My Late Night Visitor!

I gave a special slave a task to do..... I gave him a little story back to let him know how proud I am of him. I loved hearing how much he came and loved hearing that he did it right there at work! Fuck, how damn exciting!

He is at work, but off duty for now, just laying in his bunk. He is stroking his dick as instructed, but scared of the thought of someone walking in the room. I love the thought of someone walking in on you as you are stroking it. And right when you are about to cum, your co worker walks in and you stop and pull the covers over your rock hard cock. But, your friend walks over to you and removes your hand from the covers and slowly pulls the blanket back. He looks you right in the eyes and you are so fucking horny that you can't say anything, you just watch as he continues to pull the blanket slowly revealing your naked, beautiful hard cock. He looks right at it and starts to smile, looks back in your eyes and as you look right into his eyes, he lowers his mouth to your dick and gently takes just the tip into his mouth. He runs his tongue just over the throbbing tip and you shudder as you feel your cum start pulsing through your body. Fuck, it fucking feels so damn good! You feel your nutsack tighten and know that it won't take much before you shoot your hot wad right down his fucking throat! He takes his mouth away and before you know it, you hear yourself moan out loud. You realize that even though this should be wrong, it feels so fucking good! You don't even care that it is wrong, you just fucking want it! Need it! Omg! You're cock throbs with the need to feel his soft hot wet mouth devouring your cock. Slowly you reach out and put your hand on the back of his head and steer him downward until he fully takes your whole cock in his mouth this time. You close your eyes and moan so fucking loud that you know the other guys are going to hear and come in to see what's wrong. You put a hand over your mouth and pull him lower, thrusting up to push your hard cock deeper. He opens his mouth wider and you bury your cock all the way to his throat. You feel his throat move on the tip and that's all it takes! You are so damn fucking horny and this is a fantasy that you have wanted for so fucking long that you can't hold yourself anymore. With one more mighty thrust, you bury your cock throat deep and pull his head all the way down til you are buried so fucking deep in him that you cum right then and there. You try to hold it back but your balls are throbbing and pulsing and you feel your cum explode right out of your dick deep in his throat. You grab his head harder and thrust up as your feel your cum pumping right down his fucking throat. You feel each throb, each pulse, each spurt as your balls empty into his thirsty mouth. You feel him almost gag and that turns you on even more and you jam your cock in deeper. You lay back on your bed, spent and exhausted and can barely move. You just lay there and watch as he lifts up off your limp spent dick and licks the cum off of his lips and smiles. He slowly comes to your face and leans over and kisses you as a lover would. He opens his mouth and slowly releases your own cum into your mouth and shares his treat with you. You are so surprised but before you can move away, it slides down your throat. You can't move anyway, it felt so fucking took all of your energy. You watch as your lover reaches down and genlty strokes your lifeless cock and then covers you back up. He kisses you one more time and tells you good night and sweet dreams. before he even walks out of the room, you are sound asl**p, just like a baby. You wake up in the morning and wonder if it was all a dream. You lift the covers and look at your dick but it looks like it always does. You think to yourself it didn't happen. Just then, your friend comes in. You want so badly to ask him but you are too scared. You watch as he goes about his normal duties and then just as he walks out of the room, he turns and smiles at you. And you know it happened and you know you loved every fucking minute!
I hope you enjoyed this story slut. I want you to stroke your dick as you read it and by the time you get to the end of my story, I want you to really imagine him and you and I want you to cum for me! I am thinking about you little slut. I also want to post this story onto my page. If you ever want to read it again, you'll know where to look. Good night slut and have a great day! Love always, MistressM
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2 years ago
I love the idea of being instructed to masturbate especially if there is a chance of being caught.
2 years ago
I bow!
2 years ago
You have touched my heart deeply.
2 years ago
2 years ago
So very naughty Mistress M