Swimsuit cum walk in public

I was on holiday very close to the beach, a year or two ago, to cut the story short I met a few guys and things progressed.

Early one morning we had arranged for them to come to my room, to which I answered the door in one of my many swimsuits. The swimsuit I wore to answer the door was a sporty one, quite tight on my body, hugging it very well and felt goodto wear, a blue and black colour.

Well needless to say the 7 of us had some good fun with them sliding their cocks in and out of my pussy as well as me sucking them off. I decided to take of the swimsuit to begin with to get what I want to first, After I had drained all their lovely hot cum from them for the couple hours of sex, 2 of them had filled my pussy with lovely hot cum, 2 had covered my body with cum also. By which point once this was done I put my swimsuit back on to help keep all that lovely hot cum in my pussy and also keep in on my body and to soak into the swimsuit, the other 2 I had cum onto the swimsuit 1 who cum on the front of my swimsuit and the other cumming down the the back of the swimsuit. I managed to get a couple of the them to cum again to which I had them cum on my face and in my mouth.

It was getting close to lunch time and was getting hungry, we parted ways, after a while of them leaving the room I went down to the beach to find a restaurant, I hadn't changed to cleaned up so still had cum on my face, soaking in to the the swimsuit and covering the swimsuit both on the front and back. A couple of people in the hotel did a double take and one or two just stared at me as I walked past. I was feeling really naughty and was starting to get turned on again.

After a couple of minutes of walking down the beach I found a nice restaurant and went in and sat outside, when I sat down I could feel the cum on my bum and also the cum soaked crotch of the swimsuit, it felt really nice, the waitress noticed a bit of cum and gave me a cheeky little wink to acknowledge that she knew what I had been up to and what I had on me, I smiled back at her and ordered my food, I had in my mind to ask her whether I could have what I had ordered have some delicious cum on it but i didn't.

When the food came I sneekily stood up a little and took the sppon from the table, I then pulled the crotch of the swimsuit to the side and put the spoon just under my pussy and some of the cum which was still inside my pussy poured out onto the spoon. I then quickly took the spoon and drizzle the cum which was on it over the food, I then readjusted the cum soaked crotch of the swimsuit.

Afterwards I went back to the hotel and sunbathed still with the dry cum on my face and also cum stained swimsuit. I didn't take the swimsuit off till the next morning.
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2 months ago
wish I was there to see you and help provide the cum
1 year ago
That is fucking horny.
1 year ago
Love to lick and smell that swimsuit...and your hot wet pussy!!
1 year ago
good story, makes me want to cum inside you ;)
2 years ago
excellent story - you really are a cum-bunny
2 years ago
Sorry for the double post, but reminded me of this video.

2 years ago
Love it!!!
2 years ago
great experience
2 years ago
Nice story, would have loved to cuddle you all night and perhaps kiss your pussy the next day
2 years ago