Diary of a Housewife....


My name is Diane, my friends all call me Di, I have been married for 15 years to a very loving hard working husband Brian, We live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida in the city of Palm Harbor, we live a fairly normal life in my mind, we have 2 k**s Tanya 14, and Stephen 12. My husband Brian works for the federal gov't for one of the agencies that we won't go into, he is away more than he is home, especially since 9/11. After 9/11 we were transferred to Tampa from Virginia so that he could be closer to the organization that he was supporting. Brian travels a lot, since 9/11 the longest that Brian has been home was for 6 months and that has only happened like 4 times, I often have no idea where he is at or what he is doing, except that he is working overseas, many times when Brian is deployed I will only get about 1 or 2 calls per week.

I am happy though, Brian is the love of my life, the father of my c***dren and my personal hero, it's not like he is 007 or anything, but what he does helps keep us safe.

Brian and I met in college, we both graduated from Virginia Tech, Brian went to work for the gov't directly from college, while I went into the private sector working for a Computer consulting firm.

After Tanya was born we decided that we wanted for me to really be able to focus on the f****y so I left my work and became a fulltime mother / wife.
Then came 9/11 and our whole world changed overnight, the move to Florida, Brian constantly out of the country for long periods of time, with very little communication. When we did speak it was never anything about where he was, what he was doing, it was all about me and the k**s, so pretty much one way conversations.

To say the least we were really drifting apart, although I still loved him VERY MUCH, all I really wanted was for him to come home for good.

Over the years I have become a very self sufficient mother and leader of our home, the k**s are doing great in school, both are very active in sports and extracurricular activities, we have a very nice home, nothing huge but a nice 4 bedroom in a nice neighborhood.

About 3 years ago a new couple moved in down the street, Tony and Lashonda, they were actually the first African American f****y that I had seen move
into our neighborhood, they had a son T.J. who was the same age as Stephen, both Stephen and T.J. were into the same sports i.e. Roller Hockey, and both got along great. These two boys had become inseparable.

About a year and a half after T.J. and his f****y moved in, T.J. confided in me that his parents were divorcing, at this point I really had no idea that there was even any trouble in their relationship, but then again how would I know really, up to this point we had really only had very casual conversations primarily about the boys.

Lashonda moved out and Tony kept custody of T.J. and stayed in the house.

After the separation T.J. spent a lot more time at our home, while his dad was at work and had really become an extended member of our f****y.
I would generally take him and Stephen to hockey practice, to and from school, etc. Tony often showed up when he was able and was in fact a very attentive and loving father.

Over the course of the past year or so Tony and I had become pretty good friends, often spending time together talking while the boys practiced, or had games.

Tony had seemed to have been dating on and off since his divorce, he would be an easy man to get dates, with his features, after all Tony was a 6'6" very dark skinned black man, very muscular, and carried himself very proudly.

It was a Friday night, T.J. was sl**ping over, when the phone rang at the house, and it was Tony. Tony needed a favor, he was stuck in Tampa, he had gone on a date and had somehow lost his keys to his car, he was very apologetic, but needed to know if I could help him out by going down to his house and getting his backup keys and bringing them down to Tampa, which from my house was about 45 minutes.

He told me where he thought that his keys were at on his desk in the den, I knew that T.J. had a key to the house, so I got it from him and headed down to Tony's.

I was looking all around his desk for the spare keys when I brushed across the keyboard of his PC which automatically turned the Monitor back on. The webpage that was up in full view on the screen was that of picture of Tony standing in front of a mirror stark naked, his penis in his hand holding a TV remote control against his cock, and to my shock, even with his cock limp it was bigger than the remote control, my jaw about dropped to the floor. I looked up in the browser window and saw the website it was a swingers site called Swinglifestyle.com out of shear curiosity I hit the back button which launched his profile which of course out of curiosity I started to read.

"SBM, Professional, Ex-basketball player, interested in finding discreet couples for intimate times, thick 12" cock, very discreet and accommodating, give me a chance and I will introduce your wife or girlfriend to pleasures that only a true black bull can. Interests Cuckold husbands, Hot wives, open marriages, light BDSM, and master slave relationships.

There were also many pictures of Tony within his profile, as well as 2 very short videos of him in action with other white females. In his inbox there were several emails some from women others from men talking about having Tony hook up with themWOW, this is a side of Tony that I had never known or even thought about, I knew that he was very attractive, but had never really thought about this with him, and I had found myself unable to stop looking at the pictures on the screen, and then my cell phone rang again, Tony was calling to see if I had any luck in finding the keys, I told him I was looking but that they didn't seem to be on his desk.

Shit he said maybe they are in my closet, go into my bedroom and take a look in the closet on the right as you head into the bathroom, there is a box on the shelf to the left maybe I stuck them in there.

I kept him on the phone while I looked, and went into the bedroom found the box he was talking about opened it and there they were.

Tony told me he was at Channelside which is a bar zone in Tampa, and to call him when I got close.

I went back down to the house, told the k**s I had to run out for a while, jumped in the car and headed to Tampa.

On the way to Tampa, I could not shake from my mind the image of Tony's cock that I had looked at earlier, I was actually feeling my pussy getting wet just thinking about that enormous cock, I was trying to shake it from my mind, thinking that here I was a married woman, my husband was overseas, and my mind just could not get that image out of it.

About 5 minutes before I hit Channelside I gave a call to Tony's phone and told him I was near, he asked me if he could buy me a quick drink before heading home for bringing him his keys, he told me he was at a club called howl at the moon.

I parked the car in the Parking garage and walked across to the complex, and found the club, when I got in the club was hopping, dueling pianos, really good music, I found Tony and when he saw me he had a huge smile on his face, and gave me a big hug and thanked me for rescuing him.

He ordered me a drink and we stood there next to the bar small talking listening to the music, I asked him what happened to his date tonight? Stood me up he replied...

We continued talking, he asked me if I would like to dance, I accepted and he led me to the dance floor.

The music was pumping, we danced about 3 dances then retreated from the dance floor back to our spot at the bar, he asked me what the k**s were up to tonight, I replied they were back at the house playing Xbox and that Tanya was spending the night at a friend’s house. We ordered another round of drinks and Tony kept talking, I must have been somewhat in a daze, because Tony asked me if anything was wrong? No I just have a lot on my mind I replied, and boy did I, I still could not shake those images from my mind. Well 1 drink turned into 3 and the time was hitting about 11:00pm and I told Tony that I had better get heading back, that the boys would be starting to miss me, he agreed, paid the tab and we started to walk out towards the garage together.

As soon as I hit the sidewalk, I knew that I had drank too much, Tony could tell this as well, I guess I wasn’t walking very straight, Tony was laughing, and said OK now I have to drive you home, there is no way you are driving in this condition. I agreed.

On the ride home it was much better sitting down then trying to walk. I guess it was the liquid courage that had built up from the drinks but on the drive home, I asked Tony if he was meeting a single female or a couple like he had advertised for on the website?

WOW was he shocked, he asked me how I had found out, and I explained that to him. OK so now you know my secrets, and this remains between you and I, OK?
Of course, so what is it about married women that you find so appealing, I asked?

Well, for one I really don’t want a relationship as per say right now, but I do like sex, second, I find that they are generally very outgoing in bed, and third they are not generally sl**ping round, therefore I don’t have to worry about many of the things that single men have to worry about, STD’s etc. and a lot of times they are just not getting what they want out of their existing relationships sexually.

Tell me about it, I replied. How long before Brian get home this time Tony asked?

At least another 2 months or so, but you never know, I replied.

The conversation didn’t get very deep before we were pulling into the neighborhood.

Tony pulled into my driveway, and turned off the car, he said lets go and see what the boys are up to, it was hitting midnight and I figured that they would be still in the bedroom on the Xbox, but when we went in by their room, they were both passed out T.J. on the floor and Stephen on the bed.
After we checked on the boys, I asked Tony if he felt like having a drink, Tony said of course, with that I led Tony to the kitchen, and opened the top cabinet and pulled down the bottle of Jack Daniels, I looked back at Tony said well as either this or wine, choose your poison.
Jack and Coke works for me, I poured him his Jack and Coke and poured myself a glass of wine.

With our glasses and hand we both grab our bottles and headed out of the kitchen. We headed upstairs to our game room, upstairs we have an area that
has a pool table a few couches and a widescreen TV.

Wanna to shoot some pool? Tony asked


Tony made the break and sunk two balls in the process, ahh, looks like I'm in trouble here, I said, Tony smiled, and said you have no idea.
Yeah, we'll see, I replied.

It wasn't a long game tony beat me pretty quickly.

Since he won the first-round, I racked the balls again for another game. After racking the balls I went over and grab my glass of wine and stood between Tony and a pool table, I guess the liquid courage had really kicked in now.

So big guy, tell me a story.

What? He asked.

You heard me, I want to hear one of your stories.

Puzzled, what kind of story?

You know what I mean, tell me about one of the couples that have been with.

Well, I usually don't kiss and tell.

Come on, it's not like I know any of these people, I mean why would another man let you have your way with his wife.

Okay, I will tell you a story about a couple, their names were Chuck and Michelle, Michelle was a knockout blonde, Chuck was your average white guy, about 5’8”, they were in their early 40s, the k**s had grown and headed off to college. Chuck and Michelle were really struggling let's say to keep things fun in the bedroom, okay I think it was Michelle was getting bored more than Chuck, but anyway, Michelle was very curious about having sex with another man, they first tried swinging, but found it very difficult to find other couples that they were interested in, so they started to look for a single man.
One day I got an IM from Chuck on one of the swingers sites, we chatted for a little bit I knew it was the male half of the couple, and many times I have found from experience that the wife often does not know what the husband is doing on the computer, there are a many fake people on these sites you see. So after 10 - 15 minutes or so I asked when can I chat with your wife?

Chuck told me that Michelle would be home, at around six or so, and after dinner they would be online, I told him to hit me up on IM but to prove that
Michelle was real, that I would like to have a phone call with her this evening.

Chuck agreed and at about 7:30 or so that evening I got another IM.

After messaging back in forth for about five minutes I put my phone number in and told Michelle to call me.

Literally within 30 seconds my phone rang.

It was Michelle, so I talked to her on the phone while I was messaging Chuck I could tell on the phone that Michelle had moved to another part of the house in order to talk and had left Chuck at the computer. It was pretty funny because Michelle and I were really just talking trying to get to know one another but in my IMs to Chuck I was actually let's say being a little nasty.

Oh really? So what were you asking Chuck?

Well let's see things like this Michelle shaved? Does she like anal? Does she swallow? Stuff like that.

WOW, keep going.

Michelle and I were getting along really well on the phone, I found out that they only live about 20 minutes or so away from here, so I asked Chuck if he would let Michelle come over and meet me? Once he said yes, I told Michelle that Chuck had just told me on IM that was okay for her to come over to my place tonight.

Michelle was shocked to say the least, I could hear her go into the room where Chuck was at and asked him what he had just told me?
After hearing them banter back and forth for a few moments Michelle got back on the phone and said, I need your address.
(You have got to be fucking k**ding me right? I asked.)

Not at all it wasn't 45 minutes later that my doorbell rang and outside my door was a 5’7” sexy blonde 42-year-old, wearing a short black dress.
After letting Michelle in the house I took her by the hand and led her straight to the bedroom, the minute we walked in the bedroom I closed the door, put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees I told her to undue the zipper on my pants, she quickly reached up and pulled down my zipper, I reached into my pants and pulled out my cock, grabbed the back of her head and buried my cock into her mouth, I was not gentle, I was pumping her mouth shoving my cock as far in as it could go, she was gasping for air while literally being face fucked.
(While listening to this story, I have now killed a second glass of wine, and have now got the bottle sitting next to me on the pool table.)

I spent a good 10 or 15 minutes plunging my cock into her face until I could feel that I was about ready to shoot, I pulled out of her mouth, held her head by the hair, and shot my load all over her face, chest, and dress.

As soon as I was done cumming, still holding onto the back of her hair I pulled her to her feet I tossed her over the edge of the bed with her ass sticking in the air, I reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees and thrust my still hard cock right up inside her tight little white cunt.

(By this time could feel myself getting very wet just listening to this story I was getting so turned on and I was about to cum. I asked Tony what Michelle was saying or doing at that time he just laughed and said getting fucked really hard and screaming at the top of her lungs.)

I fucked Michelle hard and fast making her feel every inch of my 12 inch cock while it was tearing itself into her pussy.

I have to tell you she was screaming and squirming all over the place, you have to understand her husband Chuck, well he his cock is only about 5 1/2 inches long and not very thick, and she had not fucked anybody else since she was married so for the past 20 years or so the only cock she's had was literally less than half the size of mine.

I gave it to her good for about 10 minutes or so until I pulled my cock out and pulled her panties all the way off to spread her legs wider and to give me better access to get deeper into the tight little cunt. At this point she was more like a bowl of putty in my hands than anything. I had her panties in my hand while I was hanging on to her shoulders when I thrust my cock back into her. I had already made her come three times in about the first 15 minutes or so, she was screaming, the juices from her pussy were dripping down her thighs as I continued to impale her.

(By this time it was fully evident to Tony that I was getting very turned on, I was squirming all over the edge of the pool table and I was actually starting to rub my cunt. At one point Tony smiled at me and laughed said you really like this story don't you? My reply was simple, “shut up and keep talking”, the alcohol by now was really taking effect)

I fucked her hard, and in only about 25 or 30 minutes I was ready to shoot my second load for Michelle that night, when I was finally ready to cum I held her firmly down on the bed pushing my cock all the way and as far as it go and just held her there while my balls unleashed a torrent of semen into her tight little pussy.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, I have to tell you it looked like a gaping hole between her legs, I took the panties out of her hand, wadded them up into a ball and stuffed them into her pussy, I stood her up from the bed, spun her around to look at me and very bluntly told her that is to stop the cum from dripping out of her pussy as she drives home, and that she was to have Chuck pull them out when she got there.

With that I walked her to her car, opened the door and let her get in, I told her to have a safe ride home, and that if she wanted more of this, give me a call.

By this point I was in full bliss my mind was screaming, I wanted Tony to fuck me right then and there, the alcohol the story, I was at this point completely blown away. Tony stepped away for a moment walked over to the table and poured himself another Jack and Coke he was only about 5 feet away for about 60 seconds and as he walked back over towards the pool table, I stood up, wrapped my arms around his neck. I looked Tony straight in the eyes and asked him, so if I was one of your little slut wives how would you treat me?

Tony put his hands on my waist pulled the tight towards him and said I would be his special one he would make sure that I never had a day that I went to bed wanting to be fulfilled.

So right now I want you to go downstairs into your bedroom, get undressed, go to your dresser find the sexiest pair of panties that you have in your drawer put them on, climb into bed, and I will be down in a few minutes. When I get down there, I don't want to see you wearing anything except those panties, understand?

With that I attempted to reach up with my mouth and give Tony a kiss, he pushed me away and told me I had my instructions, and that he would be down there in a few minutes and he guided me towards the staircase.

I did as I was told, I quickly got undressed, and pulled from my dresser a pair of red satin T-back panties, and climbed into bed.

Tony came into the room, walked over towards the bed standing at the end of the bed and with his finger he motioned for me to come towards him.
I crawled to the edge of the bed, Tony, standing there at the end admiring me. Once I got to the edge Tony motioned for me to lay on my back I quickly flipped over and laying on my back Tony pulled me by the shoulders close or to the edge, at this point my head was hanging off the side of the bed.
He undid the zipper on his pants, and slid his pants down taking them all the way off, at this point he was still wearing a pair of boxers but I could actually see the head of his cock sticking out from the bottom of his boxers, Tony pulled his cock out from the hole in the front of his boxers and placed it against my lips. At this point he was really just teasing with me by rubbing his cock all over my face and taking his cock which still was not even hard yet and slapping my lips and cheeks.

I went to put his cock in my hand and Tony pulled my hand away and held it down to the bed, then he stepped about a foot and a half back and bent down to where his face was very close to mine and told me quote “we are about to find out how your gag reflexes are Di.”
with that he took both my hands pulled them firmly against my chest with my head hanging over the edge he started to slide his cock into my mouth it wasn't but a few seconds that he really started to fuck my mouth with his cock, as Tony was pushing his cock into my mouth I could feel it getting more rigid and growing with every thrust, at this point I think truthfully that I only had about a quarter of his cock in my mouth, Tony was being firm but gentle with me, but he was also starting to really thrust his cock into my mouth, my mouth was stretching to try to accommodate Tony's now growing cock, also at this point Tony was beginning to pick up his pace and fuck my mouth with more f***e.

Most of the time during this eyes were closed but a few points when it did open my eyes I could see Tony's massive black balls coming closer and closer to my face, I could also feel his cock pushing deeper and deeper into my mouth, he was still holding me firmly pinned down to the bed, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth he slid further over me sliding his balls across my lips telling me to suck his balls, I was in a state at this point my mind, my body were fully in Tony's control.

After a few minutes with this massive set of black balls in my mouth, he thrust his cock back into my mouth completely hard now until I almost gagged, realizing this Tony pulled out and let me catch my breath and with a funny smirk said “we are going to have to work on that.”
With that Tony let go of my hands, pulled me up from the bed and ordered me to spin around and lay on my back, he was commanding my every move, laying there at the end of the bed he commanded me to spread my legs. He then ordered me to slide my hand into my panties and to start playing with myself, I did as I was told, I slid my right hand into my panties, sliding my finger down across my clit, and slid my middle finger into my pussy. I could not believe how wet I was feeling at this point, as I fingered myself my pussy it was actually making sloshing noises.

Tony just stood there for what seemed like forever staring down at me playing with my pussy as he was making remarks like you need to get that pussy nice and wet for my cock, and how his cock was going to stretch my Married pussy out good, he asked me how many fingers I have in my pussy right now and with my left hand I signaled one, Tony laughed, and said what you mean one better get at least three up in there, or I am gonna have to take care of it myself.

With this order, I slide a second then a third finger into my pussy, working them in as deep as I possibly could. Tony stood there, watching my every move and reaction, as I plunged my fingers in and out of my soaked hole.

Tony barked at me to slide into the center of the bed, I have a king size bed so it's pretty large with a lot of room, Tony at this point has taken his shirt off and was now fully naked his cock was once again limp but even in this state was hanging well down the between his thighs, he climbed onto the bed hovering over me in a 69 position his cock literally hanging inches over my face as he pulled my panties to the side and slid his tongue down the slit of my pussy, his tongue sent waves through my body he was holding my thighs apart with his arms as he was burying his face into my cunt.

My body was really reacting to this, thrusting my hips upward, as he was devouring my pussy shockwaves were rolling throughout my body at this point. Also at this point Tony began to lower his thighs down closer to my face making his cock meet my mouth he once again started to fuck my face with his massive cock and his face was buried in my pussy.

I came two or three times during this oral exercise, the whole time his face was between my legs and I was bucking in thrusting all over the bed, between his lips, his tongue, and his fingers, he had my pussy and tizzy.

Tony raised up of off me, spun me around so that my head was up towards the headboard, he took one of the pillows and put it under the small of my back, he slid my panties further to the side, he came up between my legs and started to tease my clit and pussy lips with the head of his cock rubbing around and taking it and slapping it against my wet pussy.

With that Tony held onto the back of my head pulling my head forward towards my chest and said you’ll want you watch this. At this point I was panting, hardly able to catch my breath; I am now looking directly down at my pussy with Tony a massive black man 6'6" tall and his 12 inch cock sitting at the tip of my pussy lips.

“Doesn’t this big black cock look huge against your white married pussy?” Just then with Tony holding my head low making me watch what he was going to do, he shoved forward with all his weight, and thrust his cock, and I mean, all 12 inches of his cock into my pussy with a one quick thrust, when he did this I felt like every bit of air had just escaped my body my head snapped back burying itself into the mattress and my whole body convulsed, this was something that had never felt in my entire life, Tony just laid there with his cock completely buried in my pussy, his ball sack flat against my ass, I was panting trying to get more oxygen into my system almost hyperventilating, he caressed my hair and leaned down by my ear and asked me if I was okay? I don't think at this point I could even speak I felt like his cock I just smashed into my stomach.

Without saying a word he pulled his cock about halfway out and pushed it right back he did this several times and I could feel my pussy stretching, OK it more felt like it was ripping, around his invading cock.

My legs were twitching with every thrust, my body was reacting in ways that I could have never imagined, Thrusting my hips upward to meet his every thrust into me, Tony was moving in and out at a slow but firm pace.

My body was starting to get more comfortable with Tony's thrusting in and was feeling less shockwaves of pain and more waves of pleasure, Tony kept this up for a few minutes allowing my body to get in tune with his.

He started pulling his cock further out my pussy and sliding it back and all the way, at this point I was well on my way to my fourth or maybe even fifth orgasm of the night.

We spent a good 20 to 30 minutes in the missionary position until he decided it was time for him to roll onto his back and for me to ride him on top. Without pulling his cock out of my body and with one quick move he flipped us both over, this was my instant queue to start riding him, my hands were on his chest, his hands squeezing my breasts, he pulled my body down closer to his and started to suck and bite on my nipples, his cock felt incredible, my pussy had never felt anything as large before, his hands dark black squeezing against my white skin, a contrast of this was incredible.

I rode Tony like this for what seemed to be an eternity, I truthfully didn't think Tony was ever going to cum.

Tony pulled me off the top of him, flipped me on the bed facedown pinning my body to the bed with his hands holding onto my hands firmly against the bed pushed my legs close together with his legs straddling the outside of my legs he pushed his cock into my pussy from behind, he released my right hand and with his hand and guided it down between the front of my body and the bed spread my fingers so that could feel his cock fucking my pussy.
Shockwaves were still rolling through my body, at this point I can't even tell you how many orgasms that I've had it really seems as if it is just been one very, very, very long orgasm.

Tony's hands moved down to the small of my back as he leveraged against me to pump me with his massive cock. Tony fucked me in this position for at least another 15 minutes before I felt a sudden rush of fluid pushing into my body, at that very second my body was racked with the heaviest orgasm that I have had all night.

Tony collapsed down on top of me, lying on top of me catching his breath for a few seconds before he slid his cock out of my pussy and rolled over onto his side pulling me towards him.

We both laid there at this point in the total heap of exhaustion, neither of us saying a word, as I lay there looking at Tony and contemplating what I had just done my mind was beginning to swirl.

Tony spoke first, telling me I was incredible and was a very sexy woman, even brought his face towards mine gave me my first kiss of the evening it was a long passionate French kiss.

Tony climbed off the bed, bent down and started to pick up his clothes and got dressed, I looked over at the clock is about 4:30 in the morning and Tony said he better head home, if we end up falling asl**p and the k**s will find us in the morning.

I stayed there lying on the bed, my panties still pulled to the side, completely exhausted.

Once Tony got dressed, he climbed back onto the bed gave me another kiss, told me he could not wait to see me tomorrow, and with that he headed home.

After Tony left, I actually never got out of bed, I just laid there as I was and fell asl**p, not waking up until almost noon next day.

To be continued.

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hottest story ever
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Great narrative and story......loved the way it was told and the way the sex was described......very sexy
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Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. Would love to party with you and Tony!!
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Very good story, It reminds me of the biggest mistake of my life. I met this very fine looking lady. She said she would not have sex with me unless I had a 10 inch dick, so I cut off 2 inches.
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Now that was a very HOT story. Thank's for sharing. I just love reading stories about a white womans adventures with Black men. I can't wait to read about more of your adventures.