The Wayward Slave

This is just a short story about a slave that thought he knew better than me!

Once upon a time there was a Mistress that owned a very loyal and dedicated slave. She had always been very proud of him and secure in the knowledge that she could take him anywhere and always know that he knew how to act. She was invited to a party that would be having several of the Mistresses in the community there with their slaves. So, the Mistress told her slave to get his ass dressed and she put his collar and leash on and they left. Arriving there, she removed the leash and told the slave to go with the other slaves and stay out of trouble. But for some reason she worried once he was out of her sight. She had caught him talking to another Mistress at a recent get together but had let it slide then, knowing that it was sending mixed signals, but didn't want him to be hurt. And as the evening wore on, she felt more sure that he was misbehaving. She went in search of him and found him talking to another Mistress. Not upset at first, the Mistress went over to them and found out the slave had decided on his own to invite this second Mistress into his life for the sexual strap on experience and he would keep his original Mistress for the degration and humiliation. As she turned to scold him though, she noticed that every single Mistress had entered the room trying to figure out what was happening. The Mistress that owned the disobedient slave was so humiliated that her most loyal slave would do this that she walked over to him, put his leash on, and left the party practically dragging him behind her.

When they arrived home, the Mistress severely punished her wayward slave and proceeded to give him several small tasks that he could complete even at work. She had to explain to her slave that the tasks she was having him do were punishment tasks for his unruly behavior in front of the other Mistresses. She also explained to him that it wasn't up to him to think and decide his actions. That is why he has a Mistress! And as long as she owned him she expected him to live by the proper code among Mistresses and slaves! He agreed and realized he was much happier when he recognizes his place and just sat back and enjoyed it.

I hope you are having a pleasant day slave....your punishment phase continues as I feel your actions were very misplaced and I need you to understand how very important your allegiance and dedication are to me. I cannot and will not have a slave telling me when and where and what to do! You need to also understand that I want absolutely no contact today expect one confirming that you read this email and understand. Good day slave and I will contact you with further instructions.


The only one in charge
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