Diary of a Housewife....Part 2

I didn't wake up until after noon on Saturday.

Staring at the clock on the nightstand, my head was pounding from last night's wine. In a fog, wondering if last night really happened, as I started to stand up from the bed, I immediately felt a gush of warm liquid start to slide down my inner thighs and noticed my panties were still pushed to the side.

Well, I guess that means last night really did happen.

I staggered into the bathroom, and started the shower, hoping that this would help and make this pounding headache go away, I pulled my panties down my legs and tossed them onto the floor, sliding my hand down across my pussy it felt very raw in sore.

I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run across my body, standing there for at least a good 15 minutes just letting the water run down over my head and across my body.

After finishing my shower, I stepped out, wrapped myself in a towel, reached into the medicine cabinet and grabbed the bottle of Excedrin, “this is definitely going to be a three or four pill headache”.

I finished getting ready, putting on a pair of jeans a white tank, and a pair of boots.

“At least the headache is starting to go away”.

I walked into the kitchen, knowing that the boys had a hockey tournament today, thinking that they were going to be pissed because I did not wake up and take them.

On the kitchen table was a note

took the boys to hockey, give me a call when you read this so that we can go get your car.

I muddled around the kitchen for a few minutes, making myself some coffee and something to eat, when I heard a car pull into the driveway.
Tony walked up to the door, and rang the bell.

I answered the door, and let him in.

Hey sexy, Tony said with a smile, how are you feeling this morning?

Started off a little rough, I replied

You okay, Tony asked.

Yeah, just hoping this hangover goes away soon. Tony just smiled and laughed

I turned around facing the kitchen sink, and started to wash out my coffee cup, Tony walked up behind me, I could instantly feel his presence. He wrapped his arms around the front of my waste, and started to kiss me on the back of the neck. All the passion that I felt last night was starting to once again run through my body, he spun me around facing him, brought his face down to meet mine, and pressed his lips against mine, sliding his long tongue past my lips, his tongue now beginning to explore my mouth, my reaction was instant, in that to willingly accept this advance, I brought both my hands up around his neck holding his head while I returned this passionate kiss.

After a few moments, Tony pulled back still holding around my waist, looking down on me from his 6'6" stature, a very serious demeanor when he remarked “Di, you are a very beautiful ,sexy woman and I loved fucking your tight married pussy last night, and I can't wait to get into it again”

While he was speaking my hands were still wrapped around the back of his neck, gently caressing his back with my fingers, I looked Tony straight in the eyes, and replied ”this pussy is yours anytime you want it, although this pussy is a very sore this morning”. At this point I really wasn't even thinking about my husband Brian.

I bet it is Tony replied, with a slight grin. By the way, the boys will be at the tournament until about six or so, then they are going to a party at Cody’s house, we need to drop them off some clothes at some point today. What time is Tanya going to be home?
I don't know I will need to call her, you also need to run me down and pick up my car.

Wanna head down that way now?

With that I went into the bedroom to fetch my purse, and we both headed out the front door jumped in Tony's car and headed back down towards Tampa.

We talked the whole ride, mostly small talk until he got to the parking garage when the car is located.
I told Tony that we would drop my car back off at the house, grabbed the stuff we needed for the boys, and take it over to the hockey tournament and drop it off.

On the ride home I called up Tanya to find out what her plans were, and to really see if she wanted to spend another night at her friend's house, which of course she had no problem with.

We got back to the neighborhood, Tony went to his house, I went to mine, we grabbed what we needed jumped back into his car and headed down to the hockey rink where TJ and Stephen were at, the games were going good, it really didn’t look like the boys were going to win the tournament, but they were still having fun.

We talked a few moments with Cody's parents to find out the game plan, they explained that the boys would all stay over at their house tonight and that if we wanted we could pick them up late in the day so that they would have time to hang out, and go swimming or whatever they wanted to do.

After that Tony and I left the together, once back in the car Tony asked me if I wanted to do some shopping? A little puzzled, I asked what kind of shopping? Tony looked over at me and simply replied “the fun kind”.

I'm up for anything, I replied.

The rink the boys are at was in the North Tampa area, we were headed down Fowler Avenue, when Tony pulled into a store called the Todd Theatre, I knew instantly that this was a sex store, although I was little nervous never having been in one of the stores before but I didn't let it show, I got out of the car Tony took me by the hand and we entered the establishment.

This place was crazy, they literally had everything, lingerie, costumes, toys of all kinds, it must've been 100,000 DVDs, shoes, you name it.

Tony and I walked up and down the aisles, I really had no idea what we're looking for, but I was amazed at all the stuff that was there.

Tony headed down an aisle where there was a lot of leather goods, he started pulling items out, teasing me as we both laughed and k**ded around with each other, we were really acting like two teenagers.

I was looking at a few packages up on the shelves, when Tony approached me from the rear he wrapped his arms around my waist putting his open palms
against my stomach, lowered his mouth to my ear, and quietly said “your training will start tonight”.

Without even looking at him I replied “what are you training me for?”

“to be my personal married slut, now let's get shopping”.

Tony really went to town in the store, we bought a black leather corset, several black leather thongs, a black leather miniskirt, two pairs of black leather boots, one that came up just below my knee, the other pair was much taller and went up to the top of my thighs, we also grabbed a leather blindfold, he grabbed leather cuffs for my wrists, and ankles, at least a dozen pair of assorted fish net stockings, and assorted other odds and ends.

We headed up to check out with her booty in hand, if you could only have seen the face on the cashier as he was ringing up all of the items, I knew immediately that he had noticed the wedding ring on my finger, and that Tony was not wearing one.

The bill came up to little over $700, Tony gladly paid, and after bagging the items the clerk remarked you two have a great night, Tony looked back at him and said “oh, I'm gonna”

it was getting about 5 PM, we were both starting to get a little hungry, so we decided to stop by a small restaurant and grab some dinner. It was a quaint little Italian bistro, the food was good and after eating we jumped in the car and headed back home, this time Tony pulled into his driveway and we both went to his house.

Tony asked me if I wanted a drink, I replied no, not tonight, this morning's hangover was a bit more than I was hoping for.

Tony laughed for a second and said okay then it's time to get you ready now go take a shower I will be in a few minutes.

You wanna watch me take a shower? I asked, no, I told you to go take a shower, now do it.

With that I went into Tony's master bedroom, turned on the shower, got out my clothes, and climbed in under the water.

While, I was in the shower, Tony came into the bathroom opened the shower door and handed me a disposable razor, “I want my married slut smooth”, it was a simple five word order and I knew exactly what he meant, I had not shaved my pubic region since Stephen was born, not that I'm a very hairy person, it's just not something that I have done, nor has Brian ever asked me to do. But as commanded, I did what Tony desired.

Once I got out of the shower, grabbing a towel to dry myself off, there was a note on the bathroom vanity in read.

Your outfit is on the bed, put everything on, and once you are done come out to the living room

Tony had a beautiful bed, it was a nice king-size canopy bed with tall posters and railings between all the posts.

As I walked over to the bed, my hair still wet combed through, I looked at what he had picked out for me this evening. There was a black leather thong, a pair of thigh-high fishnets, the leather garter belt, the pair of leather boots that went up to my inner thighs, the ankle restraints, and the wrist restraints.
I quickly put on my chosen outfit for the evening making sure the restraints were tight enough but yet not too tight as to be uncomfortable, I opened the bedroom door and walked into the living room where Tony was relaxing on the couch watching TV. I walked up in front of him, presenting myself, looking for his approval.

Tony remained there for a moment sitting on the couch, staring intently at me, “you are a perfect little married slut, spread your legs for me”, I did as I was told, “perfect, now march your slut ass into my bedroom, I will be there in a second”.

With that I simply walked into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Tony walked into the room about 30 seconds behind me, looked over at me and said ”did I say anything about sitting down?” No I replied, “okay, let's get something straight, the reply is not no, it is no sir, if the reply is yes, it is yes sir, do you got me slut?”
Yes sir I simply replied.

“Good , now stand your slut ass up”

I had never played this kind of game before, I was very nervous but did not want to let it show, so I simply stood up, placed my hands down in front of my body, and waited for the next command.

Tony walked over to a chair that was next to the bed, from the chair he picked up a line of black rope walk over towards me took hold of my hands and ran the ropes through the cuffs on my wrist restraints, he then pulled my arms up over my head, and ran the rope over the canopy of the bed he had me facing away from the bed so that I was looking out towards the bedroom. Tony pulled on the rope until my body was being stretched upwards and I had to stand on my tiptoes, which by the way is not easy to do in a pair of stiletto boots. He tied a rope, leaving me in this position as he spun me around facing the bed, Tony once again walked over to the chair, picked up the black leather corset that he has sitting next to the chair, brought it over to me and wrapped it around my torso, he spun me around again as he began to pull the leather straps on the corset very tight, as he tightened the clasps on the corset he told me to suck in my breath, in order to make my torso and waist skinnier, once the corset was in place, Tony let a little slack into the rope, allowing me to rest back down on my heels.

With my arms still up in the air, Tony came over to me and started rubbing his hands across the leather corset that I was wearing, he asked me how I felt, I told him it was very tight and it was difficult to breathe, he then said, than it’s perfect.

Tony walked back over towards a chair, pick up the remaining items on the chair, came back over towards me and laid them out on the bed in front of me there was my blindfold, two more pieces of rope, and this battery operated egg thing that he had bought at the store today, he took the pieces of the rope and moved them through the metal rings on the leather cuffs that I was wearing outside my boots, then spread my legs wide apart, probably a little wider than shoulder length and tied them to the legs of the bed with me facing the bed. Once I had been secured he came up to me put his hand around my throat and pulling it back towards him and gave me a very long deep f***eful kiss, he then released my neck, pick the blindfold up off the bed and slid down over my eyes.

I then felt Tony's large hand, sliding down the front of my body finding its way down to the leather thong that I was wearing, he was very f***efully rubbing my pussy through the leather, I could feel his fingers slide the inner part of the thong to the side, I then felt him slide his middle finger deep into my pussy, he pulled his finger out of my pussy, and then I felt something cold against the outer lips. I felt Tony pushing this object deep into my pussy and slid my panties back in place, and the next thing I felt was the vibration from the Egg that had been inserted into the, the egg was actually, a little smaller than a golf ball.

The vibration was intense, I could not believe what this stupid little thing was doing inside of me, it felt electric, yet numbing.

His hand came around the front of my body as he started to firmly squeeze my breasts, he was pinching my nipples very hard sending shockwaves throughout my body, at which point he began to twist and pull directly on the ends of my nipples. Not as much pain I mind you, because I really do like having my nipples played with, but yet Tony was being very firm about it.

Tony could tell I was building to my first orgasm of the night, I was panting, pulling on the ropes, and moaning with his every touch.
Although I could not see, I could sense that Tony had moved away from my body. He had actually moved onto the bed where he was face-to-face with me, although I could not see this, he whispered in my ear “I'm gonna leave you like this for a little while, and I’ll be back.

“Please don't leave me like this” I cried

I heard nothing in response, just silence, I could sense that Tony was gone, and here I was tied to the bed, with a vibrating egg turned on full power, inside my cunt.

It didn't take long before this was really starting to drive me mad, my hips were moving, trying to keep my balance, but this stupid little egg and now brought me to my second orgasm of the night.

Tony left me like this for what seemed like at least a half hour, I didn't even know he was back in the room until I felt his hand firmly grab my crotch. This shot another shockwave right through me, somewhat scaring me.

He was rubbing my pubic mound through the leather thong, with his mouth next to my ear, he asked “so does my little white slut like her new toy?”

Yes I replied.

Yes what? Tony asked

Yes sir, yes what? I want to hear you say “your little white married slut likes her new toy.”

As I was wiggling around, the words came out of my mouth, “yes sir, your little white married slut likes her new toy”
good girl, now I'm going to release your arms and legs, let me know if you have any problems standing, once I start to release the ropes I don't want you falling down and getting hurt.

With that, Tony first released my ankles and let my legs come together gaining my balance, then he reached up and under the rope that was up over the canopy of the bed, I could instantly feel the bl**d coming back into my arms. The ropes were still attached to the metal rings on the leather restraints holding my hands together, and I was still wearing the blindfold over my eyes, and this damn vibrating egg still on full power lodged deep inside my cunt. Tony leaned me over the edge of the bed face down with my ass sticking in the air. He left me there for a few moments while I heard him making sounds throughout the room wondering what was to come next.

Tony came back over to me and untied the rope from my wrist restraints releasing my hand, he pulled my hands around to the back of my body and re-tied them together. I then felt him pull ropes out of the metal rings on the ankle restraints, it was at that time I could hear something metal being attached to metal rings on the ankle cuffs I could tell it was metal, and I could tell it had weight. I come to find out that they were called angle spreaders, it's basically a bar that attaches to the rings so that you cannot pull your legs together. Tony pulled me off the bed, and placed me on the floor on my knees, I could feel him towering over me, and with his deep voice he asked me ” so, do you still want to be my little white slut? Are you sure you want to submit your married pussy,to my every sexual desire and fantasy?”

My mouth reacted instinctively, “YES SIR”

Excellent, Tony replied, that's what I wanted to hear, now, last night I told you we had something to work on, and we are going to do that now.

Now my little slut, I want you to open your mouth and try to relax.

I did as commanded, sitting there on my knees I open my mouth and waited for his cock, I felt him first place it against my tongue as I felt his hands take hold of the hair on the back of my head. “You're going to learn how to handle this, one way or another, your hands are tied behind your back because your mouth is just another one of your slut holes to pleasure me, and you will learn, maybe not tonight, but you will learn how to take my full 12 inch cock into your mouth and down your throat, I will be patient but only so patient, but you will learn”.

He hadn't stopped talking a couple seconds when I felt his cock starting to push into my mouth, I could feel my mouth that he was not fully erect just yet but at the same time he was not quite limp either. Tony held onto the back of my head while he pushed his cock forward into my mouth I could feel him start to go deeper and deeper into my mouth all the while trying to keep my mouth open wide enough to allow the width of his cock to penetrate my mouth without grinding against my teeth. Tony was working his cock into my mouth in a slow and steady pace, of course I couldn’t see how far I was getting his cock into my mouth, but I could feel it against my back palate and starting to touch up against my tonsils, for an instant my gag reflexes kicked in at which time Tony immediately pulled his cock out of my mouth and let me catch my breath, he caressed the top of my head while I was catching my breath telling me to try to relax and when I was ready we were tried again. After about a 30 second rest, I told him I was okay, with that he once again held onto the back of my head and started sliding his cock into my mouth trying to go deeper and deeper with every thrust, I was trying my hardest to just relax, and not over think of this as Tony was pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, it didn't take long until I felt Tony's scrotum resting against my chin, I was feeling a sense of accomplishment, even though underneath the blindfold I could feel tears coming from my eyes, but I wanted to show Tony that I could do this, and that I wanted to do this.

“Good girl, see I told you you're going to great little slut, you’re a quick learn and I like that, and for that you will be rewarded tonight for your efforts”
Tony kept up this pace for about another 10 or 15 minutes until I could feel the head of his cock start to grow larger deep in my mouth, Tony was also starting to pick up his pace as I felt the rush of semen shooting from the end of his cock deep into the back of my mouth.

He continued to hold onto the back of my head, with my lips pressed against the base of his cock, as he unleashed every ounce of cum directly into my throat, I started to gag as I could feel the load of his cum starting to push towards the front of my mouth and started to slide out between my lips and his cock. Tony released the back of my head, and dislodged his cock from my throat and mouth, as I began to fall forward trying to catch my breath.
After a few moments Tony stood me back up, then he knelt down and released the spreaders between my ankles, he reached down and pulled my panties aside, and pulled the crazy little egg by the cord from the inside of my pussy. He also at this time bent me over the bed, and released the rope that was holding my wrist restraints together. He helped me back to my feet off the edge of the bed, gave me a quick kiss on the lips while rubbing the side of my face, and suggested take a short break.

We retreated to the living room, where Tony sat down on the couch and I sat next to him with my legs crossed angled on the couch facing towards Tony. We talked for a little while, all the time kissing and caressing each other, mostly just small talk, but it was relaxing just to sit down and have an actual conversation.

After probably a good 45 min. on the couch, Tony took my left-hand into his and guided it towards his cock, “I think it's time for you to do your magic again”. It's time for you to get this cock nice and hard so that I can take care of that sweet little pussy of yours.

It only took me a couple of minutes of stroking Tony's cock before it was once again hard as a rock. It truly amazed me just how fast Tony get could get hard again after just having cum a little bit prior. This was very different from my husband Brian who after he came would generally want to roll over and go to sl**p.

I was staring intently into Tony's eyes while I continued to stroke his massive erection my fingers didn’t even reach the tips of each other around the mass of his cock.

“Tell me what you want to do Di’ Tony said

“I want you to fuck me”

“I want you to be very explicit, I want to hear exactly what you want.”

Sitting there on the couch with Tony's massive black cock in my hand I looked him straight in the eyes and replied “I want you to fuck me with your black cock.”

So let me get this straight so that I know exactly you want. You want me to fuck you're married white cunt?

“Yes sir, I want to feel every inch of your black cock deep inside my married white pussy.”

Perfect, Tony replied.

Pulling me up onto his lap, firmly grabbing the cheeks of my ass, and pulling them apart, Tony hovered me about an inch above his waiting erection.
I reached down between my legs grabbing a hold of this thick black cock, and guided it towards the lips of my wanton pussy.

Tony looking me straight in the eye, quietly said, well this is your cock, time to do with it what you want to.

With that I began to lower my body feeling the head of his cock pressing against the small lips of my opening, and began to fuck, slowly up and down on the massive head of this black spear.

Taking it a little deeper with each stroke until I was fully resting on his lap.

“God pussy is tight, Tony said.”

“You like that tight pussy don't you” I replied

“I love that tight pussy are you k**ding me? I can't wait till I get it completely stretched out, like any proper married white slut pussy should be.”

“After I'm done with you, there’s gonna be nothing tight about your pussy.”

I was taking Tony's cock with relative ease this time, it was much easier than what I remember from last night, I was raising my body up, about halfway up the link of Tony's cock and sliding back down to the base with each stroke. This was really not a hard fast fuck session, but more of a slow, gentle, passionate sex.

I could tell Tony was really enjoying it, his hands were roaming all over my body, from my breasts, to my ass, to my lower back, all the while Tony and my lips were firmly locked together, at one point I broke off because in between pants, asked Tony if he wanted me to change positions?

Tony looked at me and said “you do what you want to do, this is your reward for learning how to handle my cock in your mouth like a good white slut, so you do whatever makes you feel good.”

With that I continue to ride Tony's cock while straddling on top of him, and boy it did feel good. I had cum twice in about the first 5 min. we were now going on close to 15 and I could feel my body building to the next orgasm, right as the orgasm began Tony pulled my neck down to his mouth pulled my hair to the side and strongly started to suck on the backside of my neck, I don't know about you but there's something about a man sucking on my neck that throws me right over the top. My whole body was wracked with the most intense orgasm of the night, shivers are running through my body, my chest was heaving in my pussy grinding his cock into it as deep as I could get it.

I continue to pace, actually moving faster now than it was at the beginning. My eyes were closed as I felt Tony's hands, to the sides of my face running his fingers through my hair like a comb.

Holding onto my face, Tony told me to open my eyes to look at him.

I slowed my pace, and looked Tony directly in the eyes.

“I'm gonna fill your married white pussy with my black cum, is that what you want?”

“Yes that's what I want, that's exactly what I want, I want you to cum deep in my pussy, I want you to cum as deep as you can in my married white pussy.”

At that very moment I could feel Tony’s cock start to shoot inside of me, it was a warm rush that I could feel deep inside.

We both sat there motionless for a few moments with his cock buried 12 inches inside of my body, I was exhausted, as I pulled my body up off of his, I felt the instant rush of semen fallout from the now gaping opening that just 30 min. earlier was tightly closed.
Looked over the clock, and it was going on about 9:30.

Tony stood up from the couch, he reached out offering his hand to help me up off the couch and said it's still early let's go out.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“Let's go out to a club”

“Are you sure? You really want about the club?”

“Absolutely, let's go dancing”

“I don't have anything to wear about dancing.”

“Okay, so let's go figure that out, let's go back to your place and see what we have in the closet”

With that we headed back into the bedroom where through on the jeans and the tank top that had one earlier in the day, Tony went into his closet grabbed on a nice pair slacks and a casual dress shirt, through on shoes in Cologne, and in less than 5 min. he was all prim and proper and ready to go out.
We headed out the front door, and walked a few houses down to mine, we hit my closet in the bedroom where he started to look for the perfect outfit for me to wear, he pulled up a white miniskirt, and a nice red satin low-cut blouse and appear white heels.

“This will be nice” he said.

I started to go into my dresser to grab under garments, when Tony asked “what are you looking for?”

“I need to find a pair of panties”

“No you don't, not when you're with me you don't, I want to have ready access to my pussy anytime I want it, so unless I ask, when you're around me there are no panties.”

I didn't say a word I just walked over to the clothes that were on the bed, and started to get dressed.

It took me a little longer than the 5 min. it took Tony I had to do my hair, and put on my makeup. When I got done I looked into the mirror, and I have to admit that I felt I look damn sexy, the blouse with the miniskirt were perfect, and wearing heels always accentuates my calves.

I walked back into the bedroom where Tony was waiting, and stood there for a moment in front of him. “So what you think?”

“You are one sexy little slut, now let's go.”

With that we headed out the door and back down towards his house not even giving it a thought as to what a neighbor would have thought if they saw us together.

We jumped in the car and headed down towards Tampa, I had no idea what club we were going to.
Tony pulled onto MLK drive, and headed towards one of the shadier parts of town. We pulled into a club called sugar daddies, this is not a club that I had ever seen before, or he would even contemplate going in by myself or with anybody for that matter.

I looked at Tony, and he could tell at this point that I was very nervous.

“Di, you don't have to worry about a thing, you are with me, there ain't nobody in here that's gonna touch you or Bother you, you are safe, do you trust me?”

“Yes, as long as I'm with you all be okay.”

We entered the club, the music was pounding, the first thing I noticed was that I appeared to be the only white person in the building, and everybody

was staring at me.

I felt Tony's hand tight as we approach the bar and he ordered us drinks, me being nervous as hell, I ordered a Jack and Coke, I just knew everybody in this club was staring me down and I really felt like a hen surrounded by a pack of wolves.

We took our drinks and headed over to a booth in a corner of the club, while sitting in the booth Tony was continuously rubbing my thigh, and kissing me, occasionally his hand would run up inside my blouse and cup one of my breasts. I would never have imagined letting anyone and I mean anyone fondle me like this and put on such an exhibition in such a public place, but at this point my body was reacting in ways that my brain was not.

Tony took me by the hand and led me out to the dance floor, the first drink was starting to hit me, I could feel the tingling in my head, as we danced to Lady GaGa.

After first song was over we headed back over to the bar and ordered a second round of drinks, I never got more than about 2 feet away from Tony this whole time, I turned over my shoulder look out at the crowd and noticed that there were at least two other white women in the crowd dancing with black men. I also noticed that the one closest to me was also wearing a wedding ring.

The second drink went down rather quickly, and we headed back out to the dance floor, my buzz was really starting to kick in, and while we danced Tony's hands were roaming all over my body, at one point in the dance I pulled Tony's ear down towards my mouth, “your cum is running down my thighs.” Tony got a big ass smile on his face and said “you're welcome.”

With that we both laughed and continued our dance. We stayed at the club and danced until just after midnight, when during one of the dances while Tony was holding me passionately, Tony looked down on me and said “I think it's time for me to go and fuck my married slut properly,” with that Tony and I headed for the door.

We got back to his place and within 30 seconds of walking in the door I was on my knees in the bedroom with his cock in my mouth.

I only sucked him for about 5 min. until he had his third raging hard on of the night.

Still fully clothed I stood up and jumped onto the bed laying on my back with my legs wide open waiting for Tony to crawl up on top of me and take me anyway he wanted to.

Tony grabbed my ankles and yanked me towards the edge of the bed, flipping me onto my stomach with my ass hanging over the side of the bed, and with one firm stroke had his entire cock buried deep into my warm wet cunt.

This time around was nothing like earlier session, it was again much like the night prior, more a****listic, Tony fucked me hard and fast, and in at least 10 different positions, for almost 90 min. bringing me at least five orgasms before finally blasting another load of semen deep inside of me, during this time my clothes, what little there were ended up on the floor.

Tony climbed off of my body, laid on his back, I rolled over laid my head on his chest and he fell asl**p.

I woke up at about 9 AM, to Tony, caressing my hair, I climbed up across chest and kissed him on the lips. “Good morning lover”

“How is my married slut this morning?” He asked.

I just snickered, and kissed him again passionately on the lips, as he grabbed the right cheek of my ass with his left hand and pulled me on top of them, I reached my right hand down across my back and between my legs and started stroking his cock instantly bringing it to life.

I had him hard in less than a minute, then pushed my body back, sliding his cock back into my pussy very slowly grinding my hips and pelvis and taking him again all the way to the base.

I rode on top of Tony like this for a good 15 min. all the while keeping our lips in a deep passionate embrace before Tony pushed his fourth load of semen
in the past three days deep inside of me.

“You're able take my cock with ease, I told you I would stretch out that pussy”

“yeah, you stretched it good.”

I climbed off top and sat there on my knees on the bed, Tony looked down at his cock and said “you made a little mess, I think you need to clean that up.”

Instantly, my mouth went to his cock where I started licking all of the cum from his cock, getting it nice and clean.

I knew I had to start getting ready for the day, I had to pick up Tanya by about noon, and the boys would be home in the afternoon, I went into the bathroom and started the shower, I climbed in and let the waters are running over me when Tony opened the door the shower and climbed in with me. I turned around and took a washcloth forward in some body soap, and started washing Tony's magnificent body and he did the same in return.

Once we were done, I threw my clothes on that I wore out the club last night minus the shoes, gave Tony a kiss on the lips and headed back to my house.

Once I got home I headed straight into the bedroom and into a fresh clothes, makeup and get ready for the day.

Almost as soon as I was done the phone rang, I looked at the caller ID, Fuck, it was Brian… What do I say? I don't dare say anything.
I answer the phone, we had a good conversation, a normal conversation, he asked me what I had been up to? I told him that I've been hanging out with some friends, and that that was really about it.

We talked about 15 min. and the whole time I was wracked with guilt, but also once we had hung up, I also knew that I had not been satisfied like this sexually, forever, and at this point although I love my husband very much I wanted more of Tony's magnificent cock. The thought crossed my mind...this is what I was destined to be: A Married Black Cock Slut.

I headed out to pick up Tanya and took her out to lunch, she knew something was up, she commented to me that I was more bubbly, and happy today that she had ever seen me.

I just laughed with her and went on with our day.

to be continued....

95% (33/2)
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2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
great storys love a wife that loves black cock mine does
3 years ago
keep going this story is hot
3 years ago
This was even better than the first story...........thank you!!!
3 years ago
Such a great story, I think you have become addicted to Tony's BBC. Please keep the story going and keep enjoying Tony.