Satin Tranniy bride, Fucked in the Sunshine - Part

This is a Fantasy I'd LOVE to come true.

I am a late 40s CD/TV who is VERy bi curious. I have been dressing for many years but only recently found what I like and what I want. I love satin, have a smoking fetish and love talking dirty online. I requent most of the usual places online and many chat rooms.

I met Phil online while i cruised one day and we chatted for many weeks. We shared the same fantasies and turn ons. He lived close by which surprised me. He was mid 40s, married with c***dren. His wife had been I'll and so he wasn't getting any sex. He was polite and we often spoke very explicitly and he usually stroked his hard cock as he talked dirty. We exchanged pics and he was rather attractive and well built. A little taller than me and had what looked like a gorgeous 7 or 8 inch cut cock.

I also gave him access to my private pics on flickr and this., he said, sent him wild.

I was always suspicious the pics weren't of him and one day I got an email with a link to a video. It was of the man I saw in the pics wanking over a pic he had printed off of my face. He came all over the pic and he came lots and it was thick, creamy cum.

I loved what I saw and after a few months of chatting, while he wasn't f***eful, he asked if we could meet.

I had the house to myself most days with the k**s at school so I could host.

The first time he came over I was very nervous and I ended up sucking his cock to completion which is the first time I had done so. But that's a story for another time.

We ended up doing this regularly, perhaps once every 2 weeks. It was always just a blowjob and I would wear various lingerie or outfits. As I worked from home I would more often than not dress for the office in satin or leather skirt, satin shirt and heels. And I was always made up with thick, rich lips.

We still chatted almost daily and Phil opened up to me with many of his fantasies. He adored satin as did I and we revealed he had a smoking fetish. That was fine as I loved to smoke when dressed.

One of his deepest fantasies involved a bride. He always wanted to have sex with a woman in a white satin wedding dress. As I didn't own one it was put on the back burner.

Over the weeks, Phil would message me to see if I was available to suck his cock. He would drop by, I'd make him cum, we would chat and then he would leave. He was always polite, clean and gentle. He never f***ed anything and although we had spoken about fucking, he knew I was an anal virgin and never f***ed the issue. He was happy with my sucking and that's where we left it.

I did desire him. I wanted him to be my first fuck eventually but I was nervous and just put it off.

One day I was browsing my local op shop for things to wear when I spotted it. A white satin wedding dress. It was hand made and had no size but looked about right. The satin was soft and shiny and it looked gorgeous. It also had a long sheer white veil which attached via a hair clip. It was $60 and right then and there I made up my mind and had a plan. I'd wear the dress and let Phil pop my virgin cherry. Perfect. I paid the $60 and told the girl behind the register it was perfect for a fancy dress. But I didn't care what she thought.

I went straight home and tried it on. It was a little tight and I couldn't get the back zipper up so I thought I'd lose a bit of weight for my "wedding day".

I started to plan how it would turn out and what I would wear. I got online and bought a sensational pair of six inch white shine patent leather stilettos. A pair of fully fashions sheer nylon white seamed stockings. A shiny white satin corset bustier with breast cups. A pair of C false breasts. A lovely. Shimmering white satin slip would complete my foundation. I also got a pair of elbow length white satin fingerless gloves.

Then cam make up. I had most thing but I bought some false nails and some deep purple' kiss proof wet look lipstick and matching nail colour. I also got a deep purple shimmering straight wig that would come to just about my shoulders with a fringe.

As a little something extra I got a wide rhine stone choker with the word cumslut written in big letters. Perfect I thought, and some matching dangly rhinestone clip on ear rings.

All set. It cost me all up not as much as I thought.

So I basically waited a couple of weeks for everything to arrive. I didn't see Phil and deliberately put him off saying I had relatives staying. I did tell him was missing him and I was planning something special for when he could visit again. He sent me a few email pics of his hard cock saying he was very hard thinking about me.

I told him he was not allowed to cum until he saw me again. He agreed although he did say he was going to wank one last time before he stopped.

One Monday all my parcels had arrived. It had been 4 weeks since I had seen Phil. I was very horny and very nervous but I missed him and I really wanted him to fuck me, and soon.

I decided that Wednesday would be the day. I messaged him and asked if his cock was available for milking. "Fuck yeah" was his reply. I giggled on seeing that.

Tuesday night I showered and shaved all over. The next morning I dropped everyone off and rushed home. I messaged Phil and told him 11 o'clock. I also said to be spot on 11. And to wait in the car and message me when he arrived. He agreed bit with a couple of question marks.

I showered and cleaned myself. I laid all my things out on the bed and slipped into a purple satin robe to do my makeup. I always try to be slinky when I do my makeup. I get so turned on as I do my face and lips but this morning, I was so fucking horny knowing I was doing my make up to be fucked. My cock was rock hard, throbbing and dripping. I think I know what women feel like doing their make up before they know they are being fucked.

I had practised over the weeks with dildos and butt plugs and I put a nice thick plug deep in my ass as I did my makeup. Mmmm it felt good.

Deep dark purple and silver eyes, lash extending mascara and black eyeliner, foundation and power gave my face and almost flawless cover, blush and then my lips. Lined to perfection then 2 coats of deep colour and 3 of gloss. I stood back and wow. - had never, ever looked so good I thought.

I went to my bed and slipped on my stockings and shine satin white g string. It struggle to contain my raging woman hood and I poked out of the top. The satin felt good against my hardness and the string of the thong felt great against my plug which I quickly slipped out with a plop. Then I laced myself into my bustier tightly as I had been taught by youtube. I connected my stockings to the suspenders on the bustier and slipped on my stilettos. Filling my bra cups with my false breast I did another quick mirror check. Fucking wow. All woman and god did I wish I was fucking me.

Next was my satin slip. It felt heavenly as it covered my foundation lingerie. It came to my knees and as the soft cool satin brushed against the nylon stockings I almost shot cum into my panties.

I then grabbed my wig and another mirror check and the transformation was almost done. But I didn't need anymore. I was all woman and so fuckable.

I grabbed my robe and went outside of a quick cigarette. I needed one. It was still only ten am. Plenty of time for my nails.

My backyard is big and open but secluded. They are big properties where I live and my yard can't be seen from anywhere. High fences so very private. I often go outside dressed and have complete privacy. Although this morning I didn't care.

I sat outside. It was a gorgeous sunny spring morning. All the better I thought. My white satin dress would shimmer in the warm sunlight.

As I smoked deeply I was light headed and oh so turned on. I set up a video cam on a tripod and aimed it at a garden bench seat in my garden. I also laid out my digital camera so Phil could take some "wedding" pics of me.

I walked around a bit on the patio and could easily manage the 6 inch heels. This came from years of practice.

I grabbed my nails and sat outside and attached them. After a few mins I applied several coats of purple polish and once dry I had horny long dark nails. Perfect.

It was not 10.45. Time for the dress. I had threaded a string through the zipper so I could do it up. This made it so I didn't need help. I stepped into the dress and slipped it over my shoulders. It felt devine. I passed the string around and pulled up the zipper and it closed perfectly. With my little weight loss and tight corset the dress was perfect. But no. The string had un threaded. I was stuck. There was no way I was getting out of this dress without someone's help. After a moment of panic I thought fuck it. Worry about it later.

Next were my gloves and cumslut choker. I looked absolutely stunning. I know I keep saying that but I would love to fuck a tranny who looked like I did.

I clipped my long sheer white veil through my wig and into my own hair and it was quite secure.

I then stood admiring my work and waited for Phil to tell me he was here. My heart was pounding, my ass was throbbing and my cock was straining against my satin panties. Oh god how I needed some cock.
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so hot, sensual, erotic looking forward to the next chapter