Glory hole multiple creampie and facials

Hi all

The other week I went out to probably the best glory hole place been to so far. Lets begin...

I had been waiting for this for quite a while and been looking forward to, the excitement had been building up the closer it got.

When I got to this glory hole place I was wearing a short tartan pleated skirt and a bodysuit (strappy one). I was feeling horny all day and could feel a tingle and bit of warmth and wetness in my pussy at every thought about going to this place. I walked into this room was quite a nice room, small enough to be able to give a blow job while having one pump your pussy.

As soon as I got into the room I only had to wait for a couple of seconds before the first cock appeared through one of the holes. Well I didn't hesitate I was straight on the cock. I had my lips around it in seconds and not sooner than I had grabbed it and stroked it a few time I could feel the swelling of the cock and knew he was about to shoot his load so I pulled my mouth off so I could get a facial. The load which shot out of the end of the cock was massive, my face was covered in the warm cum and some had dripped down on to my boobs and bodysuit. I got a bit on my finger and put it in my mouth to taste it mmm fresh cum.

No sooner as he had shot his load I got a feeling on my pussy lips through the bodysuit, I looked down and there was a cock between my legs rubbing up against my pussy through the bodysuit. By this time my pussy was very wet and some of my juices had soaked in the the crotch of the bodysuit. I undone the crotch of the bodysuit so the cock could feel the wetness of my pussy. I then lead the cock inside my pussy to which I let out a little wimper of joy. As he was pumping away and I was thrusting at the same time a cock appeared through the hole in front of me. I got my lips and hands around it stroking and sucking it. I could then feel the cock inside me explode a load of cum inside me deeply shot after shot came out into me and it felt soooo good. He pulled out and in no time at all another cock slid straight in to my pussy and as this happened the cock I was sucking shot a load of cum into my mouth and onto my face which again some fell down onto my boobs. I rubbed it all into my boobs and rubbed all the cum on my face over my face.

Another cock appeared in front of me again and this time both of the cocks blew cum at the same time which really turned me on and made me almost orgasm. This carried on for probably at least an hour maybe more I lost all track of time. My pussy was fully and dripping cum, my face was covered in a thick layer of cum, my boobs were cum covered alot too. I had taken something to gather any cum which happened to ooze out of my pussy etc which had got a good amount. I poured it into my mouth so as not to waste any cum. I gargled it in my mouth before I swallowed it.

After feeling full both in my tummy and in my pussy from all the cum, I done up my bodysuit and walked out around town to do some shopping with cum still on my face and boobs, and also soaking into the crotch of the bodysuit and some stray bits of cum dripping down my leg. I was like that for the rest of the day and It was very exciting to be walking round with the cum dripping out of me and also covering me in public. I did get a few funny looks from some people

Another story will be coming shortly
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3 months ago
what does it take to make you climax?
6 months ago
Dam fucking hot loved to have been there
1 year ago
That's a great story, I do believe you and I would have a lot to talk about but why don't you find out for yourself and message me :p x
1 year ago
Excellent stories
1 year ago
If i`d have seen you with cum on ya face, i`d have gladly given you some more x
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago