Footjob sockjob and spunking inside my best friend

It was about 3 in the morning and I am in Graeme's flat (my best friend) soon to be married to Kelly-Anne.

I am so d***k and listening to the ipod in the living room, Graeme is out cold in his bed.

I hear a noise at the door and its Kelly-Anne... shes very d***k too. Shes wearing a short dress and those modern black footless tights that all the girls are wearing now! But shes wearing socks with them too. I cant stop looking at her legs in those tights and socks!

Shes lying snooring on the couch in those sexy black footless tights and pink socks. Im watching her and im hard as fuck, Graeme is in bedroom also konked out. I decide to sit down on couch and put her feet on my lap and onto my crotch. God I was in heaven. I absolutley love girls in socks and also in tights. She was sl**ping and my hard cock was starting to rub her feet. I pretended I was sl**ping too on couch.

I seen her favourite shoes on the floor, and she loved to wear those ones alot. So i decided to to take one of them and go to the toilet with it. I sniffed her scent from the shoe. I knew what I wanted to do to her fave shoes and I bet you want me to do it to them as you read this. So I got my cock out I hadnt came in 3 days so I knew it was gona be a fucking massive load. I couldnt wait to shoot my fucking roasting white spunk inside her fave black shoes.

When i shot my load it was 8 massive spurts... ive honestly never came so hard and so much. It filled the toe part of the shoe... I decided to rub it all over her fucking sole. It was pretty wet, but should hopefully be a bit drier by morning. The smell of spunk was strong in her shoe. I phoned a taxi and went home very happy and now writing this story one handed and wanking.

Ive seen her out wearing her fave shoes and feel so good knowing my spunk rements are on her feet and she doesnt know it. Ohhh ssoooooo good, next time I think il steal a pair of sexy or long socks from her the bitch with spunky ****d feet and shoes. Anyone got any similar stories please post them to me??
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