The House In The Country - Part 1

The drive up to the house from the entrance gates was over half a mile, the house was beautiful a large county estate set back in woodland, great sweeping steps led to the front door, I was intrigued. After all it was only two days earlier I had received the anonymous invitation. I was shown to my room , well our room to be honest as there was two large beds in the room, one already had an expensive set of luggage , what was more intriguing was the beautiful black lace basque neatly placed next to the cases. I glanced around the room and noticed the small printed card placed carefully upon what was obviously now my pillow. I picked the card up, "You are cordially invited to a dinner party at 20:00 prompt in the great hall-dress code - Underwear"I was more intrigued now and to be honest a little turned on, i slipped my cock out of my trousers, almost fully hard I began to stroke it in front of the full length mirror, turned on by the sight of my now fully extended cock, I stroked faster. With that the adjoining door to what was apparently the en-suite bathroom, opened I was greeted by the not unwelcome sight of a beautifully built blonde wrapped in a towel. "Dont mind me" she said as she glanced down to my still hard cock, "Im so sorry, " I said, whilst trying to f***e the offending rod back in my pants.
"No really dont mind me, I tell you what lets have a rule for the next two days whilst we are here if we are in the room irrespective of who else is in the room, we should be at least partially naked"
She let the towel drop, she was a stunning woman large melon like breasts perfect large dark nipples, framed with large strong shoulders, she was perhaps fifty or so, still in great shape.
"Besides I like to show off what Ive got" she said" would you like to look at my cunt" She emphasised the YOU
Her hands immediately slipped to her crotch, almost completely bald with a perfect tuft of dark hair going up like an exclamation mark to her clit.
"Yes please I croaked"
She sat back in to the Georgian wing chair, keeping her legs firmly closed, I started at her oh so perfect tits , then to the pretty and kind face. My eyes then drawn to her slowly opening legs.
"Come on then, come and kneel here"
I did as I was told giving up on my losing effort to get my cock back in my pants, I rapidly gave up the battle taking them off along with my underpants all the while i was staring at her perfect cunt, her cute plump lips perfectly shaved oh she as gorgeous and confident with a body to die for now had her pussy inches rom my face I could smell her it was intoxicating, I reached into my inside pocket , my hand found the bottle I brought the poppers out unscrewed the lid and offered it to her, she leant forward and inhaled deeply , leaning back and opening her legs wide, I inhaled too the ecstasy was immediate the rush of being so close to that beautiful fanny. I wanked furiously harder and harder my cock throbbed I inhaled again and buried my face between her legs, she was appetisingly wet, I licked deep feeling her little clit twitch with my probing tongue her feet had found my cock, and expertly gripped it slowly moving up and down. I moved my hands to slide in underneath her arse, she wiggled in the chair shuffling for ward so my tongue could find her eager arsehole. I probed it furiously it opening and closing in time with my thrusts, she was moaning and grabbing my head forcing it down on her clit I sucked greedilly felling it get larger in my mouth I sucked and let go continuously my index finger now slipping into her arsehole , she was moving her hips like a hula dancer and still her feet wanked me slowly, I leant back slipping a couple of fingers in her dripping pussy, I inhaled agin on the amyl-nitrate offering it up to her again, we both were in the highest form of ecstasy by now I just started at her beautiful cunt it was like all the greatest art exhibits all in one and at that moment was the only thing I wanted to look at and feel and taste, my cock jerked letting loose its flying ribbons of spunk splashing her legs, I moved back in for the clit and licked gently at first small circular movements than harder quick then slow she was building to the climax and was now trying to f***e my whole head into her crotch I didn't mind it was where I wanted to be I stroked her arsehole that was the catalyst she bucked like a pony once twice then her grip relaxed around my head and she fell back in the chair. Done, spent looking like the lady she was again in all her naked beauty. I leant back on my elbows my head still head height to her pubis.
"Hi Im Tony" I said
"Lizbeth" she gasped."Pleased to meet you"

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