The perfect afternoon

There would be five of us, two men, one obviously me, the other a handsome well built sensitive and gentle man with a more than passing interest in cross dressing and also interested in mature well built women. The other three would all be that, fantastically shapely well built women at least around our age (forties),but older or younger there are no rules here. The day would begin with us all meeting up in a house away from everywhere (so we all could play outside naked without fear of being overlooked if the weather permitted of course) after we had all showered and dressed , all of us would be dressed in the same manner, stockings suspenders , beautiful pants and bra or basque whatever as long as it's feminine and beautiful. We would all meet up in one large room, porn would be playing on the TV all mature women , stripping and showing off. We would have a drink and whatever else was on offer to loosen up a bit, I would begin by gently stroking tits it doesn't matter who's just whomever is the nearest gently kissing them exposing them so we all could see, the others would see what was going on and they would begin to slowly get naked just relishing the moments when we could admire their beauty and nakedness. Someone (male or female it doesn't matter) would be gently pulling my pants down to expose my rock hard cock, as lips fastened around the head, my mouth would find arse cheeks above me I would be darting my tongue in between arse hole and pussy, licking slowly while she moved her hips around my body. One of the ladies would be seated ,erotically opening her legs so I could see her beautiful pussy, slightly shaven but exposing her plump labia, my cock would be getting harder and harder , wherever I looked there was a beautiful arse or hard cock or perfect large breasts hanging close, able to touch and kiss or rub into my cock, someone would have begun to lick my arse as my tongue was lapping a by now erect nipple , gently inserting an index finger up my arse , I would by now going into ecstasy all the while someone else would be putting a bottle of poppers under my nose the sudden rush combined with my heightened sexual awareness was like nothing else I pulled the pussy deep into my tongue as my cock seemed to enlarge to twice its normal size thrusting my cock between two massive tits whilst the finger up my arse persistently searched for my prostate, as my cock slid in and out of the huge knockers my hand found my friends cock as he edged around so I could gently rim him, one of the ladies had sat squarely on his face and as she leaned forward to rub her clit on his lips I stared at her perfect arsehole framed by the lace trimmed suspenders and stockings her big beautiful arse riding his face like a pony. There would be moaning and writhing everywhere, here I was with a cock in one hand my face alternating between arsehole and pussy, whilst having my cock gently milked. After we had all come we would spend the next few hours just looking at each other and stroking and playing , walking or bathing before we all got so excited we would begin again.

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