Banging my cousin

My cousin (second cousin) is about a year older than I am and we’ve hung out all our lives and what not. For the past few months there has been some serious sexual tension between us. One night she had nothing to do and came over my house while my parents were away. We watched TV and drank, ya know, what normal college k**s do on any given day of the week. Because we were drinking we were both horny as hell and the thought of doing something so forbidden was even more exciting. After going home that night I professed that I wanted her really bad and I regretted not making a move on her when I had the chance. After a few days of convincing she came around and wanted it too. Over the next several weeks we sent dirty text messages filled with pictures and what not. But finally, when we had the chance we met up at her house while her parents were away.

Upon getting there we start drinking right away. Meanwhile she is texting her b*****r to find out when he is coming home from hanging out with his friends. Finally he texts her back and says “like 45mins”. Hearing that, I tell her that it isn’t that much time and we should get started. At which point all hell breaks loose and we start making out on the couch in her basement. I begin feeling her MASSIVE tits through her shirt as she slides her hand down my chest and to my cock, which my now is throbbing. She unbuttons my shorts and pulls them down, exposing my cock as she begins to jerk me off faster and faster while we make out. I undo her bra and watch her tits drop out as I squeeze her nipples. By now I am completely naked and she is wearing just her panties, which as I move my hand down there; I feel are soaked completely with her juice. Knowing that I don’t have a lot of time I tell her that I need to put it in, that I need to feel my cock inside her pussy. She yells out “Oh god please fuck me”. As I slide inside her it is by far the tightest pussy I’ve ever been in and I begin pumping my cock in and out of her. All the while I hear her moaning and yelling, asking me for more. I lift both of her legs to get deeper inside of her hole, wanting to fill as much of it as I can. I finally turn her over and fuck her from behind on the couch, both pulling her hair and feeling her tits at the same time. I can feel the urge to cum rising in my cock as I pump in and out of my cousin, faster and faster. Finally unable to take it anymore I pull out and cum all over her ass and she lets out a huge moan as I blow my load. As we clean up she says to me “We have to do this again, soon.” As I leave her house, out the back door, her b*****r walks in, completely unaware of the lust that just occurred in the house.

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3 years ago
that is an awesome story....true to each word ?? jealous !
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice man, i did my cousin that is some hot stuff
3 years ago
more of this
3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
very hot & naughty
3 years ago
now that was very hot a great story , Cousin are very nice