The Country House (Part 2)

Tony began to remove the rest of his clothes whilst Lizbeth used the bathroom to clean up Tony opened his luggage and found his new Victorias Secret black lace basque with the red edging and his black sheer stockings with the lace hold up section as it was a special evening he also removed his blonde bob wig and his makeup box.
Under his lingerie he found what he was really looking for something to set the night off with a bang, a small self seal bag containing seven grammes of Columbias finest, he spilt some on to the dressing table top and swiftly and expertly carved out two large lines, he waited until Lizbeth returned offering her the rolled twenty.
"Dont mind if I do" she bent slightly over the table giving Tony a grand stand view of her still pert buttocks and her pussy lips gently pushed together they looked more exquisite than they had when he had been buried in her cunt. His cock twitched again, but this wasn't the time there would be time to touch and caress again but now he needed a shower, plus the hot water would bring the coke up, he grabbed his portable razor and stepped into the bathroom. He needed a quick trim to show off his perfect six inches even if he did say so himself he did have a great cock and arse and legs that wouldn't have looked out of place on a catwalk
Returning to the room Lizbeth was applying her makeup she really was a beautiful woman her nipples looked erect and pert and he had to hold himself back from rubbing his cock on them.
He began to dress. "Who else do you think will be here ?"he asked, "not sure" she replied but I have a feeling i will be one hell of an evening' she began to pull a sheer body suit from her case, it was completely crotchless and made her cunt stand proud against the opaque black silk and latex. I was in awe my cock had got hard again, i stroked it nonchalantly still staring at Lizbeths perfect little fanny.
"Whats it like from behind ?" she asked bending over , her big round arse now inches from my cock, I knelt down to take a better look, her anus like the end of a tied ballon was screaming to be kissed , I obliged french kissing her arse hole deep and long.
"Enough, Enough" she cried I will be piss wet through before the starters. He began to pull his stockings up leaving the pants to last he buttoned the basque it made him look shapely and attractive well at least from the back. Lizbeth did the finishing touches on his makeup, they stocked up on class A fuel and headed towards the door " I do hope its not just an elaborate practical joke and we are the only ones dressed like this"
"Fuck em , she said and strode confidently past him.
If Tonys experience was extraordinary so far then nothing could prepare him for what greeted him, there was twelve individuals all dressed the same , it looked like a twenties brothel, the only difference being that some of the guests had bulges in the front of their pants. He dropped a viagra with his first cocktail as he felt he was going to need it. All the waitresses taking round trays of cocktails were naked in their twenties and all beautiful their pert little tits or sculpted abs just made the whole atmosphere totally electric. After the cocktails a silver platter piled high with coke came round I filled up all the while staring at the young waiters semi-erect cock as he dished out the coke. I lent over and squeezed his cock gently it jumped into life becoming instantly hard I wanked him slowly, he was staring at another twenty something waitress who was collecting glasses from the tables bending over showing her perfect peach arse and completely shaved cunt, oh this was like heaven Tony reached for the poppers took a deep breath just as the waiter let loose with his jizz all over the table.
My cock was now sticking out the top of my pants, its head trying to gain attention from someone, a woman walked past totally naked from the waist down except for long leather boots, seeing my cock trying to escape from my pants she pulled my pants down at the front and then gently pushed her arse into my crotch. Her arse was gorgeous still bearing the signs of an early holiday in the sun , her bikini had only just managed to protect her little landing strip, I pulled her arse cheeks apart gently so I could reveal her pulsing arse hole I rubbed my thumb gently into her arse as her left hand lazily looked out my cock pulling and squeezing it without any real purpose. Someone had pushed poppers up under my nose I breathed deeply wrapped in the waves of horny excitement that cascaded around me, someone inserted a wet finger in my arse hole, my cock twitched appreciatively
With that the dinner was announced, we all began making our way to the main hall.

Part three to follow.

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