is enjoying the kinkier side of her sexuality and I love it! Also going to get her her first vibrator. She should enjoy that.

I also have a yahoo account if you also want to chat....hosedathome@yahoo.com
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6 days ago
That really was a great vid. thank you so much for sharing it with us.
9 days ago
You and the Mrs. may enjoy this video I made.
16 days ago
Wife is hot too
16 days ago
Your widen a hot ooo
1 month ago
love your page,,,
2 months ago
Thank you for accepting my invitation.
2 months ago
thx for the invitation! accepted with pleasure ;D
3 months ago
nice profile
4 months ago
Great avatar, fantastic vid! You should post more.
4 months ago
Very horny couple loved your updates
5 months ago
i'd love to watch and be watched by you and your wife i have a major pantyhose fetish and reading your story is making me dress up mmmm.
5 months ago
I am bi and would love to get to know you both and who knows even meet up someday
8 months ago
Let me know when you want me in pantyhose....:)
9 months ago
Geile Grüße aus germany
11 months ago
some truly hot galleries
1 year ago
thank you for the invite
1 year ago
Thank you. We both are happy where we are at.
1 year ago
Lovely profile, really happy for you both!
1 year ago
Love the vids
1 year ago
Happy 14.000 visit!!!
1 year ago
HOT Vid's
1 year ago
Is a follower on tumblr now ;)
1 year ago
Thanks for the add!!! Luv the pics and your selection of vids
1 year ago
hot profile
1 year ago
Love your stuff.
I really dig cum on a woman's stockings or lingerie.
1 year ago
love your pics and vids, wished you lived closer ;-)
1 year ago
Thanks for the invite.
2 years ago
Great pics and vids. Awesome couple.
2 years ago
Nice profile....love the pics!
2 years ago
thanx for invite

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