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[Story] The Wayward Slave

This is just a short story about a slave that thought he knew better than me!

Once upon a time there was a Mistress that owned a very loyal and dedicated slave. She had always been very proud of him and secure in the knowledge that she could take him anywhere and always know that he knew how to act. She was invited to a party that would be having several of the Mistresses in the community there with their slaves. So, the Mistress told her slave to get his ass dressed and she put his collar and leash on and they left. Arriving there, she removed the leash and told the slave to g... Continue»
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[Story] My Toy

I have a slave.....he is such a good little cum eating slave. I like to watch his beautiful dainty lips when he sucks me. I love how they close around my huge shaft, how they pucker as he sucks my cock clean. He is such a good whore. I love watching everything I make him do. He has such a dainty way about him. I sometimes make him dress up for me. I make him wear his red lace panties and his pretty soft red panty hose. I have a special dress that I allow him to wear for special occasions. Tonight will be a special night. I tell him how to dress and then I change into my long flowing bla... Continue»
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[Story] My Late Night Visitor!

I gave a special slave a task to do..... I gave him a little story back to let him know how proud I am of him. I loved hearing how much he came and loved hearing that he did it right there at work! Fuck, how damn exciting!

He is at work, but off duty for now, just laying in his bunk. He is stroking his dick as instructed, but scared of the thought of someone walking in the room. I love the thought of someone walking in on you as you are stroking it. And right when you are about to cum, your co worker walks in and you stop and pull the covers over your rock hard cock. But, your friend walk... Continue»
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[Story] My lucky slut!

I think about my slave all the time and what I can do to him............

We are in the bedroom, I am at the vanity getting my makeup on for a night out and you are sitting on the edge of the bed watching me with the most pathetic sad look on your cute little face. I was very nice to you and dressed you in my favorite outfit.........your little girl whore red panties and a little matching dress. I tell you be a good slave and get on your knees and let your panties show under your dress. Aww you are so fucking cute.....I almost want to tear off my nice black dress and put on my strapon amd fu... Continue»
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[Story] Using my slut!!!

My slave's special treat!
I stay very busy during the day but sometimes at night when I get bored I think about my slaves and what things I can do to them......
This is what I think about with my slaves....

Hello slave, I want to tell you I think about fucking your ass like you wouldn't believe! I want you to strip naked whore, take your new BIG toy for me....we will call that My cock. I want you to go to the bed and kneel down on your knees like the trashwhore you are and get ready to be fucked by my cock!!

Take my cock and suck it slave...mmmmmmm it just came out of my hot juicy p... Continue»
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[Story] A tease for my slave...........

I have been thinking about putting a llittle story on here for a while now, so here is a short story...........

I would walk up to you my little slave and tell you calmly what I am about to do to you. Tie your hands behind your back and let you watch me as I reach down and slap your little joke of a dick for already being hard before the game even begins!
Slap it again and tell you what a pathetic fucking piece of shit you are. You're not really even worthy of licking my pussy, much less fucking your Mistress. I have to leave and find my own big cock men, because you only have a tiny n... Continue»
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Spring Cleaning!

It is that time of year again when I must spring clean my friends list and delete the friend collectors.
You know who you are! The ones that just Have to have hundreds of ppl added but never talk to them. Sadly, I have cleaned out my page sitters to make room for some fresh new faces! Thank you to those that talk to me on a regular basis and make me feel special. And to those of you who don't.......Adios!
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