My lucky slut!

I think about my slave all the time and what I can do to him............

We are in the bedroom, I am at the vanity getting my makeup on for a night out and you are sitting on the edge of the bed watching me with the most pathetic sad look on your cute little face. I was very nice to you and dressed you in my favorite outfit.........your little girl whore red panties and a little matching dress. I tell you be a good slave and get on your knees and let your panties show under your dress. Aww you are so fucking cute.....I almost want to tear off my nice black dress and put on my strapon amd fuck the hell out of you!!!! But I can't, I have people waiting for me slave. People more important than you slave! I tell you to reach under your dress, pull your panties to the side and let me see your tiny soft pathetic baby dick just hanging there......look at it! Little piece of damn shit , not even worth me getting up for, but I feel so sorry for you slave. I come to you and reach down and lighty caress your dick. rubbing so soft as I look into your puppy dog moan and lean towards my hand an thrust up to me....but, I tell you no and push you back down...lean down and kiss you like a man and tell you when you can satisfy me like a man, I will cancel my plans and stay with you. But I cannot take the chance of having you fuck me like a 10 yr. old. So I tell you to stroke it yourself and I turn and go back to the dresser. I sit back down and look at you in the mirror and watch as you rub and stroke your baby dick. I know you are watching me and I tell you to lower your head slave and stop looking at me. I put my makeup on and brush my hair as I hear you moaning in the background. You better not cum slave. I did not tell you that you could. Hold it!!! You better hold that cum deep in your balls til I tell you I want it!!! Stop stroking it and listen as I tell you a story slave.

I am going out tonight with a man I have known for a while to a place called the 13th Floor. We will go as a couple, pay to get in and go to a room by ourselves. We start fucking each other and have no idea we are being viewed until the door opens and another couple comes in. They say they have been watching us and want to join us. We say ok, but I want more men! I need more men to fill my hungry pussy with your treat! I want so much cum in my hot fucking pussy that you will feed for days slave! I tell them to come in and ask for more guys. 2 more come in and before I know it I have one deep in my ass and one deep in my pussy and one coming at my thirsty mouth.....God, so much cock and balls and cum!!! It all feels sooo fucking good slave and I cannot fucking wait to be slamfucked til I am dripping with cum and my juices. And when that man is done, I want another one deep in me....I will come home to you slave, gently shake you awake and tell you it is time for you to eat now. I will lay spread eagle on the bed and let you kneel between my legs and lean down to lick my swollen throbbing welll fucked pussy. I grab your head and bury your face in it and tell you to eat it all cunt!!! Lick it, suck it, eat it, feed off of it......drink it and love every fucking drop of my many lovers' cum, every drop of your Mistress' juice!! Take it all slave and then wipe your face and pull me up. You lay on your back slave and I face fuck you til you have every last creamy drop and I am so fucking clean, I fucking sparkle....then and only then slave do I do you a huge favor. I turn and take your baby dick deep in my mouth and suck you til I feel you squirming under me....I lift up and look in your little sad eyes and tell you to tell me what you want and need my slave....tell your Mistress what I can do for you slave.....And I hear your beg "Please, Mistress, I need to cum, it hurts soooo bad, my balls are so swollen. Please Mistress. I need it bad"! I do want my cum now slave and for a job well done, I lean over and deep throat your dick and swallow and mouthfuck you til I hear you scream out your release and taste your cum in my mouth......MMMmmmmmm I have MY cum slave...Mmmmmmmm...I lean over your hungry mouth and let your cum drip right out of my mouth into yours.....We have shared a special treat slave and have a special bond. You know there isn't anything I wouldn't try with you my slave....I am very exhausted and pleased at this night and need sl**p now. I am pleased with the job you have done for me and I want you with me now. I lay down on the bed and pull you down by me and tell you to spoon with me and rub my back til I fall asl**p and then you may go to your room and sl**p. Good night my obedient slave. I really do miss you and love you always, your MistressM
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2 years ago
This was wonderful! You hav ea great rhythm in your writing along with superb imagery!
2 years ago
Great story ;)
2 years ago
Thank You MistressM for sharing this story to us
2 years ago
I'm burning up while reading your lines.
2 years ago
ohhhhhhhhhh my ;)
2 years ago
Amazing!!!!!!!!Blow my mind. Wow you are something else mistress M
Great Story.