Her Panties

I've always been into jacking off. I love doing this as often as I can. My girlfriend Jill and I talk about masturbation every now and then she has masturbated for me to watch her one time. I think she is a little uncomfortable about it.

Anyway, I love the way her pussy tastes and smells. I'm always walking into the bedroom after she has changed her clothes and smelling the crotch of her pants or underwear if she wears them. Sometimes there is no scent there and sometimes there is. And man, when there is I get a hard on so fast I have to make myself cum right away!

I like to look at her dark color clothing I can see the white stains from her pussy. Sometimes I know she gets wet at work by the amount of white stains there are. Thinking about it is really making me horny!

Anyway, I love to hold her panties over my nose while I'm jacking off. I cum real hard when I can smell her pussy scent when I do this! I like to find her pants or underwear after I know she has masturbated sometime that day so I can smell her cum and see her pussy stain. I will not have sex with her for 2 weeks so I know she will become real horny and will have to masturbate. She will leave what I love in her pants or underwear!

Once we were traveling to South Carolina and she was driving with a skirt on. I had to ask her if she was wearing any underwear because sometimes she will not wear any with a dress. Well, she was and she mentioned that she had to pee. When we stopped I asked her to push her panties up into her pussy, take them out and hand them to me when she came out so I could go into the restroom and smell them so I can jack off and cum really hard! She did this for me—my girlfriend knows I like doing this while we are on the road.

I had my sunglasses on and I acted like I was asl**p. I was watching her drive and I notice she was opening and closing her legs. She would squeeze her legs together real hard and I knew she was feeling horny and that she was getting wet. She would put her hand down there and I could see her rubbing her pussy with her fingers so I wanted them panties with her cum and wetness in them and man, you could smell and feel it!

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3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
Thanks for the comments!!
3 years ago
Great story. I loved sniffing my friends mom Rosies pantys. I took some,shot of on some!
3 years ago
Had one like that, she did not stay!
3 years ago
She is a keeper!
3 years ago
If you know where she lives, then maybe i can pay her a visit.