late night with mom

It was late one night. Mom had went up stairs to take a shower. I was feeling extremely horny. I wondered up stairs into my moms room.

When i got up there the bathroom door was cracked. I walked over quietly to the door. I peeked in to see my mom rubbing lotion all over her tan chubby body. Her beautiful breast glisten in the light. As she put her soft short legs on the counter and started rubbing her pussy. My dick was extremely hard.

I was rubbing my hard on through my jeans then she turned to get her robe. I took off out of her room. I went to the bathroom thinking of what i just saw. I stroked my long erect cock for awhile. Then a knock on the door asked if i would come in her room when i was finished.

When i got done and cleaned up i went into her room. Honey will you come put lotion on my back please. As she removed her robe and i climbed on to the bed. My dick was still erect. I started to rub her shoulders and getting lower. She started moaning and saying go lower. When i got finished i started to walk away. She stopped me and asked me to come back over. I sat back on the bed. She said you helped me out now let me help you.

She reached over and started rubbing my hard on. She started to unbutton my jeans i stood up and took them off. She got on her knees and started stroking my hard cock. It feels good don't it honey. Ohh yes keep going i said. Her tongue wrapped around the head. Then she took it all in. I started thrusting her mouth when i was cumming.

She laid on the bed and i got on top of her. I spread her legs and started fucking her with my fingers and licking her clit. Her juices flowed into my mouth. ohh yeah son keep going. I started going deeper with my fingers. I hit her g spot. Ohh yes ohh god keep going. When i removed her fingers i told her to taste her pussy. She licked every bit of juice that was on my fingers.

I teased her clit with the head of my cock. When i got the head in her pussy she said ohh god your so big honey. I got it all in there in started thrusting. As i was thrusting i grabbed her tits Ohh yeah baby keep going i let off her tits and gripped the bed. I started thrusting faster and faster. By this time i could see she loved it. Ohhh god keep going baby faster baby faster. ohh im going to cum mom where do you want it baby. Cum on my tits honey please. I crawled up her body. I started stroking my cock faster and exploded a load all over her 44 ds.

I went to go get a towel she said no i got it. She whipped up the cum with her fingers and stuck them in her mouth. For the rest of the evening nobody was coming home. We slept together that night and Fucked again in the morning.

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2 years ago
The fuck must have taken all of fifteen seconds, as per the quickness and shortness of the story.
3 years ago
Would love to blow my load on her face and watch her lick it off
3 years ago
want to fuck your mom bad
3 years ago
open your profile if you want to meet more people
3 years ago
I'd love to snowball your Mom after sucking the creampie from her pussy
3 years ago
I'd like to meet your mom...
3 years ago
Very nice...would love to read more adventures.